Infamous Pirate

In the old days traveling had a mayor inconvenience, if we can call it that, just an inconvenience, but in fact your own integrity, and physical security was at risk, not only you could loose your money and goods, but your life, and women be abused sexually by the bandits, even kidnapped.


A highwayman was a robber who stole from travellers. This type of thief usually travelled and robbed by horse as compared to a footpad who travelled and robbed on foot; mounted highwaymen were widely considered to be socially superior to footpads.

Such criminals operated in Great Britain from the Elizabethan era until the early 19th century. In many other countries, they persisted for a few decades longer, until the mid or late 19th century. But of course robbery on the roads, and piracy on the many Seas of the World, have been common since the early annals of History.

And elsewhere around the World, even today Piracy on the High seas its common.

Pirates Hold At Gunpoint.

I guess we will never get rid of it, until every Human being on the planet turns if not into a Saint, at least into an honest man, or woman for that matters, they were also cases of ladies of who robbed the Highways, and the High Seas.

Jacquotte Delahaye Lady pirate

The above images  romanticized portraits of such nefarious individuals, more likely they were as ugly as the deeds, that they perpetuated.

But lets get to the point, today Cyberspace its a new dimension of traveling, and due to total lack of regulation, and lack of responsibility from our governments, and the many sharks of profiteering it thrives with old style Highwaymen, and Pirates, who do their business, by extracting ransom from the common sheep flock, that mean us the common person, now days titled the consumer, forced to pay a ransom to navigate unmolested into the dangerous, and full of Highwaymen, and Pirates of Cyberspace.

With not privacy to protect, or be invaded by adds, and soliciting, like there’s no tomorrow, they may even hold your computer for ransom, or spy to rob you, at least Dick Turpin got caught and was hanged from the neck.


An account in The Gentleman’s Magazine for 7 April 1739 notes Turpin’s brashness: “Turpin behaved in an undaunted manner; as he mounted the ladder, feeling his right leg tremble, he spoke a few words to the topsman, then threw himself off, and expired in five minutes.”  

Dick Turpin Grave

I am not a vicious man claiming for capital death to such individuals, but yes, like maybe most of you will like an end to that vicious invasion of privacy, and endless soliciting, that has become the experience of traveling Online, and the fact there’s almost no way to travel undisturbed, if not paying for protection, itself the reason to countless legal scams, used  by the same companies you pay to protect you.  They thrive on your fear and impotence.


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  1. macalder02 says:

    Hoy en día proliferan las compañías que tienen acceso a una gran cantidad de información personal, por lo tanto, el riesgo del robo de datos si que es una gran preocupación..
    El fraude o robo de datos ha superado las probabilidades que se cometan a gran escala porque usamos las herramientas tecnológicas como los teléfonos inteligentes, los bancos que tienen acceso a nuestra información personal y lo más común, la redes sociales donde dejamos constancias de nuestra vida personal.
    Es bien conocido lo que pierden los bancos en estos robos. Cada vez estamos más expuestos a que nos roben sin siquiera disparar un tiro o que nos apunten con una pistola. Tu artículo nos permite tener una visión más amplia de como estamos inmersos en esta complicada acción delictiva. Me complace leerte. Saludos.

    • theburningheart says:

      Asi es Manuel, lo que dices es cierto, pero hay mas, parte del problema es la insaciable voracidad de un Capitalismo desmedido, donde los Goviernos, en vez de regular, y proteger a los individuos, protege a los abusadores, de la libertad que tienen para imponer sobre el consumidor sus ambiciones monetarias.
      El Internet originalmente fue un lugar libre, donde el individuo era capaz de tener acceso a toda clase de informacion, ahora se a tornado en un lugar donde se trata de despojarte de tu dinero, de una manera u otra, incluso contra tu voluntad.
      Claro si quieres tener acceso a esa informacion, cada individuo es libre de decir:

      “Bueno, no quiero problemas, voy a tirar my telefono y mi computadora.”

      Pero ese acto en si es claudicar a la Libertad que es inata al individuo y que nadie tiene derecho a imponer sus condiciones, para que tu tengas acceso a tu Libertad como individuo.

      Detras de mucho de esto esta el control y la ambicion de unos pocos, para beneficiarse personalmente, de lo que es basicamente un derecho innato del individuo, ser libre y decidir lo que tu quieres, y no verte forzado a pagar, por ello.

      Imaginate ir al mercado a comprar una lechuga, un poco de arroz y verte forzado a comprar otras cosa que no necesitas si quieres la lachuga y el arroz?

      Esto a ciencia y paciencia de las autoridades, que permiten a corporaciones e individuos a lucrar con tu necesidad de tener acceso al Cyberespacio.

      Yes Manuel, but also part of the problem its the insatiable voracity of an excessive Capitalism, where Governments, instead of regulating, and protecting individuals, protects abusers, and give them freedom to impose their monetary ambitions on the consumer.

      The Internet was originally a free place, where the individual was able to have access to all kinds of information, today it has turned into a place where individuals, and corporations, are free to impose their will to get access to your money, in one way or another, even against your will.
      Of course, if you want to have access to that information, each individual is free to say:

      “Well, I don’t want problems, I’m going to throw away my phone and my computer.”

      But that act itself is to give up on Freedom, that is an innate characteristic of the individual, and that no one has the right to impose its conditions, over your rights.
      And that its the reason that I call it Highway Robbery, and Piracy, a crime!

      Behind much of this is the control and ambition of a few, to benefit personally, from what is basically an innate right of the individual,to be free and decide what you want, and not be forced to pay for it for exercise your freedom.
      Imaging going to a market and be forced to buy items you do not want, otherwise you can’t buy the lettuce, and the rice, you originally went for?

      This is done with the knowledge, and consent of the authorities, which allow corporations and individuals to profit from your need to have access to Cyberspace.

      Thank you for your comment Manuel. 🙂

      • macalder02 says:

        Esa es una verdad del tamaño del mundo. Y pensar que tenemos que vivir a expensas de esa voracidad económica. Un abrazo y gracias por el complemento del artículo.

  2. This is fascinating…love the art too!

  3. James McEwan says:

    It is fascinating that the pirates from centuries ago are infamous heroes and legends in their own right. Films and books tell their adventurous escapes and we marvel at their bravery. (yes they were criminals – and deserved their justice).
    However I am to sure that the Cyber-pirate will receive the same notoriety today or in the future.
    Great pictures. Now pas the Captain Morgans rum.

    • This is exactly the way I feel concerning this topic! Many thanks

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, I guess there’s all kind of criminals, very likely they have no empathy for the people they hurt, and no conscience, for some crime pays, for other it doesn’t, sooner or later they end in trouble, as it is, hackers have already being glamorized on movies, and novels, but as usual fiction romanticize what it must be lacking exactly that, the idealized romance, most people lack , and the reason we watch movies, and read novels.

      Thank you for the comment, and enjoy the Rum, just make sure its Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. Venezuela Aged, rather than Captain Morgan, or at least Ron Zacapa xo Guatemala aged, the favorites of my late old boss a Rum connoisseur. 🙂

  4. Don Ostertag says:

    Another fine post even if it is not your usual area. As far as the pirates, privateers, compare with today’s tech hackers/thieves they have a lot in common. Very often the nautical thieves were backed by a nation, a.e. England protected some as long as they stole from Spain and vice versus. And now each day brings us more information that proves much of this havoc is bankrolled by nations, both friend and foe, as well as pacs in the US using hacks to further their agendas. Also the thieves are always using the cell phone to rob people, trying to con them into telling them their SS#. Old people are the prime targets. We get four, five calls from ‘grandson’ asking for money so he can come home etc..

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes Don, privacy does not exist anymore, and not only have to worry about the people who want to break into your bank account, and run with your money, today they know where you are, what do you do, how much money you got, who do you owe money to, what you are likely to buy, they study your shopping habits, and target you, with adds.
      When I first got, an email address, it was to be in touch with friends, today phones made emails irrelevant, but now they cram them with target advertisement, you turn your PC. and adds come pouring everywhere you go, you thought that people soliciting, knocking at your door were bad, and you put a fence, or a not soliciting sign at the door, well now to try to stop them from putting adds every time you make a search online, for whatever reason, let say you are gone to fly somewhere, and plan to rent a car at your destination, a flood of adds will pop up, in whatever page you open even if what you are searching its a page in Sanskrit!
      Its just terrible, a never ending soliciting, and you thought TV adds were bad!

      Thank you for your comment Don. 🙂

  5. Gavi says:

    Great blogger you are! Would you write me a guest blog? I am planning to create a category and ask my fellow bloggers to write their post. I can do the same for whoever is interested.

    Love for being my inspiration.

    • theburningheart says:

      Thank you for the compliment, and your kindly offer, several people had invited me to do so, however, so far always refuse, simply because I am too busy writing my own posts, and deal with visiting other blogs, and many other activities in my life, I have my plate full, and do not wish to add more work, and responsibility to my life.

      Thank you again. 🙂

      • Gavi says:

        That’s fine and I can understand your situation. Thanks for replying. Nice to be in touch with you.

  6. Pam Lazos says:

    I never really thought about hackers as pirates but you are totally right. They mess with your peace of mind and your stuff!

  7. Your post about past and present criminals is very interesting, but I am afraid that these thieves won’t reduce, on the contrary, more and more of them will find easy money doing their best in this new business sector! I wish you good luck!
    Best regards Martina

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, as I mentioned in the post:
      “I guess we will never get rid of it, until every Human being on the planet turns if not into a Saint, at least into an honest man, or woman for that matters, they were also cases of ladies of who robbed the Highways, and the High Seas.”
      However my emphasis it’s the laissez faire, or laissez passer, from Governments around the World to crack down on the abuse of blatant intro mission of soliciting, without having to pay a price, sort like a ransom for using online services, free of commercials, and pop ups, I do not know about laws of privacy in Switzerland, but over here you cannot go to a website, and next thing you know you are receiving commercials from them!
      And not only that companies who offer you to protect you against such invasions, and have to pay a monthly fee for it.
      Also as I mention, you are free to just give up being online, and throw your phone away.
      but why we have to pay to someone, for what it is our right to have access to information?
      And not only that, to be a victim of a criminal, like on the old days of Highwayman, and Pirates.
      At least if you are a victim of a crime, you have the recourse of the police, and the law, but online they let them operate, with almost no restrains whatsoever.

      Thank you as always for your comment, Martina. 🙂

      • What disturbs me in general very much is, as you said, this “laissez faire” behaviour, not only by potitician but by the whole society. I come more and more to the conclusion that, we, the normal citizens, have to go to the streets, like for the environement, and then put our claims into action with all the negative consequences it may have for us – not using internet or iphones anymore as you said!!! Unfortunately, the human being doesn’t want to do anything that might be a risk of losing money or riduce our convenience.
        Thank you very much for your time given to me for your explanation.
        All the best.

      • theburningheart says:

        Well, what can I say? You are totally right, until we all get so fed up and star doing something, like going out into the streets, to put an end to it, or they will keep pushing the envelope as we say around here. (testing our limits and our patience. )

        Thank you Martina for your response. 🙂

      • Absolutely, they will, but we will, too, don’t we!:)

      • theburningheart says:

        Absolutely we must! 🙂

  8. selizabryangmailcom says:

    It is, indeed, piracy. You’ve heard of hackers that get control of people’s computers and hold hostage until you pay them a huge sum of $$? Can you imagine a starving artist who’s writing a book and hackers lock them out but they have no way to pay the $$ to get all their work back? Wow. What a world.

    • theburningheart says:

      I agree with you what a World, but I mean we expect to have some bad apples in our midst, therefore laws, police, justice courts, and jails, so what it gets me its the total impunity, and the blind eye, from our Governments to such invasion of privacy.

      I get emails from small groups of independent people fighting these abuses, and rarely its the day I do not get more bad news about such abuses, and the courts turning a blind eye, to them, its just outrageous. 🙂

  9. According to Merriam Webster:
    Piracy –
    1: an act of robbery on the high seas, also : an act resembling such robbery
    2: robbery on the high seas
    3, a: the unauthorized use of another’s production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright, b: the illicit accessing of broadcast signals.

    It seems to me that there’s an implication of legitimacy-via-legality to the definition, the act of “robbery” apparently acquiring some other definition when it is either “authorized” or simply ignored. For example, if one acquires information from my computer without my knowledge through some “unauthorized” means in order to enrich his or her self, that might constitute some form of “piracy”. However, should that same act be “authorized”, either by some variously empowered “authority”, or simply per some uninformed omission on my part, then it’s merely “network analytics”.

    I remember when technology and the Internet were going to bring the world together through some mutually enlightened form of peaceful understanding. So when did it suddenly turn into one gigantic infomercial, variously punctuated with station-breaks for a little fraud and/or propaganda?

  10. theburningheart says:

    I used to work for a mayor communication company some twenty years ago, and the abuses, and dis empowering of the individual on the favor of companies, conglomerates, banks, monopolies, etc.
    Our so much vaunted freedom today it seems just to be able to buy whatever you can afford, but with no rights to remain private, companies buy information about every move you make, and target you with adds, in a place that should be absolute private.
    Your online access, should be no business of anybody but yours.
    My electronic address its bombarded with adds, I go to a website, and adds pop up targeting me, buy this, buy that, all over.
    You don’t want adds?
    Pay a service fee to keep you free of soliciting adds!
    I also receive daily information by concern people, and organizations, about the eroding of our rights , and freedom to privacy, who everyday fight at courts, and keep losing, under an onslaught attack from powerful anonymous corporations.
    I want privacy?
    I just have to quit my right to be online, throw my telephone, use cash only, and live as a hermit.
    Its just ridiculous.

    Thank you for your response, we appreciate it. 🙂

  11. theburningheart says:

    This it is the sort of emails I receive almost daily from Net neutrality Defense Team:

    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai keeps claiming that the rollback of Net neutrality is benefiting consumers.

    That could not be further from the truth.

    At CES, Pai claimed that repealing net neutrality created faster broadband speeds and major new infrastructure investment. But multiple major studies have found the exact opposite. Even telecom industry CEOs have admitted that the new rules have not resulted in new investment in expanding broadband access.4

    In fact, what we’re seeing is Big Cable testing the waters to see how much they can get away with.

    Verizon was caught throttling internet access for firefighters who were battling wildfires in California.5
    Wireless carriers, including AT&T and T-Mobile, were caught slowing down traffic for videos from streaming services like Netflix and YouTube on their networks—even though they claimed publicly that they don’t throttle or block specific sites.6
    CenturyLink blocked access to the internet for customers in Utah, who were paying for service, until they watched an ad. When they were called out, they claimed that state law required them to display the ad—a claim that was quickly proven to be false.7
    Frontier Communications even started charging a bogus new “monthly rental fee” for using routers that consumers already own.8

    These are just a few of the examples of how the repeal of net neutrality has been a disaster for consumers—and the big telecom companies are just getting started.

    With no cop on the beat checking their worst abuses, the internet will die a slow, painful death. That’s why we need to make sure that the public knows what’s really happening—and continue fighting in Washington, D.C., and in state capitals around the country to save the free and open internet.

    • I’d been reading the same things. Ajit Pai originally claimed that net neutrality rules and deregulation would cause US digital telecom investment to rise. But here’s a quote from Comcast’s own 4th Quarter and Full Year 2019 earnings report:
      “For the twelve months ended December 31, 2019, Cable capital expenditures decreased 10.5 percent to $6.9 billion… Cable capital expenditures represented 11.9 percent of Cable revenue compared to 13.8 percent in 2018.”

      On January 30th, AT&T also announced that it had cut capital expenditures by more than $1.6 billion in 2019, and projected a further cut of more than $3 billion for 2020. And forget entirely that AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson previously claimed that AT&T would use a corporate tax break to create “7,000 hard-hat jobs.” Yet at the end of 2019, AT&T reported 247,800 employees, down from the previous year’s 268,220 — a 7.6 percent drop. And this was as AT&T reported record operating cash flow for 2019 while buying back more than $5 billion in stock.

      Charter Communications (my only choice for “high speed” here) reported last October that its capital expenditures (not including mobile services) would total $7 billion in 2019, which was down from $8.9 billion in 2018. I guess my (sometimes) 12mB/sec service isn’t getting any closer to the (at half the price) 100mB/sec service I had at my place in Tokyo… five years ago!

      This is all occurring in a country (USA) that was already ranked 15th for Internet speed in 2018, and 30th for cellular speed in 2019 (after Albania!). And I could write an entire article regarding what’s going on in the US right now regarding our crappy cell service, and even an individual’s right to repair their own phone. If more Americans traveled outside the US, I think we’d instantly realize that were trapped in some sort of overpriced version of decades obsolete technology (“5-G”? We still don’t even have real “4-G”)… the way the US government instantly gave 18% of Americans “high speed” Internet… by lowering the definition from 12mB/sec down to 5mB/sec. It’s like we’re in a race to find the most overpriced possible way to the bottom.
      ( ≧Д≦)

      • theburningheart says:

        Well, what can I say?
        Everything its done in America its to benefit corporations at the expense of the people, now just call the consumer, like if the only way they can call us, I mean imagine just call a person and said: ‘Oh, he is just an eater!’
        As I mentioned I worked for a communication company, and at the time Michael Powell was the FCC chairman.
        His deregulatory policy coincided with a period of significant consolidation in the communications market. He advocated an updating of media ownership rules to reflect new communications technologies such as the Internet, a move that critics derided as increasing rampant media consolidation, and in fact it did. He opposed applying telephone-era regulations to new Internet technologies, a move critics charged would deny open access to communications facilities, it also happened.
        At the time when I worked at the company ‘slamming’ was the normal procedure of all the mayor telecommunication companies, (switching you to a different company without your consent) As in fact I worked at one time, even if briefly for two of them, and longer for the third, of the three mayor ones, and they all did it.
        Now I am pretty much unaware of what’s going on, and since I receive countless of emails with more new abuse, it has become so repetitive, and common, that I no longer read the long list of abuses and complaints, I mean there is hardly a day I don’t receive a long email, urging me to support them on their efforts to fight against these corporations, who do as they please, at the expense of the consumer.
        So what you are telling me, like Albania having a better speed than the US, well,for readers of this should know that Albania is a low income country by Western European standards, with GDP per capita lower than all countries in the EU. According to Eurostat, Albania’s GDP per capita (expressed in PPS – Purchasing Power Standards) stood at 35 percent of the EU average in 2008. The unemployment rate in 2018 was 12.4%.

        Just imagine how bad things are here in the States, people in America need to awake and realize the famous lie, that America is #1, its just that, a shameful lie to hide our corrupt, Corporatecracy, rather than our so much vaunted Democracy.

        Thank you for your great comment, that I agree totally. 🙂

  12. equinoxio21 says:

    Violence is definitely on the increase, even in the West that ha more or less curbed it… Sigh.

  13. usfman says:

    I like that your large fonts are easy on the eyes to read your blogs. As to this content,
    We now have Zoom where everybody can see everybody rise or fall in their “finest hour” in live virtual video.

  14. Candia says:

    Interesting post. Thanks for following my posts. Look forward to meeting again- on my site, or yours!


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