“The hardest thing about moving is the hassle of it, like getting everything to fit into so many boxes, and then find them again.”

I firmly believe everything comes for a purpose, that may be hiding, or unknown  to us, so I know there will be something good at the end of the tunnel, but  let’s just say it: I hate moving!

Let me put it better, it’s not the thought of living in a place, or the uncertainty of the future place, but the actual act of moving, I mean the packing, the whole hassle of moving things around, and the effort and the time you got to spend at it.

I am not looking forward to it, but I got to be somewhere else on September first, at the latest, and to make things worse, I have not found a proper place yet..!

man carrying a large box 2

I hate the idea of first having to take my stuff to a storage facility, and live in a hotel until I find a suitable place, but if I have to do it, I will.

They say the average person in America moves about twelve times, I do not know about that, I cannot even recall all the times I had moved, every time I count them, then remember another place I did not count, my memory right now tells me 32, or 33 times, but it could be more, I just do not remember, maybe close to 3 times more than your average person I had lived in at least seventh different cities, and in the particular city I am now it’s my fourth time, and nine different addresses in the city, this will be my third address since I moved back here hardly five years ago.

My landlord decided not to renew my yearly rental agreement, since she need a house for his young son, who is moving out of home, for the first time, good for him, terrible for me!

A House

Well, such is life!

Wish me luck, I am gone to need it!

As I say on the beginning, I am man of faith, and know everything comes from God, and He wants for me to move, so I will, so help me God! Your order, it’s my command.

Sorry for my rant, but my mind it’s too busy now with my problem, next post hopefully will be something nicer, like the picture below.

Leros island


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56 Responses to WE ARE MOVING AGAIN!

  1. GP says:

    I certainly don’t envy you. I’d love to move, but the thought of it puts me into a sheer state of fear!!! lol

    • theburningheart says:

      Let say the idea of living in a better place, I guess we all cherish, but doing the actual moving, I doubt it!
      Thanks for your comment GP

  2. j. disler says:

    Buena suerte y mucha paciencia! 🙂

  3. Our neighbors just had to move. Their landlord wants to sell the house. That seems to happen so often with people I know. It’s rough. This family has two sons. They haven’t found a new place to live, so the two sons will be staying with friends while the parents live in an RV that belongs to one of THEIR parents. It’s a mess. I know it can be hard, but, you’re right. God has a plan. It will eventually all work out. Here’s hoping you find an even better place to live soon!

    • theburningheart says:

      The worst part I was not expecting it, I had moved out for many reasons, but never because a landlord ask me to move out, usually it’s the other way, they are sad to see you go, since they may loose some revenue, on the meanwhile they rent the property again, tomorrow I have an appointment to see a new place, will see how it may turn out, God willing.

      Thanks for commenting, and caring, dear.

  4. I wish you well and understand completely. Do you have a general area or destination in mind?
    A lot of rentals have been sold out from under the local town labor over the last year. And given the high prices for homes and the eviction moratorium, many landlords sold-off their rental properties. Seems like there’s been a fundamental shift. I’ve been gradually reducing my possessions over the last year, thinking I might want to bail out at some point. I want to move as little as possible.

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, I’ve already moved too many times, at my age, the least I want to do, is to move again, I’m an old man, whatever has to be done in my house, if I don’t do it, nobody else does it, since I live alone, I do not need extra problems, moving is an ordeal to do it. And it will cost me money to bring extra help, too old to be carrying heavy boxes around, but I got to do the packing, and unpacking!
      I will move somewhere else within the same city, if it’s needed will put my stuff in storage, until finding a suitable place, tomorrow supposedly someone will come and take me to see a new place, will see how it goes.
      The whole thing it’s just a big nuisance for me.
      I guess I need to be stoic, about the whole affair, everything is impermanence.
      I Will feel better as the thing its done. and finally over.
      Who says that getting older is easy?
      Thank you, and best wishes to you dear.

  5. B says:

    Dao, It is my prayer that God/Spirit blesses you with a smooth and effortless transition and that you find a new home which is comfortable, healing and peaceful; your own little paradise! 💖🙌🙏


  6. ptero9 says:

    Yes! As you state, it’s the grind of packing/unpacking that I dislike about moving. Wow, after hearing your tally of 39 moves, I decided to tally mine. Only 19! 🙂 The last one just happened towards the end of July.

    The only moves I truly enjoyed were the one from Long Island to Oregon and the one from Oregon to North Carolina. Something about the drive across the country (US), that stirs the imagination and widens one’s perspective of just how far 3,000 miles really is.

    I hope you find a place that suits you, Brigido, and the move goes smoothly.

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, at first moving was exciting, the reason, you are young and naïve about almost everything and your sense of adventure and hormones are running full blast, with time come age and experience, and also disillusionment, and you see things for what they are, like moving just simply a hassle, of major proportions.
      So much going around to end on the ground as dust…food for thought.
      As the poet Jorge Manrique said centuries ago:
      Arouse the sleeping soul,
      revive the brain and wake up
      how life passes
      how death approaches
      __so quietly;
      how quickly pleasure leaves;
      how, after we recall it,
      __it gives us pain;
      how it seems to us
      any past time
      __was better.
      Sorry Debra I get carried away, here I seat waiting for the person who will take me to see the new house.
      The ordeal will continue, until everything its done.
      Best wishes, and do not move for the twentieth time! 🤦‍♂️😉

  7. I am very sorry for all your troubles, Mr. Brogido, and just keep my fingers crossed for you!!
    Very best regards Martina

  8. I also hate the packing and unpacking required when moving. Hope you find a home in your new location that you’ll enjoy 🙂

  9. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Uggghhh! I feel for you! But once it’s done, who knows what unexpected satisfaction and joy the new place and surroundings will bring? Just focus on getting there……? Don’t think about the boxes and organization and forwarding mail, etc., etc., etc, lol! See? I’m trying to convince myself that I’d be all right and doing a terrible job. But you’ll be okay. Good, good, good, good luck, BH !!

    • theburningheart says:

      It’s good to be positive, I admit as much, but I am no spring chicken, and at my age do not care much for changes of sceneries, comfort, and doing what I choose to do during the day, it’s more in my mind, than packing, and unpacking my whole household, at least when I was young used to travel lightly, now time has changed that. Hope I could find such a place and be done with it yesterday, and not tomorrow!

      Thanks for the encouragement, and best wishes, at one point things will be over, like the first days of September I guess… God only knows!

  10. Tanooki says:

    I move a lot too so I know it’s going to be a little headache for a while, but I’m sure your new place is going to be amazing! Good luck dear😊💕

  11. Carolyn Page says:

    All the best to you.
    From one who has also moved many times in my life I know how harrowing it can be. Thankfully, I have lived in my home now for 18 years. Before this I must have moved about 50 times in 30 years! Ugg… not at all nice.

    • theburningheart says:

      50 times!
      Well, you beat me Carolyn, but I do not envy you, yes moving is harrowing, and I am glad for you to be stable at your home now.
      Blessings to you, dear Carolyn

  12. Jay says:

    Sorry to hear that, moving does suck, good luck moving on to something better.

  13. Te deseo suerte y mucho ánimo. Todo parece pintar mal y es engorroso; pero un refrán dice que “donde se cierra una puerta se abre otra”, y Miguel de Cervantes escribió: “Confía en el tiempo, que suele dar dulces salidas a muchas amargas dificultades”.

    • theburningheart says:

      Gracias Julio, tus palabras son sabias, pero no te miento, ahora parece como si estuviera en medio de un torbellino, con la ayuda de Dios espero pronto salir del apuro, pero de que me va a costar mucho esfuerzo y trabajo, de eso no hay duda!🤦‍♂️

  14. notestowomen says:

    Moving is the hard part. It will all work out for the best, though, because God is in it.

  15. Jaya Avendel says:

    My grandmother is looking to move. The action in your word tense is a testament to what she has not yet accomplished. The idea is there, but the right house is not.

  16. theburningheart says:

    Well to be honest I just got the new house, but because it needs some work, I will not move there possibly until next week, luckily, my landlord its aware and its willing for me to stay until the work its done on my new place, by chance both landlords know each other, and agreed.

  17. I’ve moved 16 times. The 17th will be the last when I retire in a few years. I’ve moved just up the street, and I’ve moved to new cities, and once to another country. Moving can be an adventure or a fresh start.

    • theburningheart says:

      Oh dear Bonnie!
      I wish I could have your enthusiasm, to begin with, of the 33, or 34 times I had moved on the past, this one it’s the second one that has not being a voluntary one, in other words I did not choose to move, my landlord ask me to move out, she wants her son to move inn, or so she told me, I know, attitude it’s the key to accept what we cannot change, but to me this it’s just a big unexpected hassle, not of my choice, therefore my funky mood.
      I am a senior retired person, at my age do not crave adventures, but comfort, and stability.
      Plus on this place I live offer it’s lower, demand very high, my new place will be far from where I would like to be, plus paying a higher rent, another added inconvenience, moving to another town it’s not an option since I am here to be close to two of my children.
      And the hassle of moving, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, something I do not care to spend my time doing.
      But as I said “Everything comes from God” And there must to be a reason we will find out.

      Thank you Bonnie, for trying to cheer me up. 😉

      • I’m sorry. I was trying to cheer you up, but I am so sorry you have to go through this. I hope everything goes as smoothly as it can under the circumstances. I do pray that God will give you comfort and peace in your new place.

  18. theburningheart says:

    No need to apologize dear, your good intentions are enough, you meant well, and that’s what counts.
    We appreciate your good will, thank you Bonnie.😊❤

  19. Cherryl says:

    Having to move under pressure when it wasn’t your choice must have made it even more stressful than it would be generally, so sorry you had to go through that. I hope all has gone smoothly with the move so far, best wishes ✨🙏🏡

  20. Hello Mr Anaya, I discovered this post of yours now, so you are already in the new house it seems – I hope all is going well so far and you are starting to settle in. I moved also at the beginning of August (wanted not to be in the city any more) and have been so busy with my work and projects that I haven’t even really had much time yet to explore the new town – but the good part it is a town, realitively small (but not a village) so already the pace of life is slower. I have also moved a lot in my life, mostly by choice, but many times not by choice – often because of noise disturbances – big problem for me, but difficult to find quiet places. I can imagine that the older we get the less we want to move around – I’m already starting to feel it, so hopefully in the end it will prove to have been an okay decision by the Universe to move you 🙂
    All the best with you new place!

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, you can say I am in the process of moving, over here it’s always a “mañana” land, turns out the new place it’s quite not ready, supposedly will be ready today, will see, it may not be, I am already packed, and ready to go, when they let me know the place it’s ready, but even then, the people who will help me move need to be geared on today, rather than “mañana!”
      Fortunately for me both parts are aware of those difficulties, so common over here, “mañana” whenever that day may be, we will find out.
      I am a little bit anxious every time I move, since it’s a hard task, but I know things come from above, so if not to my enjoyment, I am willing to conform with a higher Will, things happen for a reason, we may not know yet…

      Thank you Jean- Jaques, best wishes for you, as well.😊

  21. kethuprofumo says:

    I hope the moving has passed smoothly, dear Mr. Brigido. I do comprehend you very well as I’m about to move myself….It is a true nightmare! 🙄🙄🙄 I hope your new house will be nicer, better, warmer…Anyway, the best place not to move anymore! 🌹🍰

  22. theburningheart says:

    Well dear I live in “mañana” (tomorrow land), here things do not go according to schedule, as it is today; the person who is gone be my new landlord, its supposed to show at my old place to firm the new contract for the new place, God willing I will be moving soon, if everything goes alright, so far I am all packed up, and ready to go, but my new landlord its putting the final touches to my new abode, naïve me when I wrote the post thought I will be out on the 1st of the current month, luckily for me the two landlords know each other (they are related by marriage, in-laws) and aware the delay its not my fault.
    Yes Maria, moving if even for the best, its a nightmare! 😒

  23. mitchteemley says:

    The picture below looks very nice indeed. Although the boat’s a bit small to live in, don’t you think? ;>) Best wishes on your future abode (as opposed to a boat)!

    • theburningheart says:

      Good joke, thankfully no, but I appreciate your humor, and thank you for your best wishes, and if you add a prayer for me I will be grateful for it.
      Best regards to you, and loved ones! 😊

  24. katelon says:

    Hope you’ve found your new home. I’ve moved a ton of times since I was 19. I’ve been “on the road” since Nov. 1, 2012 and am presently in my 70th place. I still have stuff in storage, waiting for me to finally land somewhere settled.

    • theburningheart says:

      Sorry for the late response, somehow I missed your message, yes I am already settled, the house it’s nicer, and have plenty of room, the last one was very small, and crowded, the bad side, it’s pretty far, and takes me about 50 minutes time to arrive to the places I usually go.
      About you moving, obviously you enjoy it, myself not so much. As we grew old we like less unexpected things, and we enjoy our comfort, being rootless is exciting if you do not have worries, and travel light, I did that on my day, now not so much, thank you for your concern, it was tiresome, and a hassle, but I am enjoying the new house, and the extra space, if only I would not have to commute so far, but who says you can have anything you want?
      We all need to be grateful for our blessings.
      About being old, memory it’s not our strong point, we forget things by the next minute, the reason I miss your message it’s clear to me now, I moved between 14, of September, and the 17th, I was with no internet for almost a week, until the 20th when they installed it.
      And by that time I had a ton of messages, on my two emails, addresses and my blog it took me days to catch up, so your message got somehow got overpassed, sorry.🤦‍♂️😊

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