Mindless Living


“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.”

Hannah Arendt.

The Banality of Evil

Philosopher and Political theorist Hannah Arendt,  pointed out that in order to be an evil monster, you have not to be necessarily, by a wish to be so, but out of pure banality, a sort of inertia, a conformist mediocrity,  that goes along, with whatever it’s pushed down in to you, by figures of authority, that you do not dare, or care to question, out of your feebleness, apathy, or mental laziness.

There’s a sense of doom, and banality in today spirit of the age we live,  with troubles too big to deal with, and a lack of guiding strategy by the powers that be, more interested in selling us the banal; consumerism of goods, like cheap food, cheap entertainment, with equally banal themes, not Art, of any redeeming value as to what we are offered, sort like a convenience type of restaurant where you drive inn, collect a few bites of heavily processed food, totally unhealthy for consumption, but easily available, and affordable enough, for dedicating the better part of  your free time, they provide you, to watch, and lose yourself in also mindless entertainment, and do not give a thought about our real problems,  we try to skip anything that may bring you back to a undesirable reality, where the collective state of mayhem, disarray, and chaotic entropy signal our eventual demise, we just keep on going, like the proverbial march of the lemmings.


Turns out that this gruesome myth was brought to us by that bastion of ethics and truth–Walt Disney. In a 1958 “documentary” called White Wilderness, Disney filmmakers pushed them off a cliff and filmed them hurtling to their deaths, many of them subsequently drowning in the water below.

Another Man made catastrophe, that we seem given as humans to enact, with our environment, and ourselves, in consequence, totally driven by short end goals, and our before mentioned banality that impede us to see the serious consequences to our lack of depth, and that has give us pause to expressions I heard once, like: ‘If our Solar system it’s an atom of a cluster, within a brain cell that compose a part of a giant man, and we live in it, then for sure we are living in a man who is totally drunk!”

A sad, but true reflection to our lot.  Where incoherence, and total lack of direction point to the fact we act, and behave  like drunken people.

Astronaut drinking in his time off

A Need To Grow Up

Some people have argued there’s a conspiracy to keep you poor, and stupid, and sometimes it feels like if it’s true, however, nobody it’s guiding you to be such, it’s the individual who choose to follow a pattern that will take him there, by his own doing, we cannot abdicate our responsibility in our lives.

My view it’s we live a protracted infancy, for far too long, and refuse to behave like responsible adults, until we are forced out of it, by circumstances, or we mature, and leave behind our irresponsible ways, or we simply never face the fact, and remain a dunce.

‘And then we go and vote, and elect, someone we can identify with, like a pal, we can have a beer with!’

A friend of mine likes to tell me that one often, implying that a moron likes to believe a leader, or a president, should be one as dumb, as most people are, setting the standard too low as a common denominator, and therefore the people we choose to elect.

I know, it sounds moronic, but that’s exactly how a great deal of people behave, and remember numbers make weight, and with it, gravity follows, and like supposedly lemmings do, next thing you know we are all on a free fall!

Free Falling by Choice

Unfortunately with no parachute..!

The problems of America, and the World

America after centuries of a glorious past since, seem to be now on the clutches of an irreversible decline. Wherever we look we see the signs of wearing down, and things, not been what they used to be, regardless of what you choose to look at, with honorable exceptions,  we seem to be losing ground in almost any direction, politically, economically, educationally, healthcare wise, job market, living standard, and indexes of all types.

We run now an obsolete Government in bad need of reform, but nobody even suggest yet, that we should make amends into our now ineffective  political systems.

And I am not talking of removing Democracy, as our form of Government, but to reform the laws that dictate  electoral campaigns, terms of presidency, electoral college, and any other thing that may hinder the legitimately right of the people to have a good, and efficient form of Government, that would provide to everyone needs, without favoring the proverbial few, and get rid, and punish quickly,  venal politicians, those who hinder, obstruct, or simply are there to fatten their own philistine interests.

Mein Kampf

Squandered Victories

Erich von Manstein (24 November 1887 – 9 June 1973) was a German commander of the Wehrmacht, Nazi Germany’s armed forces during the Second World War. He attained the rank of field marshal. Manstein’s war memoir, Verlorene Siege (Lost Victories), was published in West Germany in 1955 and was later translated into several other languages. The book was a highly acclaimed best-seller, critical of Hitler and his leadership style. he became the center of a military cult which cast him not only as one of Germany’s greatest generals, but also one of the greatest in history. He has been described as amilitärische Kult- und Leitfigur (“military cult figure and leading personality”), a general of legendary—almost mythical—ability, much honored by both the public and historians.

Of course he has his detractors, and people who accuse him of opportunism, and turning a blind eye to Hitler’s many well known shortcomings, too long to detail them here. Now you may wonder why I bring this here, what interest me it’s to point out at the fact that we in America we face now not only a squandered past full of victories, but a total lack of Strategy, by our today blind leaders to pull us out of the downward spiral, we seem to be in.

Von Manstein

Outdated America

Another great Master of Strategy Sun Tsu wrote: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Ironically the land of Democracy, Freedom, and Equal opportunity for all, our past victories, and glory,  got the best of us and we grew drunk, and lightheaded, full  of Imperial dreams, and hubris, so disastrous to many Empires on the past, we need to sober up, and wake up, or going down History to our demise, as they did.

I am tired of listening from some of our people that Government it’s the problem, I guess that at one level, we all now know that, but the wrong idea is propagated that we need to get rid of the Government, and they are right, but the fact is we still gone need laws, and regulations, overlook, and controls of some type, and someone to implement them, if we do not want total anarchy, and chaos, so we need a Government, but what we need it’s a better Government of what we have now, and it’s time to look how to change all that.

In my opinion we need new blood in Washington, not career politicians, imbued in a long life of bad habits,  hubris, nonsense, stupidity, self interest, back dealing, corruption, and unquestioned service to the ones who hold the purse’s strings, requirements of what is to be a politician today, and without a single plan, or idea of how to pull us out of this mess.


“The inexperienced in wisdom and virtue, ever occupied with feasting and such, are carried downward, and there, as is fitting, they wander their whole life long, neither ever looking upward to the truth above them nor rising toward it, nor tasting pure and lasting pleasures. Like cattle, always looking downward with their heads bent toward the ground and the banquet tables, they feed, fatten, and fornicate. In order to increase their possessions they kick and butt with horns and hoofs of steel and kill each other, insatiable as they are.”

“And all knowledge, when separated from justice and virtue, is seen to be cunning and not wisdom; wherefore make this your first and last and constant and all-absorbing aim, to exceed, if possible, not only us but all your ancestors in virtue; and know that to excel you in virtue only brings us shame, but that to be excelled by you is a source of happiness to us.”

“And we shall most likely be defeated, and you will most likely be victors in the contest, if you learn so to order your lives as not to abuse or waste the reputation of your ancestors, knowing that to a man who has any self-respect, nothing is more dishonorable than to be honored, not for his own sake, but on account of the reputation of his ancestors.”

Quotes from Plato.

Plato's Bust

We need brains, and virtuous people, who should look for the common good; Men of a new leaven, and remember that our greatness as a country it’s measured by the amount of great people between us, and great people don’t come by chance, fostering immorality, and crooked individuals, we need to get rid of the proverbial bad apples,  by creating an environment that may nurture Virtue, and produce like men, and that is the responsibility of all of us, as citizens, greatness doesn’t come by chance, we need to create it ourselves.

So far the only thing we seem to be listening out of Washington it’s the noise before defeat.

 The Noise Before Defeat

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  1. galtz says:

    RE: The Gravity of Banality, et al
    Those unable to grasp or understand or follow the reasoning will never bother to read. I’m not certain that intellectual maturity or rational thinking has any connection to chronological age. Some are reasonable beyond their years or education while others remain ignorant by choice.

    • theburningheart says:

      I agree, being ignorant has many facets, character, how you was raised, or by who, poverty, or just a choice, but there cannot be an argument to try our best to provide the best education possible, to as many people, as possible, but we do not even try, with today commercialization of everything, sale, sale, and make tons of money from whatever, and whoever, mentality that prevails in America above all, and our Government doing nothing to curb that trend, well higher education, is the privilege of the few, and already rich, excluding everyone else regardless of the human potential we will be wasting.

      Other many countries they see people as their best asset, and invest on them, for the sake of their future as a Nation, not here in America where they do not give a damn, if you rot in squalor, and are dumber than a box of rocks, as long they can sale you something, and can call you not a person, or a human being, but a consumer.

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  2. mistermuse says:

    In my opinion, saying we need new blood in Washington is too easy….Trump being the perfect example of why new blood, in and of itself, means nothing. What is really needed is QUALITY people, first and foremost. Too bad there can’t be a law barring hypocrites, unbending ideologues, the patently morally unfit, the pathological narcissist, and the incompetent ignoramus from running for public office. Who, if anyone, does that leave, you ask? Well, I might be available (for the right price).

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, I do not go on details, otherwise the post will be the size of a telephone book of old, but if you read the several quotes from Plato and the end of the post, where I make emphasis on being Virtuous, you could infer that calling Trump new blood, would be like calling a contaminated blood bank by:
      1. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
      2. Hepatitis B virus
      3. Hepatitis C virus
      4. Hepatitis A virus
      5. Hepatitis G virus
      6. Non – A, Non – B Hepatitis
      7. Epstein Barr Virus
      8. Cytomegalo virus (CMV)
      9. Human T Lymphocytic virus (HTLV – 1 & HTLV – 2)

      As a perfect example for new blood!

      It may be a surprise to many, of the dumb people who voted for him how disastrous a choice he was.
      But not to me, and I am sure many as well, we knew he will be a rotten choice, and I am not implying Hillary would had been a better choice either.

      And that’s why we need to reform Government , and the way elections are carried, period.

      Otherwise we will keep repeating the same disastrous administrations of the past fifty years, or more, you or many, may differ, as how far back we do not have a decent one, that depend on personal opinion.

      Thank you for your comment, we appreciate it. 🙂

  3. macalder02 says:

    Without a doubt it is an interesting reading.

  4. The right points are raised here.

  5. banactee says:

    Well, you do not really focus on one main problem in the USA: white racism. A country like the USA which was not able to conclude a peace agreement with the native people of the USA, who got stolen their land and life long time ago, can not be named a land of equality and freedom. And even the treaties which were concluded with some native tribes are not respected and neglected. This system is built on the blood and treasuries of the native people, unless this gets not resolved (which would require also a real compensation), something is principally wrong in society and culture.

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, speaking of the many problems, and injustices by this country is, and was plagued by, after 242 years of history would require not a single post like this, but volumes, like the British encyclopedia!

      Yes, racism was not a problem of the past, still is a problem today, and yes, Indians got a raw deal, and so did many, many more!

      Here, countries invaded by USA so you get an idea:

      Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Libya (First Barbary War)
      Canada (War of 1812)
      Algeria (Second Barbary War)
      Spain (Acquisition of Florida)
      Cherokees (Indian Removal Act)
      Indonesia (Expedition)
      Ivory Coast (Expedition)
      Cherokees (Trail of Tears)
      Mexico (Annexation of Texas)
      Mexico (Seizing of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, some of Colorado, New Mexico, and the Texan border with the Rio Grande)
      Sioux (Forced settlement and massacre)
      Spain (Annexation of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines)
      Philippines (Reneges on promise of Philippine independence in exchange for Filipino support during the Spanish-American War)
      Fiji (Expedition)
      China (Second Opium War)
      China (Looting China in response to the Boxer Rebellion as part of the Eight-Nation Alliance)
      Taiwan (Expedition into Taiwan)
      Korea (Korean Expedition in response to “insults”)
      Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, Dominica Republic, Honduras, Mexico (US shenanigans with their military)
      Germany (World War 1)
      Russia (Russian Civil War – Formation of Soviet Union)
      Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria (WW2)
      Korea (Korean War)
      Vietnam (Vietnam War)
      Guatemala (CIA overthrows of their government and funds dictator’s armies)
      Iran (CIA overthrows elected Prime Minister)
      Cuba (Bay of Pigs)
      Brazil (CIA helps overthrow the government and funds opposition groups)
      Chile (CIA funds opposition then overthrows the government)
      Grenada (Overthrow their government)
      Nicaragua (Helps install a military junta)
      Panama (Attempt to capture Gen. Manuel Noriega)
      Honduras (Helps install a military junta)
      Colombia (Funds and trains death squads)
      Iraq (Desert Storm)
      Iraq (Retaliation for alleged assassination plot)
      Sudan, Afghanistan (Retaliation for terrorist attacks in embassies)
      Serbia (Kosovo War)
      Afghanistan (Response to 9/11)
      Iraq (Bush’s policy of war against WMD-developing states)
      Iran (Stuxxnet – Cyber Warfare)
      Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq (Drone Attacks)
      Libya, Syria (No-fly zone and drone attacks)

      Concisely, we’ve invade: [Cherokees, Sioux], Canada, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, Dominica Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Grenada, Serbia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Libya, Ivory Coast, Somali, Sudan

      The Cherokees is just a name for the 5 autonomous native american nations that the US recognized. So we’ve invaded 42 unique countries since our inception, 47 if we count the Native Americans. Even then, I’ve probably missed a few countries the CIA overthrew or we’ve done a drone strike on.

      Something to notice is that about half of our invasions of other countries happened in the past 50 years – we’ve invaded as many countries in the past 50 years as we have for the other 188 years of our existence.

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

      • banactee says:

        You can delete Germany in your long list, this was another story. Greetings from Berlin and a nice weekend for you. @ Ulli

      • theburningheart says:

        I rather not, until you guys get rid of the now 73 years old occupation forces, since the end of WWII, and 29 years since the fall of the wall, and the demise of the old Soviet Union.
        USA many based forces on your territory, now Mr Trump want you to pay for them, as do Japan, and South Korea.

        Germany is the centerpiece of the U.S. military’s force structure in Europe, hosting the majority of U.S. troops and major bases like Ramstein Air Base. The headquarters for U.S. European and Africa Commands as well as Europe-focused Army, Air Force and Marine headquarters also operate out of Germany along with a mix of line and enabling units.

        However, unlike Japan and South Korea, both of which pay about half the expense of hosting U.S. forces, Germany picks up a much smaller portion of the tab. Not only does Germany pay less — about $1 billion, or 18 percent of the overall cost — most of the funds come in the form of in-kind services rather than hard cash, according to a 2013 analysis by the Rand Corp.

        Such discrepancies are unlikely to go unnoticed by Trump, who already has complained about Germany’s sizable trade advantage with the U.S. Berlin also has an overall budget surplus of some $25 billion.

        I think it’s a high time now to tell Mr. Trump to leave.

        Take care Ulli. 🙂

      • banactee says:

        I can not deny what you say but our government is somehow to weak to do this. Last year I visited a former airport of the Red Army near Berlin which were so kind to leave our country in 1994. Your figures are not complete, because the USA makes war in Iraq, and we have the refugees or other countries have to pay for it a lot of money.

      • theburningheart says:

        You will have to excuse me for those important omissions, however as I mention before:
        “after 242 years of history would require not a single post like this, but volumes, like the British encyclopedia!”
        it’s hard to keep track of every bad effect USA policies around the globe. I am sure most countries in the World must have a grudge, or complain, about it.
        Like for example have you ever heard of Diego Garcia?

        Diego Garcia is an atoll just south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean, and the largest of 60 small islands comprising the Chagos Archipelago.
        Between 1968 and 1973, the population was forcibly removed by the United Kingdom and the United States to establish an American base through intimidation of locals and denying the return of any who left the island. Many were deported to Mauritius and the Seychelles, following which the United States built a large naval and military base, which has been in continuous operation since then. As of March 2015, Diego Garcia is the only inhabited island of the BIOT; the population is composed of military personnel and supporting contractors. It is one of two critical US bases in the Asia Pacific region, along with Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Pacific Ocean

        And I am sure this is not to be the last one of the many little known facts about Imperial America, which it’s very hard to keep count, just by the sheer amount of them!

        Thanks anyway Ulli. 🙂

  6. Ladegis says:

    Reblogged this on Szwedzka Polka and commented:
    Śledzę na bieżąco wydarzenia w świecie i staram się je rozumieć między innymi przy pomocy pewnych blogów. Kone Krusos Kronos jest jednym z nich.

  7. For me, a country, its politicians, institutions and citicizens should do their very best to offer free and very good schools, where every single child and adult can learn and study so that everybody can reach the ability to reason on it’s own, without being manipulated by a party or the economy. In this way, so is my hope, we would best prepare people very needed in our societies.
    Best regards Martin

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, America it’s a complicate, Historical anomaly, dear Martina, through isolation, a glorious past, and self infatuation, together with changing conditions World wide, has reached a point when they have to take a more humble role in World affairs, and concentrate more about our problems at home, rather than try to pretend we are some sort of example for Nations to follow, without realizing our hubris, fueled to the masses by a sort of a self serving propaganda, payed by the ruling powers to keep an orchestrated noise to deafen, any dissenting voice out there, who may call attention to the morass we are in, and to keep people in ignorance, blaming all sort of fake enemies, to blame from our problems, specially those who may serve, to wake up people of their slumber, and start addressing the real problems we all need to take care.

      it’s funny how our voice the media, has become a sort of Hollywood illusions like, produced type of propaganda, to preserve the myth of America the always champion of rights, and freedoms, when it’s the total opposite of it.

      A curtain of smoke, propagated day, and night by our Orwellian media, brainwashing even those who are in most need of help, and change.

      Do not believe everybody “Drinks the Kool-Aid” they are those who don’t, however they are not numerous enough to produce the change.

      The powers that be, the oligarchy who rules us, by keeping people out of higher education, and providing the proverbial “bread and circus” so far keep the upper hand in America, now for over many decades, producing the now clear deterioration, in many areas, economical, education, health, housing, socially, etc

      Same things that more advanced countries worry, and make an effort to provide to their citizens, in America it’s totally up to the individual, not the responsibility of Government.

      Thank you Martina, for your nice comment. 🙂

      • Thank you very much for your detailed and informative answers. I am, however, convinced that a much older and very tough, diligent and shrewd culture, in fact more than two thousand years, is on its way to change the wind in the USA and in many other countries. Let’s see whether a capitalistic comunism will be any better!!! Have a nice evening. Martina

      • theburningheart says:

        From your mouth to God’s ears, a some of us like to say, hopefully a wind of change may get to us here, I figure conditions, and social unrest, will take care to fed up people, with the statu quo, prevalent in America now for too long, a decaying old infrastructure, abandoned neighborhoods, ghettos, crime, potholes in every street, how many more mass shootings we need, how more homeless, poor, uneducated, unemployed, and without Health care people we need, to realize we are in urgent need to do something about it?

        Thanks Martina. 🙂

  8. Lwbut says:

    I have believed our (Western – the one with which i am most familiar) system of government has needed complete reform for many years now as it no longer (if it was ever truly meant to) represent the people who ‘elect’ it.

    Electing the governments we do is comparable to someone having a box with a rat, a cobra and a scorpion in it and asking you to choose which one you want as a pet and telling you the choice is entirely up to you to pick the ‘right’ one. Frankly i prefer a dog for my pet but they don’t give me that option of course.

    What part we can and do play in bringing the reform about is left to us – when things get bad enough we as a group may choose to break out of our collective long-held apathy and decide enough is enough and begin to take the responsibility upon ourselves… or not?

    But forgive me if i seem to detect a certain amount of weariness and partial surrender to impending doom in you and your writing here??

    I believe our own attitude both influences and is influenced/determined by that which we pay the greatest attention to in the outer (and it’s reflected inner) worlds. What we see out there partly shapes us and what we feel inside partly forms the outer world we see.

    In this post i see much that seems to have negative feelings?

    We can withdraw from the negative consciously and decide to focus on the positive through our will and Desire – something i assume you already know of full well? 🙂

    By so doing we are better able to bring about positive change rather than adding to the negative ‘side’.

    My philosophy, initiated from simple mathematics is developing nicely, and today i described some God Equations:

    Sum (0 n E) = 1
    (the sum of all the nothings that are contained within Everything =’s 1)
    U ^^ oo == God
    (You raised to the infinite power equates to God)

    and the Inverse:
    U ^^-oo == God
    (You raised to the minus infinite power (the infinite root) equates to God)

    Both of which lead to the conclusion that you are at the centre of God
    (you = 1, -oo <= God <= +oo)

    Just as God is within the centre of you.

    You, in the above sentences, of course, refers to every 1 of us.

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, I pretty much agree with the example you gave about the nasty pets in a box, but I could say the animals described there, a rat, a cobra, and a scorpion, may be consider by some as just part of creation, and have a place in the etiological chain of being, and you can look at them in a nice light, there are even those who make their business, few I will admit, of caring, and even profiting from them!

      Regardless, most people would rather have a dog.

      But should I detect a weariness in you, and feel negative feelings, in you?

      Because you call attention to the fact most people would rather have a dog, or a cat?

      Also agree we can withdraw from our social surroundings, and live a life unencumbered from worries, hey we all can become hermits!

      Red Pine an American author who went into China’s remote mountains, in search of wise hermits found several, one of them who had being isolated in the mountains for many decades, asked him, and the other few of his party:

      “Who is this chairman Mao you guys keep talking about it?”

      Historians like to point out there’s no such a thing as periods in History where things were ideal, and there was no problems to deal with.

      Despite that, a favorite poet of mine since early age wrote, centuries ago:

      Let from its dream the soul awaken,
      And reason mark with open eyes
      The scene unfolding,—
      How lightly life away is taken,
      How cometh Death in stealthy guise,—
      At last beholding;

      What swiftness hath the flight of pleasure
      That, once attained, seems nothing more
      Than respite cold;
      How fain is memory to measure
      Each latter day inferior
      To those of old.

      My point is that awareness of a thing, and focusing our thought on it, makes the difference, in how we perceive things, and in our experience, we only have the reference to the things we have gone through, the older you get, the wider the scope.

      Just yesterday I read an essay about Witold Szablowski who wrote a book:

      ‘True Stories of People Nostalgic for Life Under Tyranny’

      He start talking about a refuge in the Rila mountains of Bulgaria where they keep trained dancing bears, who are totally incapable of returning to the wild by the mere fact of growing under very different conditions, and he says:

      “some of the bears are so infected with the prisoner mentality that for years they start to dance when they see a human being, They stand up on their hind legs and start rocking from side to side. As if they were begging, as in the past for bread, candy, or a seep of beer, a caress, or to be free of pain. Pain that nobody has inflicting on them for years.”

      Then he goes and talk to many people who miss the old days under Communism, and rather be back to the Stalin days that they see back in longing, and not so bad as the record shows!

      In Greece today where they never went communist, when asked to many, what they want, they say:

      “We want to do away with Capitalism. And after that we will see. You’ll realize we’re starting a landslide here that will engulf the entire world.”

      I do not know how things are in your side of the World my friend, here in America it’s business as usual, but you can detect the deterioration through the many years of unbridled capitalism, of the fabric of society, and the marginalization of the always growing have not, with little chance as the bears of the story to do anything for change.

      People like to say a definition of madness it’s to repeat the same action and expect different results, for decades now people are going to the polls, to choose the rat, the scorpion, or the cobra, of your box.

      I just say, it’s high time to change that.

      Best regards to you, and thank you for your interest, and comment, it’s appreciated. 🙂

      • Lwbut says:

        Thank you and you are welcome! 🙂

        I take your point that the animals in my box are indeed merely a part of All Creation and while most might infer negative aspects only to them they do indeed have a vital role to play and can be seen in two opposing lights by the truly wise. 🙂

        I see your point about the Bears and agree that many learn something and then cannot see any other way to do things even when the initial restraint/incentive has long since passed and stay stuck in the same ruts. We must grow through awareness of our present circumstance and not be slaves only going round in circles to our past poor understanding.

        I have been contemplating clocks and octaves and realised today that many people see time on a clock as just a series of endlessly repeating circles where little change occurs. The true reality is the clock represents a cycle, not s simple circle. Once the cycle completes a new and ‘larger/greater’ cycle commences building upon the previous and so on. Growth is a part of the cycle spiral, not mere repetition of the same thing over and over. That is stagnation which only leads to decay.

        I quite liked your poem.

        Over here things are fairly similar to your side of the world – there is much disenchantment with the politics of the past but little to no-one with a decent plan for the future, or even the present for that matter 😉 Our elections will be held in 2019 when yet again we will vote for either the Rat, Cobra or Scorpion only 2 of whom have any real chance of being elected; we also have a bunch of ants we can vote for to increase the perception of choice (any ant can apply for the role) but only the rat or cobra will eventually win as that is the way it has always been…. sighhh.

        Then again what might life be like if an ant ruled our fair nation? Better? Or Worse?

        Here’s to altered perceptions and hopefully a better world to come. 🙂

        It is a Wonderful World after all…. 😉

        God is within you. ❤

      • theburningheart says:

        Thank you for your understanding, the point I want to convey, change it’s needed before things can be different, and better, we can’t go on doing the same thing, and expect different results.

        And who, or what needs to change?

        We all do, and the way we let the proverbial Cobra, Rat, or Scorpion, do their thing.

        An Ant, may not be a bad idea, remember the power, and resilience of the ant, they work tireless, and accomplish their goals, against almost impossible odds, and they keep humble.

        Thank you again for your good feelings, and your nice comment. 🙂

      • Lwbut says:

        Agreed – change begins with us – within us!

        You are very welcome. 🙂

  9. pjlazos says:

    Very enlightening post. Is it possible, do you think, to create a truly democratic society where greed masquerading as capitalism rules the day and career politicians masquerading as patriotic men with high ideals line their pockets for greater and greater individual gain? It has become joke to care about those who are less fortunate, while those who have more than enough continue to take more and more — to what end, I have no clue. There have been times like this before, yes, but we never lived through them and so they seem grotesque and bloated and without hope. Maybe they are just part of the natural cycle of the world, but I for one am holding out for something of a more utopian nature. Possibly, I delude myself into thinking it can be created. :0)

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, there’s Nations in the World that are not perfect, but have a decent Democracy going on, like these eight are at the top of a simple Index that rates Electoral process and pluralism, Functioning of government, Political participation, Political culture, and Civil liberties:

      Norway — 9.87/10.
      Iceland — 9.58.
      Sweden — 9.39.
      New Zealand — 9.26.
      Denmark — 9.22.
      Australia — 9.09.
      The Netherlands — 8.89.
      Luxembourg — 8.81.

      In other words countries that boast to be the leaders of Democracy can do a lot better than to be number 21 in rank like the USA. And number 18 on the Legatum prosperity Index.

      And there is other indexes we could do a lot better as well like the Peace Index where we are at a dismal, and pitiful number 121. Or the homeless number per night with a large figure of 554,000 people, we do better than India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Honduras,and others, but terribly for such a Nation, crime number 47 worst out of 117 recorded, and out of 222 countries we have the highest of 655 people in jail for every 100,000 people, on top of El Salvador, with 610, Cuba 510, and Russia 411, numbers in China, and North Korea are in doubt.

      And I could go on with other Indexes, but what’s the point, we sure need to improve a lot, and I am in total accordance with what you say:

      ‘where greed masquerading as capitalism rules the day and career politicians masquerading as patriotic men with high ideals line their pockets for greater and greater individual gain?’

      Yes, we are a Nation of Philistines, and that need to change before we can improve.

      Thank your for your interest, and great comment, 🙂

  10. smilecalm says:

    an important,
    wise dissertation!
    if only compassionate
    and insightful leaders
    would seize power,
    as they’re not likely
    to get elected 🙂

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, the powers that be, will try to do the utmost in order to keep things as they are. since they profit from it. However it’s our part to keep fighting until we can achieve success.

      There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.
      Ecclesiastes 3. 1- 8

      So, it will come.

      Thank you for your comment, we appreciate it. 🙂

  11. Thanks for your very knowledgeable article.
    Trouble is, as ever, and it seems world politics are veering into that realm, when fear for self and the security of loved ones reigns, inertia becomes a survival strategy of the majority.

    • theburningheart says:

      I guess there’s many reasons why a State, or Nation leaders wants to keep people in fear of of the “other.”
      And I will not dispute about the existence of real danger, but a lot of politicians want to manipulate our fears to make sure we sale our conscience, for the doubtful benefit they will keep us out of danger, if we go along with them, knowingly we are picking the less of two evils .
      A card played by politicians over, and over, by leaders as despicable as Hitler, and Mussolini, just to talk at some egregious examples.

      I guess the answer to that was given to us in the past, in a famous quote by Martin Niemöller :

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      Granted most of our leaders may no be as bad as Hitler, but they use his tricks whenever they see convenient to their ends, like sustaining a media machine, comparable to the one Goebbels himself would be envious.

      Morally as individuals, we need to stand for truthfulness, regardless our fears, of perceived dangers, or even real danger, regardless if we are at risk of such danger, but we choose to turn a blind eye, or be indifferent to the fate of the scapegoat in question.

      And I got to be honest, have little sympathy for people who choose to believe in lies, and upholding them as true, without ever question their validity.

      Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

      In my view, we as a majority, been very lenient with our Governments, it’s time to make them accountable for every wrong they do, period.

      Thank you for your insightful comment, we appreciate it. 🙂

  12. oldpoet56 says:

    This is an excellent article, a great read, I am going to reblog this one for you.

  13. ladyfi says:

    Arendt is right – evil usually evolves in teeny tiny steps.

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, it’s a gradual , and almost imperceptible descent into hell, people realize too late to do anything about it.

      Thank you for your comment, Ladyfy! 🙂

  14. I do devote numerous hours, speeches and writing to make people understand that they must stop being sheep and follow whatever viral internet nonsense tells them to. Do you think many want to listen? Or to really stop being sheep? No. It is what you are saying: way too convenient to just like cheap music that is everywhere, to watch stupid shows that are rather shame than a show. It is done with intention to keep one away from the real problems while arguing about some stupid whatever sentence Twitter or alike has brought up on them. I have a reason to believe that Americans are in much more danger because of such silly mass behavior. You try to feed in the same nonsense or fake internet products in Europe and it doesn’t work. It is so that people do not religiously follow internet trends and suggestions, and, yes, they do use brain. I do not think Europe will ever fall that deep down as America already has.

    • theburningheart says:

      I come to think, that through consumerism, and cheap foods, people walk most of the time in a sort of mental daze state, where they only seek the gratifications of a high sugar diet, and too drugged to have a mind of their own, combined with a death end, numbing job that suck all their energy, and therefore rendered easy prey to the constant bombardment of media, gadgets, and mindless music, games, movies, or whatever pass as entertainment now day.

      A world of zombies like people been sucked dry of their blood, and earnings, by malevolent vampires, only interested in draining their pockets , at the same time, keeping them obedient, and distracted enough not to go out into the streets and cause real problems to the people in power.

      Inese, thank you for your thoughts, always appreciated. 🙂

  15. Joseph de Maistre said, “In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve.” Democracy requires an educated and involved citizenry. Unfortunately, ignorance is on the rise. That makes the public vulnerable to demagogues. The quote you cite from Plato points in the right direction. The question is whether we will see and take that course, before it is too late.

    • theburningheart says:

      Anna, you raise an interesting point, it may be too late?
      Well, we know when we fall, it’s until we hit the bottom, that we can look forward to raise up, if we didn’t got totally injured beyond repair, and it’s not possible…

      I know, things look bleak, but miracles happen.

      Thank you for your comment, it’s appreciated. 🙂

  16. equinoxio21 says:

    An interesting post. Thank you. But Hannah Arendt was not a journalist. She was one of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of the 20th century. 🙂

    • theburningheart says:

      You are right, and I knew better, the thing was I searched on line for the quote, and mindless inserted from it.
      In 1961, The New Yorker sent a reporter to cover the trial of Adolf Eichmann, one of the chief architects of the Third Reich’s Final Solution, who had been kidnapped by Mossad operatives in Argentina and brought to Jerusalem to be tried for his crimes. That reporter was Hannah Arendt.

      Thank you for pointing it out, I already corrected it. 🙂

      • equinoxio21 says:

        You’re welcome. Arendt is just one of my favourite philosopher. And The New Yorker had a few… problems with her, precisely because she was not a reporter. I do recommend her books. Or, there was a movie made a few years ago on her life which was well done and interesting.

      • theburningheart says:

        I never had read her directly, but she is so well known, that you run into many articles, and reviews, related to her, and in the past I have read some of them, and that’s why I was aware about perhaps her most famous quote.
        By the way I watched the movie you recommended last night, thank you it was enjoyable.

        Thank you for your comment, we appreciate it. 🙂

      • equinoxio21 says:

        Pleasure. Glad you liked the movie. It was fairly accurate, I found. A detail worth noting: they all spoke German amongst themselves, though they had to leave Germany for being jews, German was their natural language. (And Greek!)

      • theburningheart says:

        Yes, it’s common between immigrants to speak in their own language when they get together, I know that.

        In Germany at the time, was common to teach young people Latin and Greek. And I believe even today, like in many countries in Europe.

        Here the equivalent of High School the Gymnasium studied in Arendt times:

        A nine-year classical Gymnasium (including study of Latin and Classical Greek or Hebrew, plus one modern language);
        A nine-year Realgymnasium (focusing on Latin, modern languages, science and mathematics);
        A six-year Realschule (without university entrance qualification, but with the option of becoming a trainee in one of the modern industrial, office or technical jobs); and
        A nine-year Oberrealschule (focusing on modern languages, science and mathematics).

        And lo and behold, some schools in America are teaching Latin again.

        Latin is offered more frequently than Ancient Greek in U.S. High Schools. Latin is often taught at private schools, but there are some school districts in the U.S. where it is available at public schools as well. It is usually not required (some private or public charter schools with a classics/humanities focus may require it) but usually can be taken to fulfill a foreign language graduation requirement.

        To be honest with the tendency in education of favoring technical, and business administration careers, over Humanities, I despair of most people achieving a real cultural education, as it was common even when I was young.

        Not to generalize, but rarely you can have a conversation now day with somebody who has knowledge of the ancient Greek, and Latin classics, which I will like to say, it’s a shame, or deplorable, but I understand education now day focus in giving you tools to make money, rather than culture, knowledge, and wisdom, no longer a priority.

        Thank you for your comment, we appreciate it. 🙂

      • equinoxio21 says:

        You’re most welcome. Teaching Latin and Greek was almost cancelled in the French system under the previous President. Let us hope it comes back. (That and History!)

  17. Shayra says:

    A powerful writing . 👌

  18. Following blindly the slogans of banalities have too often in history turned out to become disasters. Unfortunately that is something we are all capable of. It takes conscious training and tenacity to be able to look past the gravity of banalities as you so eloquently call them.

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, banality apparently innocuous, carry a big price tag to pay along with it.

      Thank you Otto, for your great comment. 🙂

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