The Hope of a new Down

Keep the smiles,

Walk past the tears,

Forget your worries,

And look forward to the coming year,

A very Happy New Year To You!

I know, it’s already late into the month for new year wishes, but since I post once a month, more or less, this is the first post of mine this year.

Do I really have any hopes of this year to be better, hard to say, we live in hope, even if the cynic on me, overtakes my optimism, very often, hope at least for all you people to be so.

But yes the day it’s gorgeous, but a little chilly, as I sip my chai, and indulge on my toast with butter, not a daily habit, sometimes a cookie, and even crunchy peanut butter, it depends on my mood, or whatever I have available, the good thing of no having a wife telling you what to eat or not.

No news today, Dr. Martin Luther King’s Day, instead a speech from him, now all that seems so far in time…


I guess today will be a good day to catch up on my reading, the books by my bedside will be a good star, after I finish this post, since I retired I enjoy the freedom to do whatever I wish, or need at the moment. Later will cook a meal from scratch, and maybe I will indulge myself and watch a movie.

As usual as I seat to write, I just write whatever comes to my mind, rarely I plan for a blog post, a bad habit of mine, so excuse me today for my levity.

But I will end with a nice quote:

“If you do not seek Wisdom, is better for you to seek the common people, not wise men, for while everyone associates according to outward forms, the wise relate to one another by truth, so its better to keep with your own as friends, to each its own.

Or you will be out, of your element, and therefore exposed, and uncomfortable, like a fish out of the water, and a fish need Oceans to drink in order to live.”

Oceans To Live

Even if late for wishing a good year, my heart goes with you, and let’s hope this year may be a time for fulfilling your aspirations, and have joy, and peace within your heart.

Dolomite and Small Island Town


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  1. B says:

    Beautiful ending quote. No need for apologies. I Love that you wrote this without forethought, simply speaking fron the heart, casually.
    Feliz ano Nuevo & many blessings Dao!


  2. This great and positive quote and beautiful image ..have a great 2022.

  3. macalder02 says:

    A decir verdad tenemos un año muy difícil por delante con tantos problemas que se vienen acumulando desde 2021. Así que, bien vale tus deseos para infundir un poco de ánimo. Creo en el poder de la mente y puede influir, sobre todo, impulsando los pensamientos positivos. Que nos llegue unos pocos con tus deseos, ya es una ganancia. Lo mejor es que sigas disfrutando de tu tiempo libre y también mis deseos que este año te de muchas satisfacciones. Las fotos son estupendas. Le dan un marco perfecto a tu artículo. Un gran abrazo

    • theburningheart says:

      A nuestra edad, cada año, es mas cuesta arriba Manuel, los años pasan y el tiempo pesa y nos encorva…
      La vida es una actitud, y al mal tiempo buena cara!
      Dice el refran, aunque a veces es bueno quejarse, aunque nadie te oiga, o le interese.
      Asi solo sea un paliativo para nuestro estado fisico o emocional del momento.

      Gracias por tu elogio, le hacemos la lucha por decir algo, aunque confieso que dije poco.

      Saludos y un fuerte abrazo, par ti Poeta!

  4. Gorgeous pictures. Hooray for a fat stack of good books to read! 🙂 Happy New Year to you!

  5. lampmagician says:

    That’s never too late to wish some happiness! I will wish you and yours all the best and hope for a less troublesome time for all of us.

    • theburningheart says:

      We can only hope, and likewise, we wish you for all the good things may come to you, thank you for your comment its appreciated.

  6. Sometimes I do feel like a fish out of water when I try something completely new.

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, I guess that’s normal when we try new things, but practice makes the master.
      Thank you Vanya for your comment we appreciate it.

  7. I’ve had to take a step back and re-evaluate a few things lately. We really do see what we focus upon… too often the cynical perspective. But while we can’t control that the world turns, we can choose where to direct our hearts and our eyes. There’s much to be thankful for as well, and every new day emerges to some sunrise.

    Thank you for the message here. Heartfelt best wishes and good cheer to you!

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, even if sort of a mystic character, all my life I also I have being a free spirit, and learnt to take the bad things on stride, and focus on the good ones, it’s just that now at my age, do not embrace the holydays, and celebrations with the enthusiasm, as I did before, I guess it’s just part of getting old in years, and more focused in making every day the best we can, rather than seeing some particular days as special.
      Of course I wish everybody a great New Year, and particularly wish for you the best always, and not because it’s a New Year. 😊❤

  8. Priti says:

    Beautifully written and the ending quote is special. Wish you happy 2022. Stay blessed 🎉😊💕

  9. selizabryangmailcom says:

    I know a LOT of people who could use some love and joy in their hearts, in this country (US) especially. Here’s hoping some of that good feeling/optimism gets around……!

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, we are all in need of love in our hearts, we hope for you, and your family a great year ahead, dear!😊❤

  10. I wish you, too, a good year and fulfilling one as much it can be!
    Time is such irrelevant parameter for me recently, just like you, I’m taking things easy and allowing myself to relax.
    We definitely have in common the love to reading and books, that’s such a good thing when outdoors aren’t too welcoming. Gaining mental energy can be just as great as physical.
    I go by the idea that nobody knows everything, humans are a bit limited in that regard. We could, but we probably don’t allow ourselves to do that. And what’s the point? I sometimes think that being wise and smart doesn’t really provide with what we call the good life, but that depends. Latvian ancient saying says this: smart people have smart troubles.
    I’m glad to hear and I can clearly see how you’re enjoying your tea (chai, where we lived that was extra strong black tea) and comforting snacks. Well, I love butter and I put it on everything, LOL. I also love whipping cream while I am not into sweets at all, don’t eat chocolate or ice creams, or candies. Butter and 35% cream have never caused me weight problems and similar. It’s just tasty.. Basically, in winter, we probably need more comfort in all regards.
    All the best to you and I know you’re enjoying the simple pleasures a lot! Stay well and keep enjoying!

    • theburningheart says:

      Thank you for your best wishes Inese!
      I am a pretty good cook, and if I got time enjoy making a good meal, do not care too much about the cleaning after, and not the only reason, do not make my living cooking. As an anecdote; On my last job used to bring leftovers to work, and share it with my fellow employees, and sometimes with customers, next door to us there was a very expensive restaurant managed by a couple both great chefs, their food was pretty good, but people would tell me after trying my food, that it was better!
      And people would tell me to open a restaurant, however I did work for a few years at Hotels on the administrative side of it, with High cuisine Chefs, and knew first hand, how hard, and demanding it’s to work cooking, not something, that I will care, I mean love to cook and do a great meal, but running a professional kitchen, that’s totally another business, specially knowing first hand how hard it is to operate a kitchen, on that scale, on one occasion I had to break up a fight between the kitchen staff and some waiters, let me tell you that if one of the waiters had not skillfully defended himself with the tray, he could have been stabbed, there in front of my eyes, before I could break off the fight!
      I have never met a Chef with a good character!
      Rather they are like a Sergeant Major!
      Cooking for pleasure it’s one thing, running a kitchen as a business, more like enlist in the Army.
      And being in the Army it’s not what I will enjoy doing.😒

  11. vermavkv says:

    Beautiful Images.. Happy New Year

  12. Your post, Brogido, makes me feel that you are most satisfied with your situation, without a wife, who would maybe try to correct your eating habits! I very much enjoyed your pictures and I wish you much joy, and peace within your heart in this ney year and, of course, many good hours with just common people!:)
    In this sense, all the very best Martina

    • theburningheart says:

      Sorry for my lateness in responding Martina, I try to the best of my abilities to respond to every comment, in the order they come, but sometimes by my bad memory (old age) I forget to follow up, due to little time left to catch up with my blog, because the avalanche of things that come with no warning, even if I am retired.
      You know how it is, I receive an email every time someone comments, or gives a like so I do not miss anything like, a comment, it’s just of lately have difficulties trying to catch up with my blog, specially after I publish a post. And the reason I post only about once a month, wonder how people can handle publishing daily!🤦‍♂️

      Thank you Martina!😊

      • Don’t worry, Brogido, I am quite happy that you are not angry with me:)
        I think once a month is already quite a lot, indeed! You know, some people may not have to do so many things beside blogging or there may also be a difference of age!
        So, keep well and be happy:)
        Best regards Martina

  13. God Bless your Beautiful Soul

  14. Dalo 2013 says:

    Beautiful ~ the simplicity of a great day, mug of chai (or coffee :-)), and a photo to take in and the start to make the beginning of ’22 a year to remember. Cheers ~

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, as I mention on the post: “I just write whatever comes to my mind, rarely I plan for a blog post, a bad habit of mine, so excuse me today for my levity.”

      So I am glad you find my levity to your liking, thank you! 😊

  15. “Even if late for wishing a good year, my heart goes with you, and let’s hope this year may be a time for fulfilling your aspirations, and have joy, and peace within your heart”.

    Thank you for your heartfelt New Year’s wishes, Mr Anaya. I am positive about the year too, although I think it will be a volatile one. We are in stormy seas now in the world, but if we choose a calm area of the ocean, or perhaps a secluded cove where we can seek shelter we can weather it. On the other hand, perhaps we would be better off sailing confident on the high seas and fight off the pirates who are trying to take over the entire ocean all at once – and all the ships, their captains and their crew … Well, in such circumstances it’s probably better to man the bridges and fly the sovereign flags high – with confidence. Well, that’s my impromptu thoughts for the moment 🙂 . I enjoyed yours – wishing you a great 2022!! (However it goes. The advantage you have is you have probably already fought most of your battles, while many of us must still continue to do that being in the younger age groups, so in your case you deserve the rest and the relaxation, while I would feel guilty if I relax too much :D. Best wishes, Jean-Jacques

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, we all live a different life, and according to what we do, where, and at what stage in our age, add to that our own proclivities, and circumstances individualized to meet our needs, and obligations.
      Thank you Jean-Jacques, at my age, every day it’s a gift, and a burden, since our energies, and capacity to face the challenge of a new day, are diminished, therefore our effort need to be greater, to keep up, when the energy we dispose lacks, and diminish as we age.
      I am afraid the battle doesn’t end until our last breath, such it’s life. 🤷‍♂️😉

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