Paranoia or Conspiracy

“The truth is far more frightening – Nobody is in control.

The world is rudderless.”

First lets begin by saying, since Man it’s a social animal, conspiracy has being with us since the beginning of time, and conspiracies exist a plenty today, as it had through History.

Julius Caesar's Victim of a Conspiracy

“To what extent were you justified in getting rid of a tyrant? How bad did a ruler have to be before you were justified in committing the country and half the world to civil war?,

” Stothard says, posing the questions that animated the plotters. “There were people with very similar views to Gaius Cassius and Cassius Parmensis who said that no matter how bad Caesar was, civil war was worse, and the best thing to do was just retreat to your garden, if you could afford it, settle down and concentrate on your personal peace. There were other people with very similar views who said if someone like Julius Caesar is in charge of the whole world, you could never get personal peace.”

Not that all the plotters were quite so high-minded. “For some, it was pure personal pique,” Stothard says.

“‘Caesar gave away my land to his mistress’; or ‘Caesar didn’t help me get a job I should’ve gotten’; or ‘Caesar didn’t give me money that I thought he should’ve given me.’ But they were in league with people who’d thought through, in a very complex way, what kind of future they were justified in trying to achieve or prevent.”

Roman Senate

So yes, conspiracies for one end, to another one, are part of Ancient Societies, to our current one today.

But it does not mean everything that happens, bad, or worst, it’s the product of a conspiracy, far from it, most of the things that go wrong on our lives, we only have ourselves to blame for.

As for what happens at society at large, sure, a few things may be a conspiracy of sorts, but mainly I agree with the premise stated above:

“The truth is far more frightening – Nobody is in control. The world is rudderless.”

Rudderless first, then Shipwrecked

The word chance, opportunity,  missed chances, and blunder, combine more often than not to our lives, than blaming everything on conspiracies.

Conspiracy theories are typically unverified and sensationalistic interpretations of events that are “self-insulating against disconfirmation” and are “based on weak kinds of evidence” 1. Beliefs in conspiracy theories are associated with the rejection of generally accepted norms, assumptions, and behaviors, e.g., regarding vaccination 2. combating climate change 3. or political participation 4. However, many of these theories are widely disseminated and accepted 5. Despite growing research in this area, little is still known about the cognitive underpinnings of the belief in conspiracy theories.


What is the definition of being paranoid?
Paranoia is the feeling that you’re being threatened in some way, such as people watching you or acting against you, even though there’s no proof that it’s true. It happens to a lot of people at some point.  You don’t think you’re paranoid at all because you feel sure it’s true.


“When no one’s word is authoritative, any crank is as credible as the next person. It is the irony at the heart of conspiracy thinking: You can’t trust anyone these days, so you may as well place some credence in some stranger who just tweeted something exciting, if unproven. When someone whispers, “Trust no one,” they are inevitably also saying, “Trust me.” Pete Buttigieg.

Well, it’s your choice, to be a believer, or not.

My point is: That make you more free, or more frightened?

If your answer it’s the latest, I feel sorry about you, life can be beautiful if you imagine to be so, as well, your choice.

Child & Bird


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  1. macalder02 says:

    Tocas un tema muy en boga en estos momentos tan particulares como vivir en medio de la pandemia. Las teorías de la conspiración están lejos de ser un fenómeno nuevo. Han sido un ruido constante de fondo durante, como bien lo describes, desde la época romana con la muerte de Julio César.
    Todo el mundo cree en alguna y quizás en más de una teoría porque estamos predispuesto a ello y según leemos, cuando se miran los datos demográficos, la creencia en conspiraciones atraviesa las clases sociales, el género y la edad. Nos resulta más fácil aceptar una teoría de la conspiración porque la realidad es mucho más caótica, azarosa y difícil de asumir y estamos listo para buscar una razón en la sinrazón. Es por eso que particulares teorías de la conspiración van y vienen, pero la conspiración siempre será parte de las historias que contamos sobre los acontecimientos políticos.
    En fin, actualmente estamos rodeados de tantas teorías que a la postre, algunos están convencido de que, si el río suena, piedras trae.
    Muy interesante tu artículo. Da para seguir un largo trecho hablando sobre todo lo que se gasta hoy en día, hablando sobre este tema.
    Buen fin de semana. Un gran abrazo
    Manuel Angel

    • theburningheart says:

      En tu comentario, nos muestran la razon humana, de dar una explicacion, a lo que puede ser producto del caos y el azhar de lo impredectible, de la vida.
      No es que no existan conspiraciones, es el ver en todo una conspiracion, lo que es dequiciado y un comportamiento neurotico.

      Gracias Manuel Angel, un abrazo como siempre.

      In your comment, you show us the human reason, to give an explanation, to what can be the product of chaos and chance, of the unpredictable, of life.
      It is not that there are no conspiracies, it is seeing a conspiracy in everything, what is deranged and neurotic behavior.

      Thanks Manuel Angel, a hug as always.

  2. Don Ostertag says:

    Ah, another fine post that makes sense and gets a person thinking!

  3. I especially like your following sentence, Mr. Brogido,”Most of the things that go wrong on our lives, we only have ourselves to blame for.” Le’ts continue to try and see also the positive things of life, such as reading your thoughts:) I am also trying to accept things, which can’t be changed!
    I wish you a good time:)
    Very best regards Martina

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, if we cannot change things, we better learn to live with, otherwise we will continue to be miserable. Therefor the emphasis on positive thinking.
      Thank you for your kind comment, Martina.

      And wish you the best, as well.

  4. Hi. There are many people in my country (the USA) with strange beliefs. There are, I think, more of them than ever before. The strange beliefs are fueled by social media to a significant extent. Are these situations true in your country too?

    • theburningheart says:

      Not really, people in general talk about that stuff lightly, our natural character its build by immediacy, and needs, we do not enjoy the leisure of people who have the time to waste on such things.
      Some people who are given to blog about conspiracies, are in Spain, it seems few bloggers write about anything else, however few are original, it seems they just copy it, and pass it over, on this post, someone got mad at me because, I dismissed their comment, they were angry at me for publishing this post.
      They may have plenty of time, and nothing else to do, mixed with some paranoia, or they just want to pass as enlightened in such matters, like if it were vital for you to be aware of such nonsense, they use a picture of a beautiful lady with a common name, that keep them anonymous, but you can find over, and over the same BS, the point its governments around the World are trying to control your mind, and behavior, for darker ends, from Covid-19, pandemics, vaccines, to 5G antennas, you name it!
      So if you believe in conspiracies, it means you are not controlled by such dark powers, I guess that’s their logic, if you don’t, they already got you!
      Yes, social media has a lot to do with it, but in the old days people just passed it from mouth, to ears, or on a leaflet.
      Anyway Neil, people with nothing else better to do.

  5. The vast majority of *actual* conspiracies seem as inept as the recent assassination of Haiti’s president/dictator. Most conspiracy *theories* seem more like grasping for cognitive comfort in giving some identifiable form to the chaos and disorder characteristic of the human condition.

    Spend any time among large corporate management, and that they can accomplish anything at all is best attributed to the pragmatism of those in the ranks of actual production. That a bunch of preferred shareholders could actually conspire together simply brings to mind the ineffectiveness of everything from the Phoebus cartel to OPEC. Likewise, politics and wealth certainly don’t imply a convergence of otherwise like minds, ambitions or objectives. The human-facilitated systems that screw large numbers of people are mostly transparent, and anchored merely in the boring tedium of bureaucracy.

    • theburningheart says:

      I totally agree with you, banality its at the core of our daily living, and how governments are run by bureaucrats, with no interest whatsoever but to clock out for lunch break, or clock out to go home, after boring and repetitive work, hardly a place to build conspiracies.
      At the core of it, there are people with imagination, but not very cleaver, or original, wasting time on imagining about dark powers, who are trying to control their lives, and minds, as if it was of such importance, I guess the need to feel you are not just another number, its part of their motivation to spread such nonsense.

      Great comment!

  6. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Even though sometimes where there’s smoke there’s fire and I try to stay kind of open-minded about other possibilities, I already have enough anxiety in my ilfe and conspiracy theories are not helpful. Even if some things sound possible/plausible, until there’s facts and/or proof, why would one believe something 100%? I don’t know. Maybe one feels like they have a modicum of control that way……

    • theburningheart says:

      I do not rule out conspiracies, sure they had existed since the beginning of time, and men have done in the past, present, and will struggle for power, and gain, using whatever means in the future.
      Generally speaking, we live on a competitive society, and that require, not only power, but cunning, and deceiving, but when to everything has to be explained, that way, its a sort of reductionism, and every case need to be objectively evaluated, rather than to circulate rumors, and hearsay, at the drop of a hat as an explanation for everything.

      Thank you for your comment, we appreciate it.

  7. Myriade says:

    Ah qué bien, un blog interesante donde se puede comentar en espanol ! Voy leyendo !

  8. Carolyn Page says:

    Well said. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

  9. Paranoia is the feeling of being threatened, but it also involves delusions of grandeur – the belief that “they’re after me because I am important!”
    You’re right, it’s a lot scarier to think that no one is in control, and I’m thankful I don’t believe that. I firmly believe Someone is in control, even though He may allow evil to reign and increase for a season. Whether that evil is a conspiracy or not, it doesn’t matter to me, because my God is bigger than both conspiracies OR “bad luck,” and to answer your question, that makes me feel more free.

    • theburningheart says:

      I am with you, but also respect those who believe otherwise, they may not know it, but God its within them also.

  10. ptero9 says:

    Year’s ago, a friend reminded me that “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t trying to hurt you .” 🙂 Even so, I’m more inclined to wonder if paranoia is rooted in a perceived loss, or lack, of personal power.

    The word ‘conspiracy’ itself has curiously attached itself to the heightened availability of information in our digital age. Perhaps we’ve forgotten that just because we have greater access to information doesn’t guarantee that we are better informed. Perhaps too, politics has become the modern religion of the masses.

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, the way I see it, the root of the problem it’s gain, and loss, in a society where fair rules apply, in the form of laws, to protect everybody’s right to fairness, incite devious people, to take advantage from others, by conspiring in darkness (anonymous) to avoid being punished by laws, and the natural fear of people to be exposed to an attack where you cannot retaliate, and leave you helpless at the mercy of cunning, and devious powers.

      And as I mention, conspiracies are real, they have existed, they exist, and until everybody turn into a saint, they may exist, but there’s also a thin line to believe, that everything it’s the product of a conspiracy, people who believe so, well, there is such a thing as:

      “Delusion of persecution”

      Defined as:

      “The most common is delusions of persecution. It’s when you’re convinced that someone is mistreating, conspiring against, or planning to harm you or your loved one. Another type is grandiose delusions, where you have an unrealistically inflated sense of yourself or your achievements.”

      And it’s easy to blame someone else for our problems, than to accept responsibility for our actions, or lack of prevention, on our part, after all I cannot speak for everybody, but I live in a place now, where if you do not take measures like protecting your home, someone may conspire and go ahead, and rob you, so we like to say:

      ” Opportunity makes a thief.”

      Well, I do may best not to tempt them!

      But do I see conspiracy, and mischief, everywhere?

      Not really, my level of paranoia isn’t that big, but after all we are forced by law, to have car insurance, because its just common sense, not paranoia.

      Thank you Debra, for your fine comment. 😊

  11. Very interesting post and a lot to think about. I would say that one of the main reasons why (so-called) conspiracy theories flourish regularly is because the truth is not always evident, and sometimes very hard to find, because it’s not being presented (or quite evidently being supressed), so then people become suspicious – and when that happens it’s the suspicion that makes them believe very outlandish things, often without verification, because the facts they are presented don’t add up, or are not logical, but the truth is also not available. It’s actually quite a bad situation to have that, because most then levels of trust disappear to the extent that nobody knows anymore what to believe or who to trust.

    • theburningheart says:

      You are right jean-Jacques, when truth it’s not evident, then everybody comes with their own versions, of what’s supposedly the facts, sometimes a very outlandish propositions.
      And many people are very gullible, and given to spread all sort of gossip.

      But as someone has commented here, before:

      “Most conspiracy *theories* seem more like grasping for cognitive comfort in giving some identifiable form to the chaos and disorder characteristic of the human condition.”

      Thank you for your great comment Jean-Jacques.

  12. The Devil Unbound says:

    I like how you think.

  13. J.D. says:

    “But it does not mean everything that happens, bad, or worst, it’s the product of a conspiracy, far from it, most of the things that go wrong on our lives, we only have ourselves to blame for.” I agree with this. And also that no one is in control. I believe there are some who believe they’re in control, but they’re not.
    I avoid all media, social media, and the internet in general. I decided years ago to base my beliefs on direct experience. So much information is distorted, either deliberately or unconsciously. There is no such thing as unbiased. And now it’s become normal to label those who question the official narrative as conspiracy theorists. This is a dangerous road to go down.

    • theburningheart says:

      Totally agree with you dear, no one has control, a painful lesson we learn as humans at some point on our lives. And everybody has a right to disagree specially about the official narrative, never care for people in power to tell me their official version of whatever, however the other side it’s true, too many people just go wild coming with all sort of alternative versions, some too weird even to take seriously, and there’s a few people who just is paranoid, and do nothing, but dedicate their time to such weird stories to explain almost anything.
      Thank you for your fine comment, we appreciate it.

  14. Good article once again!
    I’m not paranoid about the situation, but it’s not improving actually. We’ve got stagnant stage of issues, and they stubbornly won’t go away.
    I hope you personally are ok.

    • theburningheart says:

      Well to be honest, I am fine, but if you ask me how I feel, well, I go to move out of my place soon to a new place, and honestly, I do not see that part as fun, there’s an enormous amount of work that need to be done, and who else is gone to do it, but me?
      I do not wish it on my worst enemy, granted I do no have an enemy.
      This move will test me once more, this will be my thirty three or thirty-four move, but feel too old to be doing this anymore!
      And on top of it I got the sister of the landlady asking me to come and see the kitchen cabinets to see if she can use them after I leave!
      My answer: “Can you wait until I am gone next week?
      I am in the middle of packing and the place looks like a warzone!”
      At one point I figure, need to get rid of everything and live from a suitcase, as a perpetual traveler. I was tempted to use this occasion to do so.

      Thank you for asking Inese.

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