Dresden 1945

The twenty century has been marked by cynicism,

selfishness, greed, and the desire to please,

all without changing the status quo.

In the 21st we must resurrect solidarity and


Oscar Arias, Nobel Peace 1986


A century of wars, and failed utopias

At the beginning of the Twenty century the world was involved in a class struggle over a hundred years old, since the French revolution, the American independence, the beginning of the end of colonization, and old Empires, monarchies become obsolete, and state nations like America surged here, and there, in other parts like in Russia the monarchy come to a bloody end, after the hecatomb of the First World War, basically a scramble for power between old, and outdated Empires, as the British, Austro Hungarian, German, Russian, and Ottoman Empires. And the start of America flexing it’s new power around the globe.

The Russian revolution saw the emergence of Socialism, and the utopia of communism, a reign of terror of unimaginable proportions, First World War was just a preamble to the unsolved problems of what yet was to come The Horrific World War II that culminated in the destruction of most of Europe, were not only soldiers fought and lost their lives, but also civilian population was involved and not spared, along with genocide, and not only of Jews, but of many other people like Chinese, Asians of many nations, Eastern Europeans, and even the Japanese bombed twice with atomic bombs, as for the need of it with Japan on the brink of collapse justifications are numerous, but of dubious necessity, or credibility.

A cold war soon after, and an armament race that exhausted Soviet Russia, but empowered brutal capitalism and an industry based on manufacturing weapons instead of looking for a better use of science in the benefit of society at large. Mini wars here, and there, all over the globe feeding the war industrialist, and solidifying Capitalism, and shoving it down the throats of undeveloped Nations all over the world.

A sad, and shameless History was the Twenty Century if you ask me, and so far on this new Century doesn’t look any better!

A Sad Twenty Century

The facts about the twenty century and our current condition

No, I do not live with the idea that past times were always better, but neither believe that our time it’s the best ever. It is hard to describe this without being accused of nostalgic idealization of the past, and biased interpretation of History. It’s hard to quantify the degree of deterioration to the quality of life, not only of the privileged, as well of those living in poverty, and disadvantaged, life that has been cheapened and debased, despite the so much vaunted progress, in every sphere of knowledge, and technology, social inequality still reigns unabashedly in most parts of the world, regardless of the relative comparisons between what they didn’t have in past centuries, to our days, since if they lacked many of the advances in technology, science, medicine, and the many trinkets we enjoy today, nevertheless, they enjoyed a more tranquil, and quieter life without the fast pace, and stress  imposed on us since the Advent of modernity,  slavery has been abolished in the Nineteen century, but another type of hopeless servitude still exist well and alive now days in many parts of the world.

The American dream

Few examples are necessary to prove my point, people with only a few   years of school made more money, and lived in bigger, and more comfortable surroundings, than most people in their present life today, many mothers as housewives  never needed to look for a job, they enjoyed a quieter life, and at more relaxed surroundings than most of us do, herded in crowded apartment buildings, and run down neighborhoods,  and neither commuted two hours just to get to work, never the worker was asked to do so much work for less money, as plutocrats now days take for granted you will work for less, not since the time of the industrial revolution the progress of labor have being so dismal. Some may argue the past generation they were smarter, or better than we are now days, being called by some, “The greatest Generation” a myth if I had heard of one, if anything they should be called “The Great War Generation” (That by the way wasn’t WWI but WWII) who just happened to benefit from the work brought by an Industrial war machinery, and from Roosevelt’s New deal together with the GI bill who granted free education for veterans, unlike now days were you have to pay dearly for an education, even to the point to be saddled with debt for the rest of your life! But we also witness that despite their great assets, they also  suffered substantial set backs on their later years, as  result of the new winds of change enveloping all of us in the new game of greater effort, more skills, and bigger sacrifices demanded from you, for less rewards, a common state of affairs we live now days, nevertheless they fared  way better than my generation, were we now endure this trend even from early age where you have to compete as a child through the years we need to spend in school where more is demanded from you, as a preparation for the work ordeal you got to face, and endure now days, for far less return, and without a job security as our fathers took for granted, but a shifty, insecure, and for precarious prospects, with the consequent deterioration, and diminishing in the quality of life for the majority. Like if by the mere fact of your existence you would not deserve, or grant you a fair chance, and decent conditions of living, but have to wrestle it away from other less lucky. My question to you is, what sort of benefit it’s to live under these so much vaunted conditions of  “Freedom and Democracy”? When you are not even a person but a consumer=a sheep to be fleeced! Just read an article were old medicine drugs, costing a dollar, and necessary for many people suffering decease, are revamped and sell in new patents for over $500 dollars! These type of abuse its an everyday occurrence so common as to be relegated to the back pages of the newspapers.


 In Brief, an outmoded, and obsolete form of government.

We remain as spectators, and helpless victims of a political system that now days it’s as inefficient, and out of pace with our current needs, whose only  reason for it’s existence is to enrich the few, and as useless as Monarchy was at the beginning of the Twenty Century, it just doesn’t work and we need to shake it!

There is a chasm that keep on widening, fueled by rampant privatization, mass incarceration, the demolition of the welfare state, a consumer culture, the corruption by money of the democratic process, a failed judicial branch of government, police militarization, military solutions, instead of diplomacy, that favors interests rather than justice, global inequality,   the despoliation of resources of the poor countries, by the rich countries, the subjugation of the same nations by credits who benefit few, but saddle the countries with enormous unpayable debt, the spread of a capitalistic global octopus who cares little what may be the result of such despoliation, and governments that in fact are accomplices of such barbaric enterprises, but above all the corrosive lie that they keep spreading; that things can’t be different or be changed, propagated by a media apparatus of Orwellian proportions, whose labor it’s to control opinion, by a relentless barrage of misinformation, that keep people brainwashed in to believing any effort to confront them it’s futile, and useless, and to accept as normal what should be intolerable.

Progress now day

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  1. broodjejaap says:

    Yes the middle class American Dream has collapsed. No perspective for jobs and improvements for the young. Same in Europe. NeoLib economic policies based on mechanical mindset have reached their limit. Wevhavevto re-learn to cope with complexity and unexpected changes. No more utopias please, but each of you find ways to create value and share in commons.

    • sherazade says:

      The Same in Italy! But rich people is more rich and the middle class collapsed.

    • theburningheart says:

      I agree, however don’t believe the people on top caring for a change, so some shaking from the bottom it’s necessary, as to how it will develop, I have no idea, but it will come.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. Enigma says:

    Great and absolute true article.

    • theburningheart says:

      Thank you for your comment, however as to the relevance of the youtube clip on Hillary believe to be of little importance Hillary, or Trump who cares?
      They both work to uphold the system in place!
      It’s from different means change will come. 🙂

  3. Sha'Tara says:

    I find it difficult to comment to this post because I agree with so much, maybe all of it. Certainly I “get it” and it leaves another mark in my mind. The question would be, what do “WE” do? And my answer is, “WE” can do nothing. Every form of collective effort to change society for the better has peaked and failed and we’re going down another failure: that of technocracy and globalism replacing imperial and organized religion conquest and control. However, if “WE” can’t do anything, “I” can. This coming age, if man is to survive it, is going to be the age of the self empowered individual, and the individual who is going to demolish the current morally and spiritually bankrupt powers is going to be the one who chooses a compassionate lifestyle. NO MORE COMPETITION.

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, is the individual who will change things, therefore the importance of not voting at the polls to bring change, vote with your wallet!
      Many small wallets can bring the change, stop buying what they sell, and that will bring an end to it. Be very mindful of spending every dollar, and not giving it in to the wrong hands, they live by money so we need to starve them, I know it would not be easy as it sounds, but we need to start somewhere the popular phrase some years ago of “Think globally, act locally.” It’s the key to change, everybody need to be mindful, and as individuals you only need to begin at home, with yourself and the people who it’s close to you.

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂

      • Sha'Tara says:

        I so heartily endorse your comment. I’ve boycotted “voting” for about 35 years now and haven’t watched TV for the same amount of time. I’ve also become very conscious of what I buy, why, and who from. Essentially I’ve been practicing a form of Gandhian “satyagraha” or non-violent non-cooperation while focusing on being there for people who need help when I can give it.

  4. sherazade says:

    Difficile nn essere d accordo con la tua analisi! Il passato con i suoi molti errori ma la capacità collettiva di farsene carico. Oggi c è uno scollamento totale tra la politica autocelebrativa e i bisogni delle persone.
    Resistere!? In Italia i partiti tradizionali sono esauriti e i nuovi movimenti nn reggono alle pressioni.
    Dinuovo Bell articolo peccato la mia risposta in italiano 😵

    • Sha'Tara says:

      I tried translate on your Italian. I got this: Nn d be hard to agree with your analysis! The past with its many mistakes but the collective ability to assume it. Today there is a total disconnect between the self-congratulatory policy and the needs of people.
      Resist!? In Italy the traditional parties are exhausted and new nn movements hold the pressure.
      Dinuovo Bell Article sin my answer in Italian

      In essence, you agree with the article’s main point? What does “nn” mean?

    • theburningheart says:

      Non ti preoccupare abbiamo capito, sì, le persone al vertice non si preoccupano, come un dato di fatto che non vogliono cambiare.
      Pane con nuova lievito è necessario.
      Grazie per il tuo commento, Sherazade! 🙂

  5. All of the terrible developments you describe are symptoms of our inability to understand who we are. What separates us from primates? A single pair of chromosomes. That’s oversimplifying, but the point is, our minds tell us we are in charge of ourselves, we’re “better” than other species, better than inanimate objects, and that what we do is conscious. In fact, little of what we do is what you and I would think of as conscious. Our minds, ever agile, are always adapting, finding patterns, telling us how to react and what is “right” and “wrong.”

    Individually, we are not capable of “fixing” the torrent of environmental and social problems we’ve created. That doesn’t mean we can’t fix things, or at least help our native surroundings fix themselves.

    First step: recognize we’re part of something much bigger. We’re dependent on the environment in which we evolved, and as we change it, we’re going to run into trouble. The ability to look into our own heads and observe our own mechanisms doesn’t mean we’re “better” than other creatures or things. Our prejudices, greed, destructiveness, all stem from evolutionary adaptations. We have to “trick”ourselves into learning to use them better.

    I agree—we will likely fail, and this version of homo sapiens, the latest of several, might be replaced. But behind the headlines, billions of people are working on interesting solutions. We might not fail.

    • theburningheart says:

      I totally agree with you, and furthermore, because there are people who think as you do, we may have some hope, we do not like to be a Cassandra wailing to the Trojans.
      Change it’s needed and it will come, we may be ready or not, and could be ugly, or perhaps those billions of people working anonymously may save us, who knows?
      Even if I believe the world will be saved by the few, and not by the many.
      Thank you for your interest, and lovely comment! 🙂

  6. Christy B says:

    I understand where you are coming from but what I want to see are changes for the U.S… Including fair treatment to all, rather than holding a select few in privileged positions… But I do not know how to “fix” a system that is already so far gone… Thank you for discussing this important issue; just talking about it is a great way to start to seek out solutions. 🙂

    • theburningheart says:

      Well as to how? The simplest of answers it’s to discard it!
      I know it will not be easy, and we may have to face upheaval, but change will come, we like it or not, that is a fact of life. We only can hope it may not be too painful..?
      Thank you Christy, we always appreciate your comments! 🙂

  7. oldpoet56 says:

    You are a fantastic writer, I have now read two of your articles and I am very impressed with your knowledge and of you ability to communicate it to your readers. I ma very glad that you liked one of my articles other wise I may never have come across your site.

  8. oldpoet56 says:

    Reblogged this on Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world and commented:
    Folks, please read this mans work, his material is wise and very well written.

  9. Geo Sans says:

    corporations having rights
    of a person
    without humanity
    hatred, anger, competition, violence
    we’re all guilty
    of creating our monsters
    guide us
    to inner peace

  10. Has there ever been a century without a lot of wars? Sadly, I think not! 😦

    • theburningheart says:

      You are right, however after 2 World wars, the United Nations, scientific breakthroughs, the landing on the Moon, etc. A new age of enlightenment seemed to be at our doors, remember reading in a very popular magazine in the sixties, that by the year 2,000 there would not be wars, or hunger, health care would be free, and in fact nobody would have to work for a living!
      Well…Look around now we don’t seem to be anywhere near that goal, that could have being possible, or at least a lot better. For all our vaunted progress things do not seem to get better, but worse, and it’s not only a matter of perspective, or positive attitude, to look at the bright side of things, Global warming, Ecological disasters, hunger, wars here, and there, corporate greed, obsolete governments, and the very real possibility of more and bigger troubles coming our way..

      Well I guess the only thing we have left is our Faith, and the ever after, right?

      Thank you for your comment, and keep the Faith! 🙂 .

  11. marzia says:

    Your analysis of this historical period is precise and final. I thank you because studied American history, but not only for war of secession and civil.

  12. LazyHaze says:

    Well written…I enjoyed reading your point of view🙂

  13. natuurfreak says:

    Like always interesting post

  14. The last century was harsh and more violent than any of the previous century. So the question is really, where do we go from here?

    • theburningheart says:

      Well, that’s a very good question, we know the problems well, we even know the solutions to many of them, but what we lack it’s the willingness of the powers that stand opposite to those solutions, too many selfish interests stand in opposition to take action, and clean up the mess.
      At the bottom of it, vice, and the lack of virtue, in most of us, it’s at the center of the problem. I can predict the future not through a vision, or magic, but to the logical consequences to our wrong behavior, and so, is like knowing that if you keep feeding yourself with the wrong, and unhealthy foods, you will eventually end sick, and with serious health issues.
      The proverb: ‘an ounce of prevention it’s worth a pound of cure’ stand true today as always, but the question is are we willing as a World society at large, to move ahead and do the right things, on the many problems that we suffer?
      I will like to be an optimist on this issue, but very likely we will try to do something when our own survival will be at a stake. And as to how effective we will be? Your guess will be as good as mine. 🙂


  15. Laura Bennet says:

    Thank you for visiting my site. I’m glad you found something helpful. I appreciate your intriguing insights. I believe we’re all searching for a better way and life. Government is not the answer, in my opinion. It seems we share that idea. I’ve personally found that our existence is because of and sustained by a God who loves us deeply and jealously and willingly gave of himself for us. The “world” goes its own way trying to make life work, but God’s way is the only way for us to live fulfilled, meaningful lives. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    • theburningheart says:

      We only can live with Faith on a meaningful, all encompassing purpose, where Love, and Justice will prevail.
      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  16. johnlmalone says:

    you sure pack a lot into your posts. I will have to devote time soon to read a few with the diligence required.I remember Dresden through ‘Slaughterhouse 5″

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, it’s a bad habit of mine, but you know how it is when you are creating a post, sometimes you even throw the kitchen sink, as well.

      Thank you for visiting, and commenting, you are welcome anytime. 🙂

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