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Everything that everyone is afraid of has already happened: The fragility of capitalism, which we don’t want to admit; the loss of the empire of the United States; and American exceptionalism. In fact, American exceptionalism is that we are exceptionally backward in about fifteen different categories, from education to infrastructure.

James Hillman

American exceptionalism? Exceptional at what? Waging wars against innocent people for fake reasons? Exceptional at what? Being addicted to pharmaceutical drugs that have people’s minds wasted? Exceptional at what? Eating more junk food and becoming the most obese nation on Earth?

Gerald Celente

American exceptionalism is the recurring character in the nation’s narrative.

Ron Fournier

It is not that I am not a fan of American exceptionalism. That is like saying I am not a fan of the moon being made out of green cheese-it does not exist. Powerful states have quite typically considered themselves to be exceptionally magnificent, and the United States is no exception to that. The basis for it is not very substantial to put it politely.

Noam Chomsky

The conservative version of American exceptionalism has become a password of sorts for candidates who want to prove their credentials to a right-wing America.

Russ Feingold

[American exceptionalism] is a reaction to the inability of people to understand global complexity or important issues like American energy dependency. Therefore, they search for simplistic sources of comfort and clarity. And the people that they are now selecting to be, so to speak, the spokespersons of their anxieties are, in most cases, stunningly ignorant.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

The idea of American exceptionalism doesn’t extend to Americans being exceptional.

Maureen Dowd

There are also fundamental issues related to what the current leader, President [Barack] Obama, said. I am referring to his idea about American exceptionalism. I am skeptical about this idea.

Vladimir Putin

Christian nation mythologists pump themselves up with narratives of American exceptionalism and Christian domination. But sooner or later even their most devoted followers should begin to see that also depicting it as vulnerable to non-existent threats undermines the myth itself.

Sarah Posner

I think where [Donald Trump] loses most hawkish republicans is when he talking about how much he likes [Vladimir] Putin. That should make any person who believe in the American exceptionalism, incredibly uncomfortable.

John McCain


People get tired of talking about American exceptionalism, but I think this is an extraordinary thing about the United States, that we are a nation of immigrants, first of all, that is built upon a pluralistic society of native people that were here to begin with. The issue of diversity is really with us from the beginning.

Diana L. Eck

We have had a long held myth of American exceptionalism.

Lisa Ling

American patriotism is now jingoism. American Greatness is made fun of. The concept of “Make America Great Again” or American exceptionalism is lampooned. It is impugned. It is attacked. The effort to globalize our society and make us feel, as many of us as possible, that there’s nothing special about being an American, that we ought to think of ourselves as citizens of the world, and in that context America is a problem because we have too much, we’ve done too much, we owe too much, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Rush Limbaugh

It’s a deft trick to turn American exceptionalism into an exceptional political tactic.

Ron Fournier

We are going to lead once again by being the best. We’re gonna lead economically. We’re gonna lead technologically. We’re gonna go back to the Moon, we’re gonna do whatever we’re gonna do. We are going to lead by engaging in American exceptionalism and this is going to inspire others to come along with us. We’re not shrinking away from anybody. We are reengaging. That’s what Trump is, and that’s what Democrats don’t see.

Rush Limbaugh

“Well, I learned a lot….I went down to (Latin America) to find out from them and (learn) their views. You’d be surprised. They’re all individual countries.” President Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan


America a great Nation

Now there’s no doubt in my mind, America it’s a great Nation, build on new ideas, new principles, like all men are equal, freedom, the constitution, our Founding Fathers, men of great vision, with a great past, and great accomplishments to be proud of.

However we can’t go on living from past glories, just the way we cannot live from the money we inherited from our grandfathers, when we  spend it already.

Each generation has the moral duty to be great, we can’t go on living in what we were, but in who we are now, and what we got, already we have spent our capital, things have changed, and it’s time to begin again.

Founding Fathers


My Experience

I got to confess before coming to America  my experience in politics was one of abstention, and skepticism when it come to politicians, and knew nothing of American politics.

Well, that had changed a little bit, still need to learn a lot, but my skepticism about politicians and the value of their word, remain unchanged.

As an anecdote when looking for quotes about exceptionalism, not surprising Rush Limbaugh had many,  a character with a lot of followers in America, but plagued by a lousy reputation for veracity, and accuracy, basically an ideologist of the far right.

“I Used To Think It Was Funny: Before the Right Wing Media Supplanted Moderate-Conservativism, Created an Ideological Monopoly, and Became a De-facto Propaganda Arm for the Extreme Right’s Agenda.”

Tim Fearnside

Limbaugh -Trump

When I first got here, I was baffled about the difference between Republicans, and Democrats, to me, they didn’t seem that different, today even less! And what I gather, it’s that the Democrats with the years, in the effort of pleasing the jingoistic masses, and Capital, had lost their old values and become closer to the right way of  thinking, as opposed to their traditional left views of being there for the little guy, in a country where the word Left, no longer means what it used to be, but become a vilified word by the media, who of course paid by big money works tirelessly to make it so. And why not say it, Democrats leaders had abandoned those ideals, courting the almighty dollar, and become too fond of realpolitiks as defined by the dictionary:

‘A system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations.’

It is often simply referred to as pragmatism in politics, e.g. “pursuing pragmatic policies”. The term Realpolitik is sometimes used pejoratively to imply politics that are perceived as coercive, amoral, or Machiavellian.

Hillary Clinton In Defeat

On the other side

Most people who follow politics are aware that something unusual is going on in the Republican party — unusual relative to major conservative parties in other developed democracies and unusual relative to American history. GOP leaders no longer appear in control of their own agenda. Instead, they are being dragged from crisis to failure to embarrassment and back to crisis by the most extreme elements of their coalition. The far right has captured the party.

Here are some opinions of what’s going on in a forum:

‘They are becoming too intrusive and extreme like the far right did in Germany.

They are doing what Nazis did and taking control of peoples private rights (women’s reproductive rights). They are forcing their religious values by making laws based on them. They are intolerant of anyone that is NOT white. They spread lies and propaganda just like the Nazis. They are trying to destroy government and take over with privatization and a feudal system of economics. They pledge oaths to unelected politicians (Grover Norquist/a Muslim sympathizer, married to one). They are isolationist. They are taking dictator-type control over cities in states like MI and their rights to elect who they want. Election Rigging and they are very scary. They want to destroy education and want to rid the country of the elderly and poor and non-white people.’

‘Yes the Republican Party are acting more and more like fascists

They don’t listen to what anyone has to say. It is their way or the highway. They believe it is fine to disrespect the President and office of the Presidency. They feel that the old way is the glory way. They long to go back to a time where women were subservient and stayed home and had babies. They act as though they are the only game in town. They are bigoted, hypocrites that want you to do as they say not as they do. They would love to turn the world back to the 1950’s where the women wore pearls and only said perky things. And Father only knew best. They have done nothing positive for anyone but themselves since they have been in power. We can only hope they go the way of the dinosaur.’

‘The extreme right of the Republican are not conservatives, they are Fascists.

Fascism of any shade has certain common core characteristics:

1. Nationalism

2. Sexism and Misogyny
3. Strong mixture of state and religion
4. Militarism
5. Protection of the cooperate class
6. Disregard of Human rights when deemed necessary
7. Fraudulent elections through use of powerful monied interests, gerrymandering, and voting suppression and intimidation.’


Comparisons are Hateful, but Necessary, the fact America it’s no longer Number one.

I kind of smile at the duplicity of our media, every so often, there’s an article on the newspapers where Norway it’s listed as: Norway ranked as the best place to live in the United Nation’s annual Human Development Report. It ranked the highest out of nearly 200 countries, forgetting to mention to the many readers, what was our actual rank, most people write comments indignant believing we are naturally the second behind Norway, by omission (not mentioning our rank) they lie of course, maintaining the illusion we are right behind when in fact in 2017 ranked in the eleventh place!

The Human poverty Index we are rated even lower; seventeen.

Quality of life Index: Sixteen

For many decades throughout the 20th century, the United States was recognized as having the highest standard of living in the world. Per capita income is high but also less evenly distributed than in most other developed countries; as a result, the United States fares particularly well in measures of average material well being that do not place weight on equality aspects.

In other words, if based on an individual count, rather than on an average of the highest, with the lowest, we will rate even far lower, which means a lot of people actually live way far below of sixteen, sad but true,  it’s a fact our cities had deteriorated, their infrastructure, as well as our jobs, and living standards, we still live pretty well if compared to so named third World countries, but we no longer can claim top honors.

Homeless Patriot

The Homeless

The number of homeless people grew in the 1980s, as housing and social service cuts increased. After many years of advocacy and numerous revisions, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the McKinney–Vento Homeless Assistance Act in 1987; this remains the only piece of federal legislation that allocates funding to the direct service of homeless people. Over the past decades, the availability and quality of data on homelessness has improved considerably. About 1.56 million people, or about 0.5% of the U.S. population, used an emergency shelter or a transitional housing program between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009. Homelessness in the United States increased after the Great Recession.

I guess depends much where you live, to be a witness, and feel the effect of it, at least visually, and worst, if you are one of the ones suffering it, but in the big cities it’s just another fact of life.

Homeless on Train ride in Los Angeles

Now, I am not talking out of my liberal heart, as some may think, just to criticize how bad the homeless problem is, I did ride three of the mos busiest bus lines, and the metro Red line in the city of Los Angeles, and I can tell you horror stories a mile long about the problems of sharing a ride with many of the homeless, that by the way, have free unrestricted access to the services, and rightly so, many times they use it as a home, or shelter, and some misbehave greatly, creating mayhem, and inconveniencing many other riders, few even dangerous, a daily reminder of what is wrong in America.

Some personal friends of mine, at work would patiently listen to my ‘Baba’s’ stories, as  named by them, (like in India graciously name mendicants ) about my daily rides, and laugh about my adventures, it was fun for them to listen, but I assure you, most of the time, it wasn’t fun for me, or the many riders who just wanted a peaceful, and uneventful ride to work, or back home after a day of toll at work. The idea of writing a chapter on a book   dedicated to the encounters, and many incidents I witness over those twenty two years, had crossed my mind, a close friend even got the idea of making a coffee table book with the pictures, and the many stories, with a title like: Meetings with Remarkable Babas!

Homeless Veteran

And to the surprise of the many European tourist, and the many following conversations, I had with them about the disparity between the wealth of the surroundings, and the sad scenes witnessed by them on the rides, and in the streets, of some of our wealthiest communities, their expression usually was: ‘Such a shame.’

And I will not touch on this post mass shootings, and gun control issues, a great tragedy, but also a fact of life in America.

Yes, I agree, a real shame.

Rows of Homless on many streets



The late George Carlin

May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008

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  1. B says:

    “To all the “Babas” I’ve known before….” sung to the tune of “To All The Girls I’ve Known before”

    Not to mention “Left turn lucy”…


  2. The difference between Republicans and Democrats and a bucket of fecal matter is the bucket. Thats why I dont vote and if I do it is either for myself or the Libertarians

  3. tmezpoetry says:

    I happen to agree. Where exceptionalism was once about the core of diversity and embracing diversity, all diversity, an integral and valued spoke in the wheel – whether social class, religious body, race, gender, age, tradition and culture, political affiliation, sexual orientation, educational background, etc… for freedom it stretched forth hands to everyone and embodied the world. That was exceptionalism beyond the mere philosophies of greatness. Five fingers or five toes are as much a part of the whole body with essential functions. Differences have essential functions. In the political realm it’s unfortunate that both politics and religion have been stripped of it’s essence, left to just a head and mouth on a public platform. I am a Christian that voted Obama, twice and do not regret it and I am not outside the norm either by far. I’m just using that as an example. Religion is not Christianity and never was. Politics is not about religion, it is about a distribution of power that has become ineffective, biased and unbalanced. The media is not about the next free and available story for all, it is about what pays the bills to sustain it. And therefore you hit the nail on the head…. elitism seeks to erase all value in and of – differences, and respect and accountability in those differences to maintain the rights and dignity for all. Elitism by its own virtue decays anything but self and self interest. Also loved the part about the poor. Hugs~

  4. GP Cox says:

    Granted – we have crazy politicians, too many laws, laws that aren’t strict enough, and people who make a living by protesting. BUT the other day as I ate at Burger King, I looked out the window, watched the cars and people go by stores on ever corner and a tree-lined residential community behind it and wondered – WHY THE HECK DO PEOPLE COMPLAIN SO MUCH? – WHAT MORE COULD THEY ASK FOR?

    • theburningheart says:

      Not much more, but you know it’s in the nature of people, to complain, and be cranky, about almost anything!
      Thank you for your comment, we appreciate it. 🙂

  5. it is hard to understand how American society has come into such a crisis ..,

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, the reasons are complex, and difficult to understand for most people, even Americans, who are divided ideologically, in different political Worldviews, that are at conflict with each other, under the whole thing, there’s a lot of hubris inherited from such ideologies, like Imperialism, a word better known abroad, than in America itself, where most people see intervention, wars we provoke abroad, countries we bomb, as a just retribution for imaginary offenses, or simple pragmatic reasons of convenience to advance the goals of our foreign policy, and domestic issues, that by the way can be very shortsighted, based on the premise, of a quick practical gain return, if more problems arise later, we will deal with them in equal measure later!
      There’s a lot of pragmatic cynicism on high levels, who seek power, control, and monetary gains, as the only thing worth working for, disregarding the ideals of a:

      Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. – Abraham Lincoln –

      In other words as our Native Americans soon discovered that the white men spoke with a forked tongue. The phrase “speaks with a forked tongue” means to deliberately say one thing and mean another or, to be hypocritical, or act in a duplicitous manner.
      A tactic that most politicians worldwide are known for, and common also in America, where we enjoy from many privileges yet, but democracy gradually has been eroded to the point our founding fathers would be turning in their graves, if they could see how much things have changed.
      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  6. foodinbooks says:

    It’s strange to think that the majority of Americans, who I firmly believe really do want the same things, have allowed themselves to become so schismed. Maybe this is simplistic of me, but I think when it comes down to it, most of us want a safe place to live, a decent place to raise our kids, a good job and decent economic development. Of course, how we get there is a whole other story. Which is where your post comes in. It’s excellent as always, and very thought-provoking. Very glad we have your voice in the blogging world.

    • theburningheart says:

      I believe there’s a lot of hidden interests who use politics as means to advance their cause, and as the saying attributed to the father of Alexander the Great, Phillip of Macedonia: Divide and rule, or divide and conquer, it holds true, today, as yesterday.
      That our current powers behind the shades, use politics, to polarize people inflaming people’s mind with ideas of Us, vs them to do just that, divide us and forget that working together we could accomplish so much more, but their interest lays in their profit, not in our cause, keep people ignorant, and fighting each other over political trifles, allow them to keep things as they want.
      Thank you for your nice comment. 🙂

  7. This is a brief excerpt from a recent email I received from a friend. (skipping over the litany of details leading to his conclusion):
    “I have been here long enough now to be able to say to anyone who thinks America is way ahead of other countries, they should come to Singapore and see what a proper city looks like. … It makes me think that old American arrogance about us being better than anywhere else was maybe true years ago, but it sure isn’t true today.”

    I’ve come to believe that the only people who still think that America is somehow **exceptional** are those who haven’t traveled to any other, modern, industrial/post-industrial countries in the last two decades. The US benefited greatly from its physical isolation during WWII, emerging from a Great Depression that might otherwise have marked the end of its capitalist experiment as the only great economy not bombed or burned into oblivion. Consequently, the US enjoyed several decades without competition for know-how, wealth, or resources. But that all seemed to have run its course by the 80’s; and I think that’s about where we became stuck.

    The World Economic Forum seems to have a pretty accurate assessment of the US nowadays, as a nation that finds it’s only real remaining strength in the sheer size of its economy. Infrastructure, transportation, education, health care, Internet and communications, macroeconomics and trade, economic mobility, crime-rates and humane social services, government efficiency, debt service… even our institutions of democratic governance… the US has simply fallen off the charts on many of these.

    There are still many worthwhile American ideals, however. I’m utilizing one of them right now in my ability to freely express myself. I just wish more Americans could see how much better this country could be for its own people if we weren’t so fearfully isolated and backward-looking. The only real way forward is… forward. But it seems that many Americans, frustrated in the sense that simple birthright no longer assures hegemony, are now willing to hand even those last American prerogatives away to demagoguery thinly cloaked in the anachronistic jingoism of patriotism, religion, and “security”.

    • theburningheart says:

      So true, so nice of you to share this comment, it hit the nail on the head!
      And hopefully be read by all the people who visit this post.
      Many thanks to you for sharing it! 🙂

  8. pjlazos says:

    Such a sad ending to the incredible experiment that was democracy. Don’t know why some people can’t handle it.

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, as I mentioned, its a complex matter, Americans have a great History, with many accomplishments, but also with it, a lot of hubris, others would like to take credit for themselves from our forefathers great deeds, without them doing anything to be better, or deserve the praise, just living on credit, that by the way already ran out, many who do, they do not travel, or do not care to hear other people’s opinions, because our also traditional isolation, creates a sort of narcissism, who impede them to see things as they are, rather than as they imagine.themselves to be.
      We all know people infatuated with themselves, for no reason but their own conceited, and pretentious reasons, that cannot take any constructive criticism, without getting all unglued, or bent out of shape.

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  9. When I was young I thought that America and it’s people were exceptionel, but now, not much of this feeling has remained! How sad. Thank you for your toughing contribution.:)

    • theburningheart says:

      I had the same admiration for America as you did, until I lived there for 31 years, and it took some years, before I could grasp some understanding of the many faces you encounter in America, that by the way it’s not homogeneous, like it’s true for any other country, there’s great diversity of people, and opinions, some extremely well informed, well traveled, sophisticated, and knowledgeable, wise about the state of affairs in their country, and around the world.
      But of course you have some who are not, and exercising their freedom of speech, sometimes, seem to be the ones who elect themselves to be the spokesman from all of us and say many stupid things, and do stuff, which not all of us agree with, and many of us we loathe.

      Thank you Martina for your comment! 🙂

      • In my country the very positive attitude towards USA and their people especially came from what they did in the second world war. This thankfulness and trust may already have been exaggerated!
        My daughter fell in love with an American Indian from L.A. who was here various times and I remember very well how important it was for him to protect nature and he frequently repeated that there was much to much food and squandering all around him!
        It is, of course, true that we all make too many mistakes.
        Have a pleasant evening.:) Martina

      • theburningheart says:

        Yes, it is true, there’s too much waste, and despite conservation efforts, too much ecological careless, and unsound practices mainly associated with despoiling Mother Earth, for profit, without consideration to the damages we are inflicting, not only on the environment, but the consequences we will eventually we all would have to pay, for such reckless behavior. passing the buck, to future generations, to deal with it.

        Thank you for your input Martina. 🙂

      • Mother Earth has already started to revenge!! Have a very good day.:) Martina

      • theburningheart says:

        We wish you the best, also! 🙂

  10. For me, it’s a depressing time we live in. I find it hard to believe just how many right-wing crazies and other intolerant people are in the USA (and in much of the rest of the world too). Very disturbing.

    Take care —

    Neil S.

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, I share your feeling, it’s like if we haven’t learn anything from History, I guess each generation, needs to learn the hard way.

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂

  11. leggypeggy says:

    A riveting post, full so much truth. Thank you for all your efforts to put it together. Thanks also to the many commenters.

  12. I’ve been thinking about the issues you mentioned. It is so that America has lost its advantageous position. I am not that happy in Canada, but I think the States really stand out when it comes to inequality. And the health problems and guns, yes, it is probably past the point of no return.

    • theburningheart says:

      To say the least the USA it’s a place of contrast, and inequalities, most people do not see that, they just see a Hollywood version of America, even within America, people too sheltered in their own niches, communities, or just their beliefs with little contact with realities outside their daily life.
      In Los Angeles for example there’s wealthy neighborhoods, whose people boast to each other, from never crossing beyond certain street towards the East!
      The closer the name of the street to their own neighborhood, tells me the degree of self pampered delusions, and the snob pretensions they live, sheltered by their own isolation from what they see as the ugly side of America, a reality too shocking for them to have anything to do with, and therefore the boast of never crossing the demarcation line, established on their own mind, beyond certain street, that they consider the border of their fairy tale kingdom!

      Thank you Inese for your comment. 🙂


  14. unclerave says:

    I read the first handful of quotes, and then jumped down to Like the post, and played the George Carlin compilation. I’ve long agreed with him about America being BS. From the “Founding Fathers” just being a bunch of rich bastards who didn’t want to pay taxes, to the lies of the Civil War being about “freeing the slaves”, and the opportunism of getting into both the World Wars at just the right time. Not to mention the continuing BS about why we have our finger in every pot in the Middle East, and all the African countries that are predominantly Islamic. Nobody ever hated anybody “for their freedoms”! That’s just another example of the lies they tell us to keep us in line. Too much of the world hates us because the U.S. does whatever it wants, with complete impunity. Far too many of us are ignorant, because we’ve forgotten how – or we’re too afraid – to question things. — YUR

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, unfortunately I have to agree, with most of what you say, many people in America are ignorant of how people see us around the World, and our leaders keep through our media, a dishonest, and paid network of information, with a propagandist, brainwashing agenda to make sure we go along with their bull shit, and not to find a way of get them out of office, and replace them with honest people who will care about the real issues, and the common welfare of the people, rather than to serve as mercenaries for shameful, lucrative, interests, and to lining their own pockets.

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

      • unclerave says:

        Keep in touch, friend. There are not enough of us who see things as they really are. — YUR

      • theburningheart says:

        Sure, do as well, and keep in touch, thanks for the comments. 🙂

  15. Forrest Pasky says:

    This was a very good piece.
    I especially liked the quote by Zbigniew Brzezinski.

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, I like it too, specially that part: “the spokespersons of their anxieties are, in most cases, stunningly ignorant.”
      Thank you for your comment Forrest, we appreciate it. 🙂

  16. Christy B says:

    Very good reflections here, my friend. You do give much to think about, and not just for the US or where you live… The part about homelessness resonated with me as we have a big number of street people here given the relatively small size of our city. There are initiatives to help them but many insist on living independently on the street… I don’t know, sometimes I wish they would accept a giving hand.. of course every person is different and I don’t know their details… But it does make me sad. Thank you for your intelligent posts!

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, part of the problem is that help come with obligations, specially if it comes from Government sources, and some of them are mentally disable, and just cannot abide by any rules, or regulations, or find too difficult to meet the requirements, others just prefer the relative freedom they enjoy, some even get a regular check, but prefer to spend it freely in whatever they want, rather than in housing accommodations, reasons are many, and some complicated by their particular problems, that can be very different from each individual.
      I have talk to many of them, I do not know if you have, but some have told me their reasons, from irresponsibility like they just do not want to work anymore, either because sickness, or just do not want to pay alimony, and child support, or simply are tired of working for a pittance, and decided to drop out of the rat race, most they lost their jobs, and where evicted, and once in the streets they fell prey to drugs, alcoholism, depression, abuse in shelters, some of them are just too old, and have no relatives, or they cannot count on them to help them, having not enough money, and lack of interest in most people already burden with many worries of their own, to be worrying about someone else, etc.
      Basically a failure from our society, and our Governments to deal with the problem.

      Thank you Christy for your nice comment! 🙂

      • Christy B says:

        Oh dear friend, thank you for explaining more of the latter issue to me. I volunteered at a shelter and heard various accounts of mistreatment in society, yes. What you say in this comment fills in gaps in my knowledge. You are so intelligent – I always crave to learn more when chatting with you!

        On a different note, I thank you for your support, both financial and emotional. You are a beautiful soul. 🌞🌹

      • theburningheart says:

        You are very kind with me, Christy.
        Have a lovely day! 🙂

      • Christy B says:

        Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day too! 🌹

  17. mizqui says:

    Awesome composition; I enjoyed its dimensions. Wooo!

  18. Maria says:

    I think the backing away from the Paris Agreement by the U.S. was a harmful decision. The Paris Agreement, aka ‘Paris climate accord’, is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, and U.S. backed away from it. It did not do justice to the very many environmentalists that do live in the U.S. and want to be proactive with decisions about climate change in general.

    • theburningheart says:

      On August 4, 2017, the Trump Administration delivered an official notice to the United Nations that the U.S. intends to withdraw from the Paris Agreement as soon as it is legally eligible to do so.
      Sad but not surprising, since Mr. Trump a blatant president, not of the people who elected him , but from the Plutocrat class he belongs to.
      As to for why people fall over, and over again, on the trap of voting against their own interests, well in reality there’s not too much choice out there, Obama’s record on the environment was also ambivalent at the least, plagued by let’s not antagonize conservatives, and gain votes, and do not talk about climate change, but about strategies to downplay the issue, with lame, and mostly ineffective measures to attack the great problem itself.
      Our country it’s seen as a reactionary, and dangerous to the welfare of other countries, the world at large, and our own unwilling citizens, who has to suffer the people who is in power, with their private agendas, rather than for them to follow the lead of the majority, and the welfare of all.

      Thank you Maria for your comment. 🙂

  19. oldpoet56 says:

    This is a very good article so I am going to reblog this for you.

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