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In my dreams the town represents sort like the ‘Land of the Father’ Paradise, and arriving at my Father’s and Grandma place, sort of represent the Divine in it’s Masculine attributes, or Heavenly Father, in many dreams my goal is … Continue reading

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From time, to time, now, and again I dream of being in the road to Santiago, last night I was in a terrace above the jungle canopy in the North side of the river, as I descended to the banks my two brothers where there also, my eldest brother, let loose a boat in the shape of an old Cadillac, and floated down the current, my youngest brother after a moment hesitation dived in to the swell, myself running after them, after descending from the top of the terrace above the canopy of the tall trees, jumped and swim after them, the current was strong but the water was beautifully blue, and clear, I woke up as I climbed in to the boat to join my brothers…
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As a child we traveled frequently to the town of Santiago Ixcuintla my Father’s birthplace just a few more miles down the road where my Grandmother and my aunts resided for many years. The look of the hill represented several things on my mind, the near end of a tedious five hour trip, the thrill of getting a treat at Penitas, and above all to see the magical, beautiful view of a river in the middle of a jungle forest! Continue reading

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