The Coming of an Age of Gold

There were no poor and no rich; there was no need to labor, because all that men required was obtained by the power of will; the chief virtue was the abandonment of all worldly desires. The Krita Yuga (Satya Yuga) was without disease; there was no lessening with the years; there was no hatred or vanity, or evil thought; no sorrow, no fear. All mankind could attain to supreme blessedness.

According to the Surya Siddhanta, Kali Yuga began at midnight (00:00) on 18 February 3102 BCE. This is also considered the date on which Lord Krishna left the earth to return to Vaikuntha. This information is placed at the temple of Bhalka, the place of this incident

Information Kiosk at Bhalka, the place from where Lord Krishna returned to his heavenly abode

According to the astronomer and mathematician Aryabhatta the Kali Yuga started in 3102 BCE. He finished his book “Aryabhattiya” in 499 CE, in which he gives the exact year of the beginning of Kali Yuga. He writes that he wrote the book in the “year 3600 of the Kali Age” at the age of 23. As it was the 3600th year of the Kali Age when he was 23 years old, and given that Aryabhatta was born in 476 CE, the beginning of the Kali Yuga would come to (3600 – (476 + 23) + 1 (As only one year elapses between 1 BCE and 1 CE) = ) 3102 BCE

Kali Yuga Dark Age

According to KD Abhyankar, the starting point of Kaliyuga is an extremely rare planetary alignment, which is depicted in the Mohenjo-Daro seals.[ Going by this alignment the year 3102 BCE is slightly off. The actual date for this alignment is February 7 of 3104 BCE. There is also sufficient proof to believe that Vrdhha Garga knew of precession at least by 500 BCE. Garga had calculated the rate of precession to within 30% of what the modern scholars estimate.

Astronomical Oobservatory Jantar Mantar Jaipur Rajasthan India

Most interpreters of Vedic scriptures, as Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami and his recent disciple Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada believe that Earth is currently in Kali Yuga and lasts 432,000 years. Other authors, such as Swami Sri Yukteswar and Paramhansa Yogananda, believe that it is now an ascending Dvapara Yuga, indicating levels of cycles within each major Yuga period as each being a development, the smaller cycles within cycles eventually leading to full development of the qualities of the ages. The Kali Yuga is thought by some authors to last 6480 years although other duration have been proposed.

Attributes of Kali Yuga

Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually during the Kali Yuga, which is referred to as the Dark Age because in it people are as far away as possible from God. Hinduism often symbolically represents morality (dharma) as an Indian bull. In Satya Yuga, the first stage of development, the bull has four legs, but in each age morality is reduced by one quarter. By the age of Kali, morality is reduced to only a quarter of that of the golden age, so that the bull of Dharma has only one leg.


The Kali Yuga According to Hindu Scriptures

“It is the lowest instincts that stimulate the men of the Kali Yuga, they prefer false ideas, they do not hesitate to persecute the sages,  desire torments them,  neglect,  illness,  hunger, the fear spread. Severe droughts The different regions of the countries will oppose each other The sacred books will no longer be respected Men will not have morals, and will be irritable and sectarian False doctrines and misleading writings spread in the age of Kali People are afraid because they neglect the rules taught by the wise and do not perform the rites correctly anymore Many will perish The number of princes and farmers will gradually diminish The lower classes want to attribute real power and share knowledge, food and the beds of the old princes, most of the new leaders are of slave origin, they will persecute the priests and those who have wisdom. to fetuses and heroes. The slaves want to play the role of intellectuals, the intellectuals that of slaves. Thieves become kings and kings become thieves. Rare are virtuous women. Promiscuity extends. The stability and balance of castes and the ages of life disappear everywhere. The earth produces almost nothing in some places and produces a lot in others. The powerful take over public goods and stop protecting the people. Wise persons of low birth are honored as if they were Brahmans and deliver to people who are not worthy of it the dangerous secrets of the sciences. Teachers are debased by selling their knowledge. Many take refuge in a wandering life. At the end of the Yuga, the number of women increases and the number of men decreases. During the Age of Kali, the Great God, Shiva, the dark blue and red peacemaker, will be revealed to all under a disguise to restore justice. Those who go to him will be saved. At the end of the Yuga, the animals become violent, the number of cows decreases. Good men withdraw from public life. Market cooked foods are sold in the market square. Also the sacraments and religion are sold. The rain is erratic. The  merchants dishonest.

Apocalyps Now by Mearone

People who beg or seek employment are becoming more numerous. Nobody stops using rude language, nobody keeps their word, everyone is envious. People without morals preach virtue to others. Censorship reigns. Criminal associations are formed in cities and towns. The water and the fruits will be lacking. Men will lose the sense of values. They will have belly aches and will have their hair in disarray. At the end of the Yuga, people will be born whose life expectancy will not reach sixteen. People will envy the clothes of others. The thieves will rob the thieves. Many will become lethargic and inactive, contagious diseases, rats and snakes will torment men. Men suffering from hunger and fear will find themselves on the banks of the Bengal River. Nobody will live longer than the normal duration of life, which is one hundred years. The rites will perish in the hands of men without virtues. People who practice errant rites will spread everywhere. Unskilled people will study the sacred texts and will be self-proclaimed expert. Men will kill each other and also kill children, women and cows. The wise will be condemned to death. However, some will reach perfection in a very short time. Excellent Brahmans will continue practicing the rites. “

Linga Purâna, II. Chapters. 39, 40.

Kali Yuga Days

End of Kali yuga Controversy

In all honesty there is wide controversy, between Astrologers, about the time the Kali Yuga will end,  and even some Astronomers have jump into the fray!

Some say it already started in on 26th July 2014 at 3:11:00 p.m., others not until 2,025, and many others into different dates, as far as thousands of years into the future!

And frankly it will take too many pages to explain, and it will not be of interest to those who do not have a background in Astrology, or Astronomy, if you are interested on those details you can find your way through those arguments by navigating to such websites.

Some propose the date of 2025, and the object of my post, it’s to call attention to this not new, but coming our way Millenarianism phenomena, as we speak, too many argue we  are  in the Aquarius age, some deny it, or that if the Maya end cycle on 2012 year, had, or has any meaning?

We will not go into that, my objective is to relate to you what the ones who agree on 2025, have to say:


‘The timeline also indicates that the ascending Kali Yuga, which is the current epoch in which we are living, will end in 2025 CE. The full manifestation of the next Yuga – the ascending Dwapara – will take place in 2325 CE, after a transitional period of 300 years. The ascending Dwapara Yuga will then be followed by two more Yugas: the ascending Treta Yuga and the ascending Satya Yuga, which will complete the 12,000 year ascending cycle.’

Satya Yuga

Satya Yuga

The Mahabharata has also prophesied the same thing but with further elaborations on how conditions will be when Satya-Yuga or Krita-yuga begins again: “O descendant of Bharata, when at the appearance of the Krita Yuga, sin will thus be completely destroyed and virtue will flourish, men will again be engaged in religious rites. Well-planted gardens, sacrificial grounds, large tanks, Vedic schools and colleges, ponds and temples, will (all) reappear everywhere; various sacrifices will also begin to be performed at the appearance of the Krita age. Brahmans will be honest and good. Being devoted to asceticism, they will be Rishis (and wise sages). The hermitages occupied by the wicked wretches will once more be the homes of men devoted to Truth. Men in general will begin to honor and practice Truth. All seeds sown on earth will grow. O king of kings, every kind of crop will grow in every season. Men will devotedly practice charity, vows, and religious rites. The Brahmans, devoted to meditation and sacrifices (Vedic rituals), will be of virtuous soul and cheerful disposition. The kings will virtuously govern the earth. In the Satya yuga (Krita Yuga), the Vaishyas will devote themselves to trade, the Brahmans will be devoted to their six duties and the Kshatriyas will be devoted to the display of prowess (for the protection of the citizens). The Shudras will be devoted to the service of the other three orders. Such will be the Dharma in Satya yuga (Krita yuga), Treta yuga, and Dvapara Yugas.

Hindu Astrological View of Planets

My Views

Controversy about cycles are based on hypothetical theories, based on Sacred scriptures interpretations, so therefore, also subjective, to multiple interpretations, however also believe what some sages said regarding in what age we live.

‘Kali Yuga is for hypocrites and fools. They always live in it. The wise and the truthful always live in Satya Yuga.’

‘Try to lead a truthful life. Time cannot change us unless we try to change ourselves. Avoid foolish speculations and imaginations. Develop right discrimination and be wise. Then you always live in Satya Yuga.’

Delightful Garden

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  1. Thank you for this in-depth overview of Kali Yuga, Mr Anaya. I recently did some research on the subject when I wrote an article about the Sri Yukteswar interpretation of where we are exactly in the Yuga cycles. The interesting part is that Sri Yukteswar’s calculation are more or less in line with the Mayan calendars too – and by his calculations the Vedic Great Year lines up with the 24,000-year procession of the equinoxes’ cycle. The year 2025 may have some truth in it – although it would be a ‘Subsubyuga’ shift according to Dr. David Frawley of American Institute of Vedic Studies. We have already been in Dwapara Yuga proper since the year 1900 (after the 200 year transition completed from 1700 to 1900.)

    In 2020 we are moving from:
    1960 – 2020 Dwapara Kali Treta
    2020 – 2100 Dwapara Kali Satya

    It would usually take a few years for the energy to be activated, so around 2025 sounds about right for us to really sense, feel or see the changes. If the above is accurate, this is very positive in my opinion, because even if this ends up a light shift, we are moving from a mental energy (Treta) to a spiritual energy (Satya) while the underlying Kali and Dwapara will still remain active, but with Kali fading out – it will be the Kali Subyuga fading out. Exciting times ahead – there’s light at the end of the tunnel after all. Details here:

    • theburningheart says:

      Thank you for your contribution,I am glad there’s someone out there interested on these things, besides me.
      I have a fascination, and knowledge of the Axial Precession of the Equinoxes, and the Hindu Manvantaras and Yugas, since I was a teenager, maybe sixteen, or seventeen, somewhere in the late sixties, and I am glad there’s few people out there aware of these things. 😉

    • SUDIPTO says:

      Absolutely Sir….In Kaliyug ppl are selfish but in Satyug ppl are selfless….become selfless and god will support you and SATYUG STARTS….

    • Sapan says:

      I agree with your analysis. I have been mediating since January 2020 when I suddenly started to see a lot of changes happening and I was seeking some answers and I found this theory but there was a lot of confusion everywhere but you sound confident and I believe what you say. Thank you.

      • theburningheart says:

        Thank you, for your comment, we appreciate it.
        As in your case, you do something positive in your life, and you get answers, and things begin to change.
        Everybody should look forward for positive change, period. 😊

      • jharana says:

        HELLO SIR
        This is Jharana Barik

      • theburningheart says:

        Thank you Jharana.

  2. stolzyblog says:

    It is interesting to compare western and eastern esoteric notions about cosmic timescales as well as periods or eras of what might be termed ‘spiritual history’. First off, I agree with your statement that most current (or vaguely current — i.e. within the past two centuries) are theoretical and base their conclusions upon interpretations of ancients scriptures. I also think the means to comprehend these scriptures have largely become corrupted under modern trends in thinking. These two links, for example, show quite different estimations about the lengths of various yugas, both from an eastern perspective. — yugas on the order of millions of years — yugas on the order of thousands of years, but of arying lengths; concludes we are presently in Dwapara Yuga

    The western representative is different in several key ways, which I believe lends it more credibility. First, it is not based upon theoretical ruminations about ancient texts. The author clearly and boldly states in numerous places that all of his esoteric teaching arise from direct spiritual perception of the akashic record of cosmic history, which lives and is decipherable to all who succeed witht he necessary exercise in inner development which are appropriate to modern humanity (which he also highlights in detail). Further, he claims that Kali Yuga has already ended, in 1899. Further, he clarifies the meaning of this. The main difference between the former age, which lasted 5000 years and the present (which will also last 5000 years) is that the spiritual world is now “open”, i.e. perceivable, to those who make the appropriate cognitive and ethical efforts to perceive such things. This would explain why the present world situation is so murky. Because a small number of individuals can see what is actually up. And a larger number can sense this openness, or are on the verge of themselves being able to perceive (and may do so next incarnation). While the large majority neither try to see or consider it is even possible, worthwhile or non-crazy. This leads to a moshpit of growing pains which we are in the beginning stages of, only. The various eastern characterizations of how the various yugas would be experienced are highly idealized and monolithic. The reality is that evolution, devolution, and conflict of consciousness is constantly occurring within earthly development, especially now.

    It is also interesting that the western esoteric and eastern perspectives so closely agree upon the beginning date of the most recent Kali Yuga. Eastern interpretations, based on astrological calculating, say: 3102 BC. The western source, based again upon direct (claimed) spiritual perceptions states: 3101 BC.

    Thanks for posting.

    • theburningheart says:

      I agree with you, there’s too many arguments on these issues, and I have spent long time since I was a young man reading about these subjects, to ignore, the many contradictions.
      Also, something most forget, or are unaware, are the sub-cycles who clarify some issues, but confuse many, the sub-cycles work as in Western Astrology the Decans.

      In order to give fuller interpretation to the zodiac signs, ancient astrologers subdivided each sign into periods of approximately ten days. These divisions are known as the “decans” or “decantes” and are somewhat arbitrary in order to allow for the five (and sometimes six) extra days in the year beyond the 360 days required for the thirty-six Decans, are basically sub-cycles ruled by a different influence.

      The same apply. into larger cycles as the ‘Ages’ of the Platonic year of 25,920 years, and also to the Yugas in Hindu Astrology. every Age, or in the case of the Yugas contain a Golden period, as well as all the rest, Silver, Bronce, Iron.

      As we agree, all these it’s very subjective, however something our archaeologist seem to miss, worried with so many other things, and the fact every Age has it’s own priorities, our history from the past reflects out our own today priorities, not necessary, the same of the Age in question.

      And the main reason they ignore the profound effect these cycles played on the mind of these civilizations, something easy to see on the alignment of their buildings, and Pyramids all over the World

      It’s only recently maybe the last 20, or 30 years people get around to see, and celebrate around these ancient monuments, despite been known for centuries.

      Thank you for the fine comment. 🙂

      Sorry about the subtitles,on Chitchen Itza, couldn’t find one in English.

  3. The vast amounts of time (360 X) originally assigned to the Yugas came about through an error that happened during Kali Yuga – there are many resources in this available, for example:
    Astrological World Cycles By Tara Mata (Laurie Pratt) Published in Serial Format in 1932-33:

    Click to access Astrological-World-Cycles1.pdf

    A highly recommended (well-researched) documentary explains the Yuga cycles from the Sri Yukteswar’s calculation perspective and it also clarifies why Sri Yukteswar’s calculated the Great Year to be 24000 years and not 25,770 (or the traditional 25,920) – it has to do with changes in the speed of the precession rate see from: 37 mins >>>

    • theburningheart says:

      I agree with you, but I also recognize there’s great deal of subjectivity, on a lot of these calculations, one thing we cannot deny it’s the rising awareness people of lately have of issues for centuries forgotten, or the sole realm of a few erudite on their fields, and how people now day it’s more aware of a new vision of the past, and itself a confirmation that a New Age of Enlightenment is downing on us, which in itself probes the point in fact something it’s changing.

      Thank you for the great video, I enjoyed it! 🙂

  4. Captivating post. Thank you.

  5. selizabryangmailcom says:

    I feel a little underwhelming, after reading such a detailed and knowledgeable post, to only be able to express a sense of relief that we’re supposedly moving into more enlightened times. I know very little about this subject, so I can’t contribute except to say that. And to thank you for the informative article!

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, in some ways things can look pretty bad, but there’s so much progress, and Science, and enlightenment in so many areas, and almost anything it’s available at your fingertips, hopefully the bad things would recede away, with the new generations of more educated people.

      Thank you for your nice comment! 🙂

  6. By reading your interesting post about “The Kali Yuga According to Hindu Scriptures” I wonder and this gives me goose pimples, whether we in the western world are not more and more in the Kali Yuga period!! Best regards Martina

    • broodjejaap says:

      Indeed our present time resembles the Kali Yuga in many countries: Trumpism, Putin , May, erdogan, hungary, poland , etc etc. lies abd destruction reign. But the next phase is also announce for which we see the ingredients appearing: Truth, cooperation and synergy will get nature, spirits and us blooming again. Life will conquer 🔥

      • theburningheart says:

        Yes, even if I believe it’s a hard way uphill, in the end most of the World would head up that way, regardless of the few who may decide to go the opposite direction.

        Thank you for your great comment. 🙂

      • I very much hope that your positive outlook will be realized and nature considered more important than money!:)

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, yes, but we also have a great period of enlightenment at our doorsteps, if you disconnect yourself from the news, I am sure you may wonder what the stress people talk it’s all about, I confess that long time ago I stop paying attention to the news, and sure I find about things kind of late by my search on the internet, or reading journals, like the New York Review of Books, or just because everybody it’s talking about it, but I can go for days without anything disturbing my ears with bad news.

      I guess peace of mind it’s an inner attitude, like Epictetus said:

      Why worry, or care about the things you have no control, or a say in the matter?
      Worry only about those you can change.

      Thank you Martina, we appreciate your comments. 🙂

      • I agree with you that often it is easier and also necessary not listen to all the bad news, which give us a lot of pain, but also duties to change the things we can change as Epictetus says. To my mind comes the poisenous, prefabricated food we buy and eat or food produced by people, who work like slaves or I wouldn’t stop consuming palm oil, if I didn’t know that farmers in Indonesia are deprived of their forests so that big multinationals can plant their trees and make billions. I can’t change anything and grow my own vegetable, if I am not aware of what goes on in the world as far as this topic is concerned. Thank you very much for your precious thoughts and have a nice evening:) Martina

  7. theburningheart says:

    Excellent example of awareness by paying attention to the news, it reminds me of an old slogan of the late sixties, or seventies, the ownership of the phrase it’s disputed:

    ‘Think globally, act locally.’

    Urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own communities and cities. Long before governments began enforcing environmental laws, individuals were coming together to protect habitats and the organisms that live within them. These efforts are referred to as grassroots efforts. They occur on a local level and are primarily run by volunteers and helpers.

    Thank you Martina! 🙂

  8. rabirius says:

    Excellent and interesting.

  9. sherazade says:

    Grazie infinite ho trovato questo argomento estremamente utile e ricco di riflessioni soprattutto in un concetto finale è molto semplice e nello stesso tempo difficile da mettere in atto:

    “Il tempo non può cambiarci se non proviamo a cambiare noi stessi”

    Sherabientot 🌷🌹🌺

    • theburningheart says:

      I nostri concetti di tempo sono puramente soggettivo, sia le rivoluzioni solari della terra intorno al sole, la durata di una giornata della Terra, da qualche altra parte prendere un giorno di Mercurio Dove è più lungo di quello che è l’anno.
      Ci vogliono giorni Mercury 59 della Terra per le undici sul suo asse di rotazione (il periodo di rotazione), e circa 88 giorni terrestri per completare un’orbita intorno al Sole Tuttavia, la lunghezza del giorno su Mercurio (sunrise all’alba) è di 176 giorni terrestri.

      Quindi volta si tratta di una misura proposta dal condizioni del luogo che si sta osservando, dato che stiamo guardando le posizioni delle stelle, secondo il nostro punto di vista nell’Universo, antico popolo misurati fenomeni cosmologici secondo cicli, come le precessioni della equinozi, chiamiamo l’anno Platonico.

      Yuga, Manvantara, e altri cicli indù, Maya, caldei, etc. Che i fenomeni sono relativi Coamological magici i nostri antenati significati associati.

      Anche se, conferisco credito alla saggezza del popolo antico, è tuttavia un parente dei fenomeni e, in definitiva, della mente, delle credenze, è ben noto che ciò che stiamo facendo è la nostra realtà, che modella il nostro destino.

      Grazie Sherazade, apprezziamo il tuo interesse. 🙂

      Our concept of time are purely subjective, be these Earth revolutions around our Sun, or the duration of hours to our day, somewhere else take Mercury where a day is longer than it’s year.
      It takes Mercury about 59 Earth days to spin once on its axis (the rotation period), and about 88 Earth days to complete one orbit about the Sun. However, the length of the day on Mercury (sunrise to sunrise) is 176 Earth days.

      So time it’s a measure given by the conditions of the place you are observing, given that we are looking at the positions of the stars, according to our perspective in the Universe, ancient people measured Cosmological phenomena according to cycles, like the Precession of the equinoxes, we name the Platonic year.

      The Yugas, Manvantaras, and other cycles Hindu, Maya, Chaldean, etc. Are relative Cosmological phenomena that our ancestors associated Magical meanings.

      Although, I give credit to the wisdom of the ancient people, it’s nevertheless a relative phenomena, and ultimately a mind, over belief matter, it’s well known that what we believe it becomes our reality, it shapes our destiny.

      Thank you Sherazade, for your interest, we appreciate it. 🙂

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  11. theburningheart says:

    Thank you, we appreciate it. 🙂

  12. Your inclusion of the Jantar Mantar photo reminded me of how fascinating it was to explore that park and learn about ancient astronomy techniques employed by the Rajasthan royals.

  13. Lwbut says:

    Having little prior knowledge of these studies i will restrain my comment, except to say Epictetus sounds to have it about right! 🙂

    As you believe, so you perceive.

    Wheels within Wheels, cycles of Time… there is one current that flows through them all. 🙂

    God it Within You.

  14. Lwbut says:

    One of the Classics – by one of the Great Artists. 🙂

    Putting on Rose-coloured glasses…. Hmmmm…?

    That’s one way to alter our perceptions – without necessarily altering what we believe?

    My current post ( just this sec put up) carries on with that theme a little – kind of! 🙂

    I hope your day will be fulfilling – with or without desert! 😀

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, my whole point it’s our attitude that determines what kind of color glasses we look at life with, or to see if the the proverbial half glass of water it’s half empty or half full, as Epictetus would explain:

      Of existing things some are in our power,
      others not in our power.
      In our power are conception, effort, desire, aversion
      and in a word whatever are our actions;
      but not in our power are the body, property, reputation,
      rulers and in a word whatever are not our actions.

      ‘Also things in our power are by nature
      free, unhindered, unimpeded,
      but things not in our power are
      weak, slavish, hindered, belonging to others.

      So remember, that if
      what is by nature slavish you think free
      and what is others’ your own,
      you will be hindered, you will mourn, you will be disturbed,
      and you will blame both gods and humans,
      but if you think only yours is yours,
      and another’s, just as it is, another’s,
      no one will ever compel you, no one will hinder you,
      you will not blame anyone, nor accuse someone,
      not one thing will you do unwilling,
      no one will harm you, you will have no enemy,
      for you will suffer no harm from anyone.’

      We have no control on the things outside of us like events, today I get dessert, or not, I mean if you are in extreme circumstances like trapped in the ice in the South pole, or the siege of Paris during the Commune, or just it’s late and everything it’s closed for the day, the important thing it’s not to have dessert, but your attitude towards it, if you are miserable, and suffer because of it, you may be hungry, but you have nothing left but your attitude, the dessert it’s just incidental, and not important. you can always say:

      C’est la vie!

      And shrug it off.

      Thank you, and blessings! 🙂

      • Lwbut says:

        I see what you mean…. as much as my current glasses will let me! 😉
        Thank you for your time clarifying it for me. 🙂 It is much appreciated, as always.

  15. Living honestly and wisely is so much more difficult than being a cheater, liar, advantage taker and thief. I would describe the current age as an age of greed and dumbness. I am very sure at some point it ends, but we don’t have to be in it, do we?

    • theburningheart says:

      Sorry for my lateness in answering you out on a trip since Thursday, then returning in a hurry yesterday for a funeral, a close friend of 46 years.


      Well, in all honesty, doubt very much there was an idyllic time resembling paradise, myself convinced it’s all a matter of individual conscience, if you are a saint, everything looks Holy, to the sinner’s eyes, everything it’s sinful.

      Thank you Inese, for your comment. 🙂

  16. Skilbey says:

    The breadth and depth of knowledge discussed here is breathtaking. It is like walking into (not just any) art gallery, museum and as close as we can get to the Akashic records without accessing the spiritual realm. (I was told by a medium some time ago that I access these records easily when I sleep. Maybe that’s why I feel a resonance to this? Maybe that is the case with others feeling something similar?)
    Thankyou for touching me gently on the shoulder with your site. I say this because there is a lot here I am in awe of; I know that there is so, so much I do not know, but feel a little more inteligent for understanding that ! 🙂

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, there’s Wisdom within, but also without, looking at both places it’s important in my opinion, if just to keep a balance, between objective, and subjective.

      If you enjoyed this post, you may also like my post of January 2015, AXIAL PRECESSION, or the one of March 2011, AQUILA, OPHIUCHUS, all through my posts you find themes connected to a Spiritual view of life.

      Thank you for enjoying my site, Skilbey, we appreciate your comments, and welcome you, to visit us, and letting us know. 🙂

  17. Henry Lewis says:

    This is fascinating! I had many Indian colleagues during my years teaching in Oman who were observant Hindus, but I still feel I know so little about its ancient texts and mythology. I can see that your blog will be a great resource for learning more.

  18. Hi burningheart. Many thanks for calling by and liking “News Outlets! Protesting! and Seek!”#TheFoureyedPoet.

  19. sherazade says:

    un grande lavoro!
    Greatings Shera🌷

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  21. Bill Debenham says:

    Hello theburningheart
    Firstly, thank you for your article.
    Secondly, perhaps you can assist with a question I have:
    When studying the Great Year certain dates crop-up; all of which I believe I understand except 3,100 BC. For three of the world’s premier prehistoric cultures [Vedic/Hindu, Mayan & Khemitian/Predynastic Egypt], this date stands out but I don’t understand how it was formed or why there was a shift in consciousness?
    Within a few years of 3,100 BC Lord Krishna leaving His mortal body the world slid out of the Descending Treta Yuga and plunged into the Dwapara Yuga [3,102-702 BC].
    The ‘Fifth Great Cycle’ [of the Mayan Calendar “Grand Cycle”] began in 3114 B.C. [ending in 2012].
    Predynastic Egypt (prior to 3,100 BC) is traditionally the period which begins with the Pharaonic monarchy starting with King Narmer.
    Why was 3,100 BC the beginning in a new era, Age, Yuga or shift in consciousness? Why does this have anything to do with the Great Year, the Venus Calendar or any other cycle? This can’t be just an arbitrary date? How is it formed based on cycles?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, first lets understand that every culture had a different scale of astronomical calculus in order to establish their own Cosmological beliefs, based in different cycles, on different observable astronomical phenomena, like the creation of Constellations, and assign them numerologist values.
      One of the reasons, today astronomers, are in total disbelief of such Cosmological Sciences, ignoring the subjective psychological value, they tied to those astronomical counts, or cycles, that as I had mention before have more importance, than the astronomical observable phenomena itself.
      Its common for astronomers to be easily dismissing of such Cosmologies, based in their concrete knowledge about Astronomy, which has no relation whatsoever, to our subjective self.
      On my post of December 2010 titled the Mother of all Sciences, wrote:

      “Either you posses a well developed Intuition that allow you to grasp subjective concepts, and you believe in Astrology a priori, or you rejected it based in the common educational zeitgeist of our times, and the limited information, you posses of it, given to you by our formal education who pass the sacred commandment that Science had discarded Astrology to the dustbin of useless superstitions since the Seventeenth Century. You would be the first to be surprised to find thesis now days arguing the lack of Empirical evidence against Astrology by the scientist of those days!
      Like that of Mr. David Kemp. October 2003 Dissertation Thesis (M.A.) Dept. of Religion, Concordia University, 2003.
      However, frankly I am not interested in debating Astrology from an Empirical point of view, simply because the domain of Astrology belongs to the SUBJECTIVE a Realm no less Real just because does not belong to our objective material, Science oriented based on experiment, and physical evidence type of mentality, who reduce to nonexistent, and non real to anything it can’t measure, weight, or perceive in the physical Universe. Discarding Spirit, the Knowing Self, and our very much Ontological Being as irrelevant, as if our subjective self wouldn’t exist, just because they say so!
      Once again; Astrology it is not the field, or the object of study of astronomers, period. And I would advice them to stop pontificating in to a field they do not know anything, If you want a medical opinion, you consult a physician, if a legal advice a lawyer, if shoes a cobbler, etc. Why then rely on an astronomer to tell us about Astrology when this Magna Science have little to do with physical astronomy, and more with Psychology, Metaphysics, Mythology, Anthropology, and similar fields of our modern age, not to talk of other fields little known to the average individual, like Theurgy, Mythology, Symbolism, Archetypes, far more important to understand the essence of Astrological studies, that have nothing to do with vibrations, or gravitation forces, or magnetic fields, as some misguided self professed astrologers pressured by the need to appear as knowledgeable, and being accepted as legit, in their ignorance bend their knee, to those who attack them with the aforementioned argument of lack of scientific proof.”

      After reading that you should understand its not so much an astronomical event as a subjective inner Wisdom acquired by an Intuitive observation of Nature, and tied to a phenomenal movements of the Heavens above, and the observable cyclical phenomena, as periodical cycles.
      That different Cosmologies coincide, and touch phenomena, regardless if based on different counts, it tells you more about the inner working from our archetypal self, similar, and common to all men, regardless of time, and culture.
      And the reason why we still study, and try to understand such cycles, regardless of the common views from our today misguided astronomers, who have no room for inductive knowledge.

      Inductive and deductive reasoning both strive to construct a valid argument. … Therefore, inductive reasoning moves from specific instances into a generalized conclusion, while deductive reasoning moves from generalized principles that are known to be true to a true and specific conclusion.
      The Cycles are a result of Inductive knowledge, not deductive, but nevertheless valid Knowledge, and Wisdom, but not exact science, like an astronomer can tell you the exact time when sunset will be today, but not how long the twilight will be, since it will be base on factors he cannot foresee, as the weather.
      And the reason that you may decide to consult an intuitive person on matters of predictability, rather than a mathematician for a forecast, the mathematician will tell you of probabilities in a set of numbers in a possibility, like throwing a coin in the air, it only can fall one side or the other, but which side it will fall?
      Well you better not be a gambler, you may lose your shirt!

      You may also be interested on reading some of my many posts were I talk about such things.
      As example Axial Precession , And Cosmological Religious Cycles In Ancient Cultures, The Age Of Aquarius January 2015.

      Bill I hope I have help you, regarding the issue of Cyclical time. 🙂

    • Prajna says:

      If you’re still watching this blog, Bill, the answer to your question is that 3100bc was the beginning of the descending Dwapara Yuga (according to Sri Yukteswar Giri’s teaching), so yes, it was the advent of a new age.

      More generally: if the yugas are based on the precession of the equinoxes and follow the pattern described by Sri Yukteswar then it is very easy to find out where we are in this great 24,000 year cycle since the mid point between descending Kali Yuga and ascending Kali Yuga falls when the tropical and sidereal zodiacs align. That last occurred in 500ad/ce when sunrise on the spring equinox was at the 1st degree of the constellation Aries (1 Aries in the tropical zodiac is always wherever the sun rises on the spring equinox but because of precession it is offset from the constellation Aries except on that date).

      The confusion occurred during the descending Kali Yuga, which is typified by the destruction of knowledge (the Great Library of Alexandria was also destroyed early in the descending Kali Yuga).

      For more information you might like to visit and have a play with the ucc app I wrote, which demonstrates very clearly the yugas/Platonic Great Year and allows you to convert between yuga dates and gregorian dates. You can find the app directly at

      I hope someone finds the above helpful and interesting.

    • Adam says:

      The Kali Yuga is a Human Sacrifice Ritual to the Dead.

      • theburningheart says:

        The Kali Yuga its a cyclical calendar used by the Indian, or Hindu people to measure time. Based on their Cosmogony beliefs.
        A human sacrifice?
        Not to my knowledge, but perhaps you know something I do not know?

  22. Anwen says:

    In the aftermath of the eras and dies of civilizations, races, continents, the entire present earth, with its obsolete civilizations, its races that are no longer so bereft, its beliefs crystallized in forms of faith excluding one another, do we not see this earth which is ours furnish the flagrant proof of an end which calls for a recommencement?
    Link (France):

    • theburningheart says:

      The History of Mankind, its long, or short depending how you see it, time its a continuum, but its finite, and some say its linear, other claim its cyclical.

      Whatever may be, the study of it is fascinating, if not conclusive.
      Thank you for your words. 🙂

  23. sherazade says:

    Sono assolutamente ignorante e mi hai dato lo spunto per ‘studiare’ teorie soteriche molto particolari e interessanti come stimolante e ante e valida è la conclusione che io faccio mia:

    “Cerca di condurre una vita veritiera. Il tempo non può cambiarci se non proviamo a cambiare noi stessi.”


  24. I read all your posts because I feel culture belongs to those who embody it in their humanity…..not necessarily by virtue of birth. I’m Hindu and yet, reading your posts brings me closer to understanding it than ever before. Thank you! ~ Radhika

  25. J02 says:

    What do you mean by slaves, people are not your slaves, and no one is better than anyone, ignorant people like you are the real curse

    • theburningheart says:

      I guess you are assuming I wrote the Linga Purana, I am just quoting from it.
      Your ignorance, not mine.

  26. J2 says:

    Do you know where did Hitler get his ideology?
    Helena Blavatsky, she visited india in 19th century and wrote some books about indian cultures and aryanism, her Ignorance was the only reason why all those people suffered, you are still promoting that culture. Cast system still exists in india. Please don’t promote such stone age lies if you truly care for them.

    • theburningheart says:

      I am pretty much aware of Helena Blavatsky, was a charlatan, and Hitler a tyrant, and mass murderer, but blaming what he did, and linking it to the what the ancient Sages of India said, its the old used rhetoric to end an argument, in your favor.

      Evoking Hitler is the foreign policy equivalent of yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Comparisons to Hitler are meant to spark an immediate, visceral reaction and designed to “clear out the building.” Once the dissent leaves the room, the debate has effectively ended. It also demarcates a rhetorical red line. If you cross it, you are siding with Hitler.

      And no one want to be on the side of Hitler unless you want to lose the argument.

      But it will not work in this case, since whatever Hitler did, has no relation to what the old Sages of India said.

      Why just say, that you are one of those who do not believe on Astrology, and the Yugas theory, and leave it at that?

      Rather than drag Hitler into the argument?

      I will respect that more like an honest argument, than dragging Blavatsky, and Hitler into it..

  27. Aniket Bhattacharya says:

    We are not in Kali Yuga. I have proved this in a video of mine. Checkout this link to my video.

  28. Garry S Shelton says:

    The Hindu astronomers agree that the Kali Yuga began at midnight between February 17 and 18, 3102 BCE. Consequently it is due to end about 427,000 CE, whereupon a new Golden Age will dawn.

    • theburningheart says:

      A discourse by Markandeya in the Mahabharata identifies some of the attributes of Kali Yuga.

      In relation to rulers, it lists:
      Rulers will become unreasonable: they will levy taxes unfairly.
      Rulers will no longer see it as their duty to promote spirituality, or to protect their subjects: they will become a danger to the world.
      People will start migrating, seeking countries where wheat and barley form the staple food source.
      “At the end of Kali-yuga, when there exist no topics on the subject of God, even at the residences of so-called saints and respectable gentlemen of the three higher varnas (guna or temperament) and when nothing is known of the techniques of sacrifice, even by word, at that time the Lord will appear as the supreme chastiser.” (Srimad-Bhagavatam (2.7)
      It is also scheduled that the Bhagavata Purana will be composed.

      With regard to human relationships, Markandeya’s discourse says:

      Avarice and wrath will be common. Humans will openly display animosity towards each other. Ignorance of dharma will occur.
      Religion, truthfulness, cleanliness, tolerance, mercy, physical strength and memory diminish with each passing day.
      People will have thoughts of murder with no justification and will see nothing wrong in that.
      Lust will be viewed as socially acceptable and sexual intercourse will be seen as the central requirement of life.
      Sin will increase exponentially, while virtue will fade and cease to flourish.
      People will become addicted to intoxicating drinks and drugs.
      Gurus will no longer be respected and their students will attempt to injure them. Their teachings will be insulted, and followers of Kama will wrest control of the mind from all human beings.
      All the human beings will declare themselves as gods or boon given by gods and make it as a business instead of teachings.
      People will no longer get married and live with each other just for sexual pleasure.
      Weather and environment will degrade with time and frequent and unpredictable rainfalls will happen.
      Earthquakes will be common.
      Maximum age of humans will be 50 years by the end of Kali Yuga.
      Many fake ideologies will spread throughout the world.
      The powerful people will dominate the poor people.
      Many diseases will spread.
      At the end of Kali Yuga, lord Vishnu will take birth on earth to wipe out the sinners.

      According to the long list, I guess we are still in the Kali Yuga! 😦

  29. Dhananjay says:

    Kaliyug is the process where end of all creation takes place….that’s why it’s called kali yug…end of all maya

    • theburningheart says:

      I guess we need collectively the end of illusion, as fast as we can get it.
      However believe it’s an individual thing. 🙂

  30. Very informative. As a Christian, I view the Bible as sacred, and believe in End Times prophecy about the return of the Messiah. However, those who think they can predict the date and the hour are misguided. Christ, Himself, said, ““But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only” (Matt. 24: 36). ❤

    • theburningheart says:

      Totally agree, as we do not know the end of our own days, either.
      Thank you for your comment it’s appreciated. 🙂

  31. Robert says:

    Sorry folks, but it’s going to get way more shaky before the bliss kicks in (IMHO)
    End of Kali Yuga…upheaval

    It is evident that the original Yuga Cycle was based on the Saptarsi Calendar. It was of 12,000 years duration, comprised of four Yugas of equal duration of 2,700 years each, separated by transitional periods of 300 years. The complete Yuga Cycle of 24,000 years was comprised of an ascending and descending Yuga cycle, which followed each other for eternity like the cycles of day and night. For the past 2,700 years we have been evolving through the ascending Kali Yuga, and this Yuga is coming to an end in 2025. The end of the Yuga will inevitably be followed by cataclysmic earth changes and civilization collapses, as is characteristic of the transitional periods. The Dwapara Yuga is fundamentally different from the Kali in its spiritual and material dimensions, as can be gleaned from the ancient texts. Hence, we may anticipate far-reaching changes in our environment, and possibly in our cosmic neighborhood, as we transition to this period of enhanced consciousness. The current upswing in tectonic activities and the increased incidence of extreme weather phenomena may be indicative of the fact that we are slowly entering into a period of volatile earth changes. We need to be aware of these greater cycles of time that govern human civilization, and the changes that are looming in the horizon.

  32. theburningheart says:

    Well, 2025 its around the corner, will see, however I believe, it’s like the seasons, just because it is the 21 of March it doesn’t mean Spring has arrived, on certain places, and years, it can snow, and be cold, that day, and gradually it changes.
    Thank you for your contribution Robert.

  33. Kalki says:

    I think all the uncertainty around the dates is a symptom of the Kali Yuga. An age of confusion. I would guess that the Yuga Cycle is understood with great clarity in the Satya Yuga.

    I suspect the notion that the Kali Yuga will last another 4.3 million years is just a trick played by the Kali Demon. When in reality, the sand is slipping quickly through the hourglass of this age.

  34. sherazade says:

    Una lettura molto molto interessante e istruttiva per un argomento che conoscevo solo superficialmente.
    Spesso andando indietro nel blog ci si trova in nuovi mondi.
    Grazie ‼️

  35. theburningheart says:

    Bene cara, sono contento che tu sia interessato alla cosmologia indù, quasi tutte le civiltà attraverso la Storia avevano una sorta di calendario e prendevano molto sul serio la previsione del futuro osservando i movimenti delle stelle e delle costellazioni.
    Qualcosa che ai nostri astronomi di oggi non interessa, da fare più.

    Well dear, I am glad you are interested in Hindu Cosmology, almost every civilization through History had a sort of calendar, and they took very seriously the prediction of the future by observing the movements of the stars, and constellations.
    Something our today astronomers do not care, to do anymore.

  36. Tony palmer says:

    When does the next’ golden age’ begin? Does it follow Kali Yuga?

    • theburningheart says:

      Theoretically yes, Satya Yuga will come at some time but if you read my post, plus the many comments, it will be clear to you it’s not something most people it is in accordance, do not pretend to be the one who can affirm without doubt, the exact date, and time it will taken place, personally I am optimist that already we live in a better age, than let’s say a hundred years, ago, but since all of that it’s just my subjective feeling, well…we all may not agree with that assertion. Some people even as an old Spanish poet said:
      “Let from its dream the soul awaken,
      And reason mark with open eyes
      The scene unfolding,—
      How lightly life away is taken,
      How cometh Death in stealthy guise,—
      At last beholding;

      What swiftness hath the flight of pleasure
      That, once attained, seems nothing more
      Than respite cold;
      How fain is memory to measure
      Each latter day inferior
      To those of old.”
      Pay attention to the subjective thought that each later day seems inferior to those of old.
      Therefore my advice, live every day as if it was your last one.

  37. Thomas says:

    I’ve heard of many Swamis and gurus who dress in saffron traditional clothing being detained at the airports and treated as if they are criminals.

    We are surely in the Kali Yuga age. Gurus and Swamis are locked in cages temporarily when travelling by plane, while the rich get to travel in private jets and become richer and richer at the expense of the poor.

    The changes in the last few years have opened the eyes of many of how corrupt this political system is on the working class. Usury and politicians who are tone deaf on the issues of the citizens, even in developed countries.

    • theburningheart says:

      First time I heard of this, certainly a great injustice, but not the only one, it seems it will take if not eons, at least many years for all Humans to acquire wisdom, and with it to leave in peace, and with justice.
      Thank you for your comment, we appreciate it.

  38. Watchful says:

    432,000 years. Ha ha that’s laughable. Seriously where did this nonsensical myth come from. It’s clear from the Vedas etc. that a Yuga lasts a few thousand years and the Kali Yuga is ending now. What do you think is going on in the world right now? Can’t feel it?

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, you are right, that’s the view of the Vedas from ancient India, and obviously a Cosmological Religious view they had at the time, any disputes about it please refer to them, there’s many millions of Hindus today, who are Vedanta, and you can argue with them about the nonsensical part of it, if you wish.

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