Ineffable Cosmos

“To be acquainted with what is best and oldest in yourself, is to know yourself as you were, before the world was made, before you emerged into time.”

Henry Corbin

One of the questions that remember as a child, that frequently asked  myself, it was to wonder who I would become, once reaching adulthood, on my life journey

At the time ignoring, that at that point I was already setting, who in time, I will  turn to be,  as a result of my own early inquiry.

Just by the fact of posing the question, the signs were present, as we know, character its destiny.

I should add, that meanwhile my young friends  were enthusiastic, about becoming a policeman, a firefighter, or a pilot, myself even if playing and liking those rolls was not really sure that I may choose to be something so straightforward, and wondered if life would not have some more deeper nuance, than that?

Entering into the labyrinth of life

Not knowing then, that the question already was working within my inner self, and my path has being decided, well before I knew it consciously.

Sometime before vaguely remember I wrote maybe on one of the many posts of my blog, that at an early age, I do not recall the exact time, a friend of us a few years older come into our house visiting us and telling about a philosophy class he had and repeating what he had learnt that day.

He quoted the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.

They are the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering. More simply put, suffering exists; it has a cause; it has an end; and it has a cause to bring about its end.

The Four Noble Truths

That moment was like a revelation to me on hearing those words, from that day on, I will question him about what he learnt  on his philosophy class, so I learned about the pre-Socratic Philosophers, then Socrates, and Plato, and I wanted to know everything about it, and will wonder when I will be able to grow up and be taking a philosophy class?

At the time maybe in fourth, or fifth grade at elementary school, couldn’t wait to be our friend’s age to be studying those issues.

From then, even if I played games of pretending with friends my age, I knew it was just pretense, and play, Philosophy would be my path.

And no, I didn’t wait until my time to take a philosophy class, when going into a bookstore will check books with titles about philosophy, or related themes, at our little town bookstore, (The town didn’t had a library) the owners a couple of elderly widows, would complain to my father about my purchases, and say something like this:

“Mr. Anaya, that child of yours come here buying books not proper, or suitable to his young age, he shouldn’t be readings such things, you better keep an eye on him.”

My father would laugh about it, well aware of my reading inclinations by that time.

My old bookstore now a prosaic bank.

Even if later on, he clipped my wings on going to college and study Philosophy, on the belief I would not be able to make a living out of it.

I do not blame him he probably was right at the time.

But that did not affected me, on my choice or reading materials, I kept at it.

The Dialogs odfPlato

Well now lets move forward to a few days ago.

Feeling a little depressed about myself, and the state of affairs of my current living, several things happened by chance, one, I did some lectures about subjects dear to me, over a year ago, someone took videos from it but didn’t uploaded them all, a few remained sort of lost.

Then someone call me and tell me those videos were finally uploaded, even now just over a year ago couldn’t remember too well what did I talk about it, so curious I watch myself on them, and  a sudden realization hit me.

I was looking at myself like the guy in my screen was not me, but someone else, a great Teacher of mine who I dreamt many years ago.

Yes, he had come into my dreams maybe a half a dozen of times, in critical, and unexpected moments through my life since I was 19, or so, then close to 40, and a little bit after 42, and a few times more since.

Yes I was looking at myself on the screen, but for the first time realizing my image, was the image of the man in my dreams, talking like I did on those videos.

The morror of Self

Well, you all know looking at the mirror, we do not find who we are, but if you look at a picture, or a video, somehow you look different of what you see in the mirror, there is talk on the net about this phenomena but I will not go into it just saying It’s a sense that something about the photographed self seems unquantifiably different than the mirrored self. It’s in your head.

Other people, including photographers, don’t see this version of you. They see a version that you are rarely privy to, and that can seem wildly foreign to our ingrained sensibilities.


Well that shocked me, and picking up a couple of books at random,  went out to a café, and after seating with my coffee open the book and I read at the first page I open:

“Ibn ‘Arabi was and never ceased to be the disciple of an invisible master, a mysterious prophet figure to who a number of traditions, both significant and obscure, lend features which relate him, or tend to identify him, with Elijah, Saint George, and still others. Ibn ‘Arabi was above all the disciple of Khidr. (khadir)”

After several lines discoursing into something else he come back and says:

“The function of Khidr is to reveal each disciple to himself…He leads each disciple to his own theophany..because that theophany correspond to his own “inner heaven,” to the form of his own being, to his eternal individuality…Khidr mission consist in enabling you to attain to the Khidr of your own being.” for its in this inner depth in this “prophet of your being,” that springs the Water of Life.”

The Waters Of Life

I sat there marveling at the synchronicity, first my shock at discovering my resemblance on the video to the one in my dreams, and then within a trip of some minutes and ordering my coffee, reading totally by chance those passages.

My early distress vanished like a momentary cloud on the horizon, and a feeling of wellbeing, and peace returned  into my heart.

A Gnostic quote reads as follow posted on  my post of August 2012  :

“Abandon the search for God and the creation and other matters of a similar sort. Look for him by taking yourself as the starting point. Learn who it is within you who makes everything his own and says, “My God, my mind, my thought, my soul, my body.” Learn the sources of sorrow:, joy, love, hate . . . If you carefully investigate these matters you will find him in yourself.”

We are all blessed, but its to each of us to discover those blessings.

Discovering Self and Inner Peace


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  1. Pam Lazos says:

    This is a beautiful recap of your journey to date. I wonder if the bookstore would still be in business if they had encouraged people to read what they were drawn to?!😂

  2. Thank you Mr. Anaya – your story of reflection and revelation is refreshing and inspriring and I think we can all take something away from it. I was wondering – are we allowed to watch your ‘lost videos’? 🙂
    Best wishes,

    • theburningheart says:

      Sure, living in South America, I imagine you speak Spanish, the videos were not filmed with professional equipment, or by professionals, but with phones, and tablets, so the quality of the sound, and picture are not great, if you can watch them in your computer, and crank the volume up, you may understand it.
      Also I am not responsible of the uploading site.
      But I am the person responsible for the content of the talks.

      Just type my full name including my maternal last name: Islas
      On Youtube.


  3. What a journey you have undertaken. And yes, we all need to find the path ourselves that lead to finding out who we are.

  4. Hi dear friend…I wish you a merry Christmas!

  5. Alessandra says:

    Conosco male l’inglese, ma leggo sempre con piacere i tuoi (i vostri?) articoli. Buone feste.

    • theburningheart says:

      Sì, è difficile, ma gli strumenti di traduzione stanno migliorando continuamente.

      Grazie per il tuo commento. 🙂

  6. From an article sitting in my editor, a quote from the writer Murakami Huruki-sama, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” And I mention… my father’s attempts to prime my young mind to be ready to let go of things. Despite his urgings, however, I will never forget my father’s Kotsuage… gathering his bones after the cremation. The Buddhist in me accepts that he is gone… the Shinto allows that he has become a part of the collective ancestral spirit.

    For whatever reason, some of us come upon the difficult questions. As with you, “What will I be?” didn’t actually matter to me as much as I thought that it might when I was younger. “Who am I?” is the more revealing. But as you also noted, what we see when we look with honesty can be terribly “…foreign to our ingrained sensibilities.” Regardless, the best answers seem to come from merely noticing what we experience, and from looking inward with objectivity (and a fair amount of reading). 😉

    I found your videos, and listened to one about Rumi all the way through. Unfortunately, my Spanish is of the “Spanglish” variety, and woefully inadequate to follow much. But I did translate the notes. In exchange, I direct you to my post of Feb 21, 2016. Good wishes for the season to you, and… Yoi otoshi o omukae kudasai! (よいお年をお迎えください。)

    • theburningheart says:

      Suffering its the price we pay by being ignorant, so its good, since we normally try to avoid pain, if we survive, experience then, its a good teacher.

      The death of our parents, come to us usually at a certain age, not always, the most affected are children, however most of us we are on our middle of our life, some lucky ones may enjoy their parents even into old age.

      But at one point we see them go, unless we go first, but that its not as common, and its a sort of passage, or a cornestone in our lives, however to most, our parents remain like the background of a painting, something we may not pay notice, but that its always there, regardless.

      We are all unique in our singularity, and purpose on life, finding who we are its the normal process of our Human experience, whose importance its only to ourselves, I hear of people who claim never to find a purpose, or a meaning, well, that’s why we are all different, therefore the old Socratic saying:
      “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

      So to seek answer to the riddle of life its if not a pressing need to many, its a wise thing to do.
      And for those who believe its a worth endeavor to ‘Know Thyself,’ essential.

      Thank you for taking a look, you are the first person who I ever get feedback, about it.

      That in itself is remarkable.
      Yes, I see someone is watching them, by the hit counter, but comments are lacking, which in the Spanish speaking World, unfortunately its not surprising.

      Thank you for your response, its appreciated.

      イティングな年になることを願っています。 🙂

  7. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Thank you. So uplifting, as usual, and always a gentle symbolic nudge to remember to stay on/ get back on track to what really matters.
    You asked “What will I be?” and someone else asked “Who am I?”
    I didn’t ask either of those. It was always always always: “What is going on? What’s it all about? What does being alive mean…if anything at all?” and then always fighting fighting fighting to get out of sadness which felt like an immense waste of time and horribly self-pitying but which I couldn’t, for many years, shrug off completely.

    • theburningheart says:

      I suppose, priorities for all of us are different, as our characters, and lives are different. Mother used to tell me:
      “I don’t understand, we brought you all under the same roof, we give you all our love, sent you to the same school, and yet you are so different from your brothers! ”

      Character is destiny, according to Heraclitus, so we all develop with different interests, and likes, or dislikes, and become who we are.
      We all at some time are afflicted by states, or moods, we can go from happiness to despair, at the drop of a hat, so states are not eternal conditions, and with age, and knowledge of ourselves we can learn to control radical swings, unless its caused by pathological conditions.
      Yes, even how to be happy can be learnt, by adopting a positive attitude, of course it takes discipline, and a disposition to be an stoic, in order to face life, and its many changes.
      And, to not let fool ourselves life its gone be only wine, and roses, common in young age when living in a good environment, unfortunately many children lack that option.

      Thank you by your response, its always appreciated, and Happy Holidays. 🙂

  8. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Thank you, Burning Heart. Same back at ya! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Brave way to establish yourself in this world. I like people with perseverance. Happy holidays, my friend!

  10. We do follow our own paths, no matter how that twist and turn. I am glad that in some of my twisting and turning I found your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey and the wisdom you have found along the way.

  11. kindfeelings says:

    Philosophy is a beautiful thing to study. The eye sees everything directly but itself.

  12. Thank you for the excellent introspection into Rumi in your video. Comments for that particular one are turned off (for me anyways) so I was unable to leave a note. What synchronicity indeed, as you mentioned: certain things come to us when we require them most without even knowing it. You mentioned the book you were reading in the cafe had said: “for its in this inner depth in this “prophet of your being,” that springs the Water of Life.” Something I needed to hear now.

    • theburningheart says:

      Well that youtube video account its not mine, so I ignore what is wrong, and have no control over it, other than to ask to the person responsible for it.
      Yes, life its a miracle for those who keep an eye sharp for the little things, and some times big, that come our way like Heaven sent.
      Most contemporary people can’t read the symbols that come our way, therefore disconnected from the Magic of Life.
      I am glad you seem to be aware of it.
      I am also thankful for you to see the video, and you can tell me here, if you have any comment, or question.

      Thank you fro your comment its appreciated. 😉

  13. Gavi says:

    Dear Burning Heart,
    You’re talking about knowing who were we before the world was made. So, the next question arises when the world was made? Do you know when the world was made? We should answer this first, then you will understand who were we before the world was made? Where were we earlier?
    I know this exactly. But those who don’t know they just keep wandering. Forget this, do you at least know, who were we before we took birth? At least this?
    Could you please explain….at least allow the comment

    • theburningheart says:

      Dear Gavi the question of who we were its simple answered by recognizing who its the True Self?
      If you recognize it as Sat chit Ananda that is who you are, or if like in John1 :

      1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

      2 The same was in the beginning with God.

      3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

      4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

      Peace be with you. 🙂

      • Gavi says:

        Utterly wrong Burning Heart. You’re such a old man! But, how can you just memorize things written somewhere and live your life accordingly? 🙂
        Step out of ‘Vedanta’ philosophy. I know it better than you. It will only take you away from the rtuth day by day. We have our own mind. Start thinking, it’s never late. Good luck! So who you’re a God and I am also a God. We both Gods fighting here. How funny buddy!
        May you develop some knowledge 🙂

      • theburningheart says:

        Cleverness, and insults, are not Wisdom, but just show your true character, its just the mirror of your own ego. 🙂

      • Gavi says:

        I know your wisdom. You think you’re God and i am also God and we both Gods are fighting here. How funny! What did you say, everything was made of God? Do you think God is some kind of raw material? Or if you mean he has made everything, it should have been a perfect world. Oh! now you will tell me, it was Adam’s mistake? But who made Adam? How funny buddy! Did you say ‘ life was the light of men’? I mean, you can’t be so senseless? What do you mean by that? Life was light or life was light? Doesn’t make any sense either ways. So how did God create everything out of him? You mean, he just had to split himself into everything that we have on this earth and the universe including me , you and everyone? Oh God! please forgive him. Please stop blaming God. He is much more than you could ever imagine. Just stick to yourself. You have crossed all the limits of ignorance. You are ignorance in fact.

      • theburningheart says:

        Again your mind rush, and shows your lack of self control, and you go on ranting.
        The next verse in John says:
        5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
        Do not fool yourself, words are of no value, if there is no Virtue behind them, or the Light of Spirit to understand them and realize them.
        If there is no Love, and Peace in your heart, you got nothing yet. 🙂

      • Gavi says:

        I loved it man! See, even if I practice it for 50 years or more, I won’t be able to achieve that level of ignorance. Words have value? I can’t stop laughing. Do you yourself at least understand what you write? Then, what do you follow, if you don’t what’s written?
        You are such an example of ignorant man. You topped the list and congrats. So, please continue the show, let everyone enjoy, you should do something for the world, at least make them laugh. Next please…:)

      • theburningheart says:

        If you will practice for fifty years you will not be talking nonsense.

        “The states of the cooked can’t be grasped by the raw, so the less talk the better, good by for now.”

      • Gavi says:

        Got tired? Take some rest, I am waiting. You don’t know where were you before your birth and you talk about God and the beginning of the world? Hilarious 🙂
        Come to me, I will tell you everything exactly. When did the world begin? Who is God? Who created the world? Where were you before your birth? and What not!
        You can’t even imagine! Keep wandering, you deserve it truly 🙂

      • theburningheart says:

        Your words just show vanity, and lack of character, the more nonsense you talk the more you show the world who you really are.

        I got work to do, and got no time to waste on your rants, and suggest you do the same, you got a lot of work to do, get busy! 🙂

      • Gavi says:

        You said it 12th time exactly and every time I challenged you you can’t keep calm. Let’s see again, you will come back. That shows how weak you’re. Just talking big things doesn’t work. You should live it and it’s definitely not your cup of tea. How horribly you are getting affected because of my comments. Every time you keep saying non-sense about me and yet you yourself are crying. What a fate you have! Go rest for some time and come soon as usual. I am waiting 🙂

      • theburningheart says:

        Yes, 12 times and you still don’t get it!
        You are what you do, not what you say you are, denigrating others, to feel you are better, is a sign of immaturity, and ignorance. You want someone to recognize your Spiritual degree, be of service, and help others, do not play the wise, when you do not possess love, or inner peace, essential virtues to become wise.
        Playing with words its a waste of time,
        embrace a true practice, and conquer yourself.
        Then you go and teach by your example.

        You are a complete, beautiful person, with all the necessary tools to be happy and do everything you want.

        Why not look further into yourself, instead of out? Why not take time to meet our internal needs?

        Stop, and listen to the desires of your soul, and devote yourself to repair all the scars of your past.You want to destroy people with your words, but the only one you harm is yourself.
        It is time to grow and for that you have to work very hard, and beat yourself, not others.Remember that your responsibility to achieve your goal will be very useful for others.

        Shine, inspire and guide to stamp your mark on the world.

        If you manage to inspire someone to help you grow, it will be partly because you were responsible for having fulfilled your vital purpose.
        Your past does not determine your future unless you try not to overcome yourself, face your fears or do not truly take change action. The chances of starting to be a better person increase with each action taken and with a positive mindset of being better

        It’s in your hands, not mine. 🙂

      • Gavi says:

        I laughed at it more than before. You write all that you never follow, all that you are actually not and you even teach that all to others. And that’s why, even you know that you are hypocrite. Anyway, who started this blame game? I said it many times, I was appreciating your posts, complementing you, though I didn’t like a bit in them. That’s how you came to know me and visited my blog. Bu what did you do ignorant old man? You started abusing me from your first comment. It was not over. I kept appreciating your negative feedback for 3-4 times. But, you thought I am weak and you went to a next level and you started asking me to keep everything to myself. Who the hell are you? Do I need your permission to write a blog? How funny!
        And then I started my game to teach you a lesson instead of keeping calm, though I know you will never understand.
        And, you are utterly feeling bad and you are not able to answer me. Now, you are talking philosophy. That’s why, even you know that you are a”HYPOCRITE”. You should have thought about it before old man. At least, you will think twice now before you do the same mistake again with anybody else.
        Did you get it? Oh! you’re not that wise.
        Waiting for your next hypocritical and funny comment 🙂

      • theburningheart says:

        I give you good advice, and you call me names, I will cease to answer you.
        Life its the best teacher, and she its a hard teacher, lets see if she will care to hear your insults.
        Farewell. 🙂

  14. J.D. Riso says:

    “…something about the photographed self seems unquantifiably different than the mirrored self.” And there’s something more unsettling about the mirrored self, I feel. But what is it? That both images are alive? A truly beautiful essay about life as a seeker. I know this path, all the way from my youngest years. Lonely and breathtakingly beautiful. We are indeed ultimately our own Teacher. Welcome Home. 🙂

  15. Ben Naga says:

    Travel safely, my friend. Continue learning and teaching. For this is your path.

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