Heavenly Path

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

― C.G. Jung.

First let me say, there’s all sort of dreams, provoked by so many reasons, from you being worry about something, that its bothering you, to unfulfilled wish desires, or you just had too much to eat for diner, and have a nightmare, but one thing I will tell you, the dreams you have are a reflection of who you are, and of course your Spiritual side, or the lack of it, will show up, in your dreams.

You would not have Joseph’s kind of dreams, if you are not a Spiritual person, first, because if you are not interested in such thing, as a Spiritual life, it’s like asking a vicious, and evil person, to have good thoughts, and be merciful, it doesn’t work that way, we are what we are, and we resonate, and have affinity for those things we have an inclination to, period.

Of course we all can change, if we desire to change, and be better, but in all honesty, do we want to change, and be better?

Where we go from here?

We most live now day, in a secular environment, some with strong ties to Religion, but most if good persons, few have the vocation of a desert Father, or monk.

Desert Monk  Of course if you are from a Spiritual nature, or show inclinations, you can have Spiritual dreams,  as well.

But are Spiritual dreams different?

Not really, they are just dreams that are related to Spirituality, dreaming is just that way, the same way you cannot dream about mathematics, if you do not care about it, or even worst, if you do not know the first thing about it.

Einstein’s Dream

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity came to him in a dream about cows. He dreamed he was walking through a farm when he came upon some cows by an electric fence. He then saw the cows jump at the same time as the fence gave them an electric shock. But a farmer, who had been standing at the other end of the field, saw them jump one by one, like a Mexican wave. Einstein realized their views of the same event had been different. This lead to the Theory of Relativity, the idea that events look different depending on where you’re standing because of the time it takes the light to reach your eyes.

Einstein Dream

History of Dreaming

It’s well know that we Humans besides consciousness, and rational, we also dream, scientist now say even animals do.

The earliest recorded dream is from the Sumerian king Dumuzi of Uruk who ruled just before Gilgamesh, sometime around 2500 BC. “An eagle seizes a lamb from the sheepfold,” a translation reads. “A falcon catches a sparrow on the reed fence … The cup lies on its side; Dumuzi lives no more. The sheepfold is given to the winds.” The king was freaked out about his dream, and occasioned the first recorded dream interpretation, care of his sister, who was evidently a professional at these things. Sister’s advice: Some bad stuff is about to come down, so you’d do well to hide.

440px-Uruk_period_priest_King_circa_3300_BCScholars now day believe he did not even exist, he was fabricated to give an origin to a dynasty, but they had to come with some sort of story for those early rulers, and somehow the story of the dream stuck, and here we have it as the first dream in record. Which proves that Man has worried about dreams since.

However it’s well know by anthropologist, and anybody who is interested in dreams, that all aboriginal people around the World, not jus today but through History have a culture of interpreting dreams, and that somehow are connected to Spirit, according to their particular beliefs, no different than Christians with dream stories in the Bible, as Joseph,  and  in the New Testament.

The flight into Egypt is a story recounted in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 2:13–23) and in New Testament apocrypha. Soon after the visit by the Magi, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream telling him to flee to Egypt with Mary and the infant Jesus since King Herod would seek the child to kill him.

Flight-into-Egypt-by Eugene Alexis Girardet


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  1. Om Shanti! I really like your writing about dreams. Many changes in my life have been because of things I have dreamed of, most of them based on my spirituality.

    • theburningheart says:

      As I mentioned in the post, we dream who we are, and if like you, our interest lays on a spiritual life, we will have Spirit manifesting in our dreams, as guidance.
      Caring about Spirit, since childhood, my life has been marked by a quest, and it has resulted that through a life of study, attention, and practice, of it, we had a few great dreams guiding us.
      Dreams are a bridge between the pristine Inner Realm of Spirit and it brings Light to the Illusory every day reality of our transient outer dimension, and they should serve us as guide, to transform our outer consciousness in to a vision of Inner Spirituality, a blue print for Alchemical Transformation.
      I have other post in the past talking about it, but I am afraid are not for everybody, since they require a deeper knowledge, and understanding, you may be interested.

      Thank you for telling us, about your experience, and keep the good work, blessings to you.

      • Gracias por tus sabias palabras! Está claro que eres un ser de luz y uno de mis gurus en la distancia. 🙏🏼

      • theburningheart says:

        Todos somos seres de Luz, solo que no todos lo manifestamos igualmente, es facil perderse en los juegos de Maya y vivir como actores de ilusiones, como en el teatro, o una pelicula cinematografica, nuestro trabajo es recordar, constantemente, que solo representamos un papel en la vida y no tomarselo tan en serio, el verdadero Ser esta dentro de todos nosotros y de toda existencia, y es Uno.
        Nuestro problema es la mala memoria!
        Y por eso es necesario una practica, para recordarlo constantemente, de otra manera se nos olvida.🤷‍♂️😉

  2. macalder02 says:

    Esto de los sueños tiene diferentes interpretaciones. En Venezuela era muy común buscar que se soñaba entre los conocidos para poder jugar a la lotería(era todos los días) dado que cada animal o cosa especifica, se le asignaba un número. Era una costumbre muy extendida en la población.
    En lo personal, yo sueño muy poco y si lo hago, no puedo recordar exactamente como fueron. Así que lo ignoro por completo. Con la lectura de tu artículo tengo una visión más amplia de para entenderlos y pueden tener un significado en función de la interpretación que uno le otorgue. Un gran abrazo.

    • theburningheart says:

      Como menciono en el articulo, cada persona sueña lo que busca o le interesa, a mucha gente solo le interesa lo de este mundo, como hacerse rico, asi que no solo en Venezuela es materia de eescudriñar los sueños por amor al dinero.
      Pero claro, no todos andamos en busca de lo mismo, tu como poeta, buscas la inspiracion, y el amor, y eso se refleja en tus poemas, tal vez alguna vez te despierte un sueño con un poema magnifico?
      Asi es que ten papel y pluma cerca de la cama, para capturarlo algo asi como::

      “Antes que se desvanesca, en mis labios, el perfume y sabor de tus besos, de mi sueño”

      Un fuerte abrazo, poeta!😉😊

  3. Wonderful article

    Thank you

  4. Arun Singha says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such an insightful post which is very important for me in two contexts.
    One is that it is about Spirituality mainly. There must be spiritual inclination at all level, at all time and it should be continuous The second is the truth about Dream, which I am knowing now. I was very keen in knowing .about dream. I dont have any knowledge but i had wish to know.
    Hopefully, I will learn a lot from now.
    My best regards to you.🙏😊

    • theburningheart says:

      God its everything, in the sense that in our Human form, we are limited by a material form, Spirit has no boundaries, or limitations, dream interpretation it’s just a tool to realize a higher purpose in the material sphere, but since you find God within, all we need its constant remembrance of the fact we are no different, as Humans we forget constantly all kind of things, we have very bad memory, even the most essential thing as what you in India name: Soham “I am She/He/That”
      In Vedic philosophy it means identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality.

      The mantra is also inverted from so ‘ham (the sandhi of saḥ + aham) to ham + sa. The combination of so ‘haṃ haṃsaḥ has also been interpreted as “I myself am the Swan”, where the swan symbolizes the Atman.
      And the need to practice remembrance of that single fact.

      Blessings to you. 😊🙏 💖

      • Arun Singha says:

        Thank you so much for your comments. As you said, HAMSA also bears same meaning as SOHAM. This I learnt from the lectures of Shri M, an well known Yogi and speaker in International level.
        In fact, I do practice HAMSA occassionally. Before reading your comments, I was doing that only.
        Therefore I think the event resembles to your suggestions.
        It is His will.
        I am highly thankful to have you here.
        My best regards 🙏🙏

      • theburningheart says:

        Blessing, and Peace to you, Arun. 😊🙏 💖

  5. Like a good child, I followed you advice and tried to become more aware of my dreams, Brogido, and I can say that they havn’t schocked me! I very much appreciate your explanation the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and, of course the dream stories in the Old Testament.
    Thank you very much, for having taken your precious time for us, your readers:)
    Very best regards

    • theburningheart says:

      We all have dreams, some of us care about their meaning, most disregard as nonsense, or mumbo-jumbo, or just plain gibberish.
      There’s all kind of dreams, motivated by many factors, and many not really important, but then there’s some, than can shock us to the core, and change our life.
      But it’s up to each us to profit from them, but first we need to know what do they mean?
      And for that we need to learn to interpret their symbolic meaning.
      Thank you for your comment, Martina. 😊

      • Many thanks, Brogido, for your help! Should I have such a dream I hope that you will help me:):) (I will tell you, of course:))
        Are you vaccinated 3 times?

      • theburningheart says:

        Sure, I will help you with dream interpretation.
        About vaccines, well my views come from quite a few years working for big Pharmaceutical Industry, so it will not be what most people think about it, and in all honesty something I do not want to argue online, jut let me say; for them it’s a big cash cow. And where there is money to be made, a lot of ethical concerns go by the side. 

  6. Dalo 2013 says:

    This series on dreams is something special, and I can see where dreams are this perfect bridge between the conscious reality we live and then this mysterious unconscious part of life that likes to remain hidden, hard to find. The C.G. Jung quote you open with begins your message to us very well: “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” It may be when the spiritual side suffers in us, we drift and lose the opportunity to see something new and special, something to help us evolve ~ and is a sad part of society if such spiritual lacking becomes the norm in a society. Cheers to a nice weekend ~ this is a good post to contemplate upon 🙂

    • theburningheart says:

      Life it’s what we make out of it, we like to say, and I will add, and we dream accordingly. As much as we like to share wisdom, with our fellow beings, we all follow our own proclivities, and our character becomes destiny.
      We can only spread our ideas about life, by giving what we got to offer, and not everybody will appreciate it, or judge good for them, lives are like rivers who all go and die at the sea, but once there all waters become the Ocean, so in the end we all fulfill our destiny.
      But we all have a responsibility, and I am with you when you say: “spiritual lacking becomes the norm in a society.”
      Well at least to our eyes, and understanding, that seems to be so, but some wise people have said, hell will be paradise for the wrongdoers, who knows? They may be right, lets just be happy for as Jung said to look into our hearts.

      Best wishes, and take care.😊

      • Dalo 2013 says:

        Beautiful: “we all follow our own proclivities, and our character becomes destiny.” This is a topic that should be discussed open and freely… it is not a selfish though to fully realize we need to be free, to be ourselves and with this is “flowing freely” like a dream through life. If we can do this, the people around us will be better off (happier perhaps) even though they may not understand why we do something. I certainly struggle with this, as I also do not want to disappoint and there are certain expectations – but fortunately those around me know in the end I’ll do what I do 🙂 Cheers to a great weekend and great day ahead.

      • theburningheart says:

        Well, we are social beings, and therefore, we depend, and we serve society, and most of us, we have a responsibility to our loved ones, such as our family, work, country, and finally the entire human race, and of course the land and the planet that sustains us, so we cannot be totally free, with our lives, since we also have obligations, towards everything previously mentioned, the most we can do is to live within a balance, between doing our will, and be of service to all of them ..
        In fact, the Spirituality of a man is measured, in his dedication, to an impersonal service towards the common good, more than to the personal, but when our intentions are good, it seems that the Divine plan helps us, both to serve, and make that service help us Spiritually speaking, grant us Divine graces and as it is said in spiritual terms, to receive a salary increase, manifested by a blessedness within us, regardless of our particular external circumstances.
        Take care and thank you for your comment. 😊🙏 💖

  7. selizabryangmailcom says:

    I did not know that Einstein got the Theory of Relativity from a dream about cows and electricity!!
    That’s amazing.
    I’ve said before that I hardly ever remember my dreams. But when I do, they’re very often anxiety dreams. I’ve had them since I was a child. I feel like that means I don’t see life as adventure as much as I’d like to! 😦

    • theburningheart says:

      In all honesty I have read before other accounts in how Einstein come with his Theory of relativity, one that he was travelling on a train, another one he read a science fiction book, he relied on the fiction of writers named Felix Eberty and Aaron Bernstein. “He recalled devouring Bernstein’s work, in particular, ‘with breathless attention,’
      And so on, but the cows tale I got it from searching about dreams, and Einstein and the cows pop up!🤣🤷‍♀️
      As an example of a dream that yielded such an important thing as E = mc2
      But I got no doubts dreams can bring out marvelous things.
      Well, Cervantes said, something as close as character it’s destiny, he expressed differently, but the closest in English is that one, if your anxious you dream anxiety dreams.

      However there’s things you can do if you wish to be at least less anxious. and seek peace, and tranquility.
      But of course you will have to be willing to do so, since it will involve you in changing things.
      About remembering dreams, its common to forget them, so pen and paper, need to be by the bed, and a resolution to write them as soon as you wake up.
      You will be surprised if you do, after rereading your entrances of dreams past.😉

  8. selizabryangmailcom says:

    I’d be willing to bet that Einstein got his ideas from many different places, not just one, but dreams included, and they all converged as a kind of affirmation maybe.
    And, yeah, I’ve been studying/battling/wrestling with anxiety forever; have done lots of meditation, probably not correctly, and in the end just tried to lighten up and not take life as seriously. That’s worked to a degree. It’s something, at least. 🙂

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, you read a story of Einstein every other month, to figure what’s real, or made up, will be difficult.
      About your fight wit anxiety, we all have our own battles, and giving advice, most of the time, a waste of time, solutions to our problems, have to come from us, once in a while, like playing lotto, someone may tell you something it may help you, if you do it, but if there’s no inner conviction, or a will, it’s just a waste of time, on a solipsistic Universe! 🤷‍♂️🤣

  9. selizabryangmailcom says:

    For sure, without will, it’s all pointless. Thanks, B.H. !!

  10. AKwafrigeria says:

    Amazing insight here, thanks ❤️

  11. Arun Singha says:

    This Dream theory is very difficult to interpret. In my capacity i can not think. But I am amazed when I see dreams. I think in my mind that who sees this dream. Eyes are closed. I am sleeping. Then mind is seeing or who else. I am doing, enjoying, crying and so many activities and clear cut activities!!! How is it possible? Sometime I am with my father, grandfather who died long back. They speak. Sometime I see money markets/ stock market and many many things, love scenes with known or unknow??
    What are these? How do I no?
    However this platform is sharing experiences. Matter is abstract. Amazing!!!
    Let me learn more and more from you all.
    Thanks for sharing your comments.
    Regards to all of you.


    • theburningheart says:

      Well, I have visited your blog, you seem to be a Spiritual man, or at least interested in Advaita Vedanta, and the Upanishads, if you keep studying it, and practicing, God will reward you with inspiration for interpretation, of course studying Symbolism wouldn’t hurt either, a Science that help me a lot to understand it was Astrology, there is Vedic Astrology as well, you may look into it, Arun, I am sure in India the land of the Great Rishis, you can find a Guru to guide you.
      In my blog I write a lot about dream interpretation, on it there’s many posts about it, usually there are links on the page at the bottom, to those posts on articles related to Dream interpretation.
      However nothing better than direct Spiritual guidance by God, or at least a qualified Guru.

      Arun, thank you for visiting us, blessings to you.😊🙏❤

  12. Nice to come by your interesting blog. Dreams can be so mysterious: I remember during my boyhood I had repeat dreams of a huge grinder (like 2 revolving rocks) coming towards me. Then after a few years it stopped !!?
    Welcome to visit my blog. Bliss

  13. theburningheart says:

    Yes, dreams can be that way, possibly at the time you were very anxious about troubles you judged too big to handle, and they were crushing you, or at least you were fearful of something could go very wrong in your life.
    Thank you, and blessings, to you.

  14. Well put. Dreams give us great potential to learn from ourselves. The entire universe is created within our own minds, yet dreams call attention to that which we already know.

    • theburningheart says:

      Certainly, but not necessarily, aware of it, and that is why we dream it, to bring it to the light of consciousness, and thus understand it. And even so, it can be difficult, if not familiar, and with acquired skills, through the study of dream symbols, which can be disconcerting, for the neophyte.

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