The End, Or A New Bgining

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around

Love is in the air, every sight and every sound
And I don’t know if I’m being foolish
Don’t know if I’m being wise
But it’s something that I must believe in

And it’s there when I look in your eyes…John Paul Young

I remember when young, every year on Spring, I felt like the tune of that old song, for days, on end, the funny thing I could not remember when I sort of forgot about it?

To be honest I felt the same way on early Autumn, as well, and a few years before the song was released on December 1977  but through the years I stop jumping from joy for no reason, and stop taking out to the street just to feel the sun, and the fresh cool, but not cold air, and be full of confidence, and be in love with life, and glad to be alive, and grateful for the pure joy within myself   to be present at such magnificent day.

Loah And Behold

Loa, and behold I am alive!

Was my general feeling, and no, I was not on top of a mountain, contemplating a gorgeous view, at most a blooming tree, by my street, or a an orange leafy tree just before the leaves will begin to fall…

Flowering Amapa Tree

Anything will look beautiful, and was in love with life for just to breathe, and have the pleasure of staring at the street, as my heart will beat with joy to be right there..!

I neve lost the feeling, but with the years got kind of dulled, somewhat, you know as you age you become less excitable, and the love of life, kind of tempers out to a pleasant feeling, no more jumps, or yells of joy, that stuff it’s for kids.

Well a year of this pandemic, and that what seem the end of it, seems to be bringing back that feeling back!

Yeap! The sudden feeling of an inexplicable joy one gets when something romantic or idealistic occurs. I am in love again!

Love is in the air, in the whisper of the tree Love is in the air, in the thunder of the sea
And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming
Don’t know if I feel safe
But it’s something that I must believe in
And it’s there when you call out my name.

Well, you get my meaning, I am ready to go out and jump, and yell for no reason at all, maybe too much time of being inside home, of not talking to friends in person, or behind a mask.

People Wearing Masks All Around

Well, I am sure we all want to be back to normal, and be done with it.

Love is in the air

Love is in the air

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Hug Couple Lifting

Love is in the air, in the rising of the sun
Love is in the air, when the day is nearly done
And I don’t know if you’re illusion
Don’t know if I see truth
But you’re something that I must believe in
And you’re there when I reach out…

Now of course, I am not saying you should not keep to the guidelines of the Pandemic, until it’s safe to do so, it’s just that Love is in the air!

Let’s all celebrate!

Let All Celebrate

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  1. James McEwan says:

    I love the picture of the tree blossom. I sense your jubilation and joy and great expression of relief.
    I trust you are well and in good health, keep smiling.

    • theburningheart says:

      Thank you, yes I am fine, those trees are named Amapas, and are common in some streets of LA one particular street around the block where I used to live before retirement, it’s lined with them, when they bloom they look great.

      Thank you James! 😊

  2. kethuprofumo says:

    True, dear Mr. Brigido! Let’s celebrate this positive movement of our life…while there is time for peaceful joy yet…

    • theburningheart says:

      I guess the key words in your commentary are: “while there is time”
      Thank you for the advice, its worth to keep in mind, Maria.
      Best wishes, to you.😊

      • kethuprofumo says:

        Oh, you are so wise, dear Mr. Brigido! True! It was a hint. As, unfortunately, there is too much per-war activity near the Russian borders & this time it is serious indeed. (It is between us, so you’d better to hide this comment of mine). 😊

      • theburningheart says:

        It’s serious everywhere, so do not worry, we pretty much are aware of it.

        Best wishes Maria. 😊

  3. Love that pink flowering tree!

    • theburningheart says:

      It’s a tree that grows wild on the deciduous forest of North Mexico all the way South to Argentina, it does well in Southern California but not natural of the region, but adorn some streets, and avenues in Los Angeles, like on my old neighborhood in Virgil Street, that when it blooms look gorgeous. but no longer live there since retired, a few years ago.

      Common name used vary from region to region we call them Amapas or Amapa tree.

      Thank you! 😊

  4. leggypeggy says:

    Beautiful pics to go with a beautiful song and prose.

    • theburningheart says:

      I guess we are all tired of the pandemic, and hopefully will have an end.

      Best wishes to you Rosaliene,😊

  5. Don Ostertag says:

    I agree, Love is in the air. Hopefully spring is here for all, present and future. Let us indeed celebrate.

    • theburningheart says:

      You said it Don, let’s hope this pandemic is over soon, and be able to go wherever, and not wear a mask!
      Take care Don! 😊

  6. Ladegis says:

    Reblogged this on Szwedzka Polka and commented:

    Jestem wdzięczna, że żyję.

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, I am grateful for this glorious gift, that is life, and thank you kindly for re-blogging it, is nice from you.😊❤

  7. ptero9 says:

    I’m feeling it! Sometimes suffering seems to enhance the capacity for joy and appreciation of beauty. After all these years, perhaps that message has begun to permeate my being and saturate the senses. Love and beauty… now there’s something to be grateful for.
    Blessings to you, Mr. Brigido, and thank you for the lovely post and photos.

  8. I will do my very best to get into your positive, hopeful mood, Mr. Brogido!:) Thanks for the lovely japanese cherry tree and the inviting dishes! Keep, however, whatever you do, to the rules!!

  9. Yes, where there is love there is life. Good day to you, my friend.

  10. Wonderful! There is nothing like a tree in blossom framed against a rich blue sky that lifts my soul so!!

  11. Loving life feels good, to me as well.
    I just had the first dose of vaccine a few days ago and surgery a week before that. It feels like I can really love everything again now. It was very tough for a week or so.
    Very positive and uplifting post. All the best to you!

    • theburningheart says:

      Hope your surgery recovery goes well, Inese, and hopefully with massive vaccination, we can move forward, away from quarantine, and it’s handicaps, has been a tiresome nuisance, and to many lethal, and a mayor problem, Worldwide.
      Best wishes as well to you. 😊

  12. The future seems better than in a long time – at least when it comes to being released from the prison of a pandemic. So yes, let’s celebration love and being able to love again.

  13. selizabryangmailcom says:

    It is a very re-birthy kind of feeling, isn’t it? Those of us, the lucky ones, who have survived, maybe who even haven’t gotten sick…it’s an immense feeling of gratefulness and relief and hope as the light at the end of the tunnel grows larger. Alive to love another day, love for the first time, change, become better, perhaps…? 🙂 All is possible!

    • theburningheart says:

      Well I guess for those of you who where tested and did not come positive, and never got the virus, over here no one got tested, unless admitted to a Hospital gravely ill already, testing had to be paid of your own pocket, and lines where long, and most people figured out if you did not have the virus, waiting in line, you will get from the people on the line who may tested positive.
      I probably got it from my son who experienced symptoms, on my case it was very mild, and kept to myself during a long period, but have friends, and relatives who got very sick, as one of my daughters, and my sister, some friends did not make it, and guess we all knew of people who died.
      Its over two months that I do not hear of anyone getting sick, and since vaccination it’s on the rise, so I assume, things are getting better, so I hope. 😊

  14. selizabryangmailcom says:

    I’m very sorry for your losses, B.H. I’m glad you pulled through. Yeah, a few people we know got VERY sick and almost didn’t make it, and some acquaintances did not make it, but luckily for my husband and I, neither of our family members have been stricken badly.

    We had a strange “cold/flu” back over the holidays with weird enough symptoms that we’re wondering now if it was the virus. For example, something that’s never happened to me in my life–I had intestinal distress all day then later at night it all moved to my right lower abdomen into such an intense pain I thought I was having an appendicitis! Temperature went up, could barely move, only sit in the chair a certain way. We were poised for hours, trying to wait until the last minute to go to the hospital, because we didn’t want to be in the COVID environment, you know? Then it all just started to disappear, and eventually I was fine.

    We don’t know if it was the virus or not.
    But at this point (apart from India, and someone I know in Columbia says things are bad) there seems to be less infections, less deaths the last few months….

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, I lost a few friends, and acquaintances, fortunately not a close family member. I believe most people already had a contact with the virus, and as you, and myself had a few symptoms, myself got a clogged upper nose every morning, when woke up, that lasted until I would start to walk, but it lasted over a month.
      Hopefully will not have a recurrence.

      Thank you for your comment Stacey, take care. 😊

  15. sherazade says:

    Love is in the air ….I remember that song!!!
    Di nuovo primavera la natura è più forte della pandemia Io sono stata forte in questo anno e mezzo ma ora che la vita sembra tornare alla quasi normalità io mi sento stanchissima priva di forze.
    Sento il sole tiepido di Roma e vedo gli alberi fiorire però ho bisogno di capire come fare a tornare a respirare.
    Ci sono ancora molte restrizioni in Italia.
    Ti mando un saluto è una fotografia bucolica con la mia Sally
    Un tenero tappeto..pas mal!

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, dear, restrictions are observed here as well, but has become a mechanical thing, and few really follow the rules, as in the beguiling, in fact since a couple of months I have not heard, of anybody getting sick, or died, to me that’s a good sign, and sure it’s Spring, and so far a beautiful early May, like in your picture with Sally.

      Best wishes and enjoy life. 😊💖

  16. dunelight says:

    Well..pollen is in the air in my world….but vaccine allows me to mix it up and sample the various pollens of surrounding neighborhoods so I’ve got that going for me, which is good. 😉

  17. chattykerry says:

    I am celebrating tonight with three fully inoculated lady friends!

  18. I have just realized that I havn’t heard from you for some weeks and I just hope that everything is ok with you Mr. Brogido:):)

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