When I let go of what I am,
I become what I might be.

Lao Tzu

We generally think we know what we want, and some of us may think they know who they are, but if you consider the question you will find  most of us do not know what we want, we do not know who we are, and what is worst we do not know even what we are doing, or where are we going!
We may have an idea of what we have to do, or even a precise plan to achieve it, but how many times you find that the thing you coveted for so long, was not the thing that brought you satisfaction, the way you dream it will?
Why this lack of plenitude, and satisfaction?
Why this feeling of vagueness, and lack of ultimate meaning?
What is the purpose of life?
What is our destiny?
Our sex is given by our chromosomes, our name was given to us by our Parents, our relatives by our family, our Nationality was given to us by our Country, our Profession, by our studies, our work, by our job, our identity by the sum of all this accidents, sometimes premeditated, but in most cases random, following an impulse, or poorly made decisions, so who really are We?There’s no reality except the one contained within us.
“That’s why so many people live an unreal life.
They take images outside them for reality
and never allow the world within them to assert itself.”
Hermann Hesse

In order to be really comprehensive the whole system of knowledge about human being should be based on the premise that man is not a body, but a consciousness, i.e. living energy, capable of self-awareness and possessing mind and memory. The body is merely a transient habitat for the consciousness.

So what is this Reality contained within us, and that at the same time contain us?

Thoughts arise because of the thinker.
The thinker is the ego, which if sought
will automatically vanish.

Ramana Maharishi

In Advaita philosophy, individual souls are called Jīvātman, and the Highest Brahman is called Paramātman. The Jivatman and the Paramatman are known to be one and the same when the Jivatman attains the true knowledge of the Brahman (Sanskrit. Brahmajñāna) . In the context of Advaita, the word Paramatman is invariably used to refer to Nirguna Brahman, (The Supreme Reality without form, quality, or attributes, God as Transcendent)
with Ishvara (Deity, God) and Bhagavan (God Incarnate as Krisna, or Vishnu, and analogous to Christ, or any Man-God Archetype as a personified Deity) being terms used to refer to Brahman with qualities, or Saguna Brahman (The personification of this Supreme Being through Avatars like Narayana, Vasudeva, and for any purpose the Incarnation or manifestation of God in Men, and the almost infinitude of forms )
We have come to understand that what we call our ego, our thoughts is illusory, We have forsaken, buried in a layer of desires, and dreams, the Divine Spark that lay in wait to be recognized as the Real. So we have to wake up of this dream called the World in order to awake to the perennial Reality immersed in ourselves, We can work to discover this truth that is eternally present. The Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, it is necessary for us to like a serpent shed our old skin to bring a feathered new skin, like a Quetzalcoatl, of ancient Mesoamerica.
Quetzalcoatl in Nahuatl for the Aztecs, and Toltec, Kukulkan for the Maya, it is the Feathered Serpent, or the Morning Star; Venus. As a word of caution most archeologists seem to know very little about Symbolism, preferring to tie their investigation with a more concrete interpretation base in common assumptions of our days, in other words  if I do not worry about, but for the practical things of life, like food, material goods, that would help me to survive and prosper in daily life, why the Toltecs, Maya, or any other ancient Civilization barely post-agrarian should deal with complex Religious, Ontological issues, far more fit for sophisticated individual dealing in abstract Philosophical, Spiritual Symbols? Well, it is not Quetzalcoatl this feathered Serpent, a supreme Symbol found in Pyramids and all sort of ancient ruins all over Mesoamerica? Indicating the obvious concern of this Civilizations for Alchemical Symbols of Spiritual Transformation? Here you have a Symbol if there is one!
There is of course the Myth of Aztlan: Nahuatl legends relate that seven tribes lived in Chicomoztoc, or “the place of the seven caves”. Each represented a different Nahua group: The Xochimilca, Tlahuica, Acolhua, Tlaxcalan, Tepaneca, Chalca, and Mexica.
Because common linguistic origin those groups are also called Nahuatlaca, or Nahua people. This tribes left the seven caves and settled in Aztlan or Aztatlan.The various descriptions of Aztlan are semi-Mythical in nature described as an Earthly Paradise.
But because of persecution by a tyrant elite in  Aztlan, a group, the Mexica, guided by a wise, visionary  priest split from Aztlan going south in order to fullfill the priest Myth-Vision Dream of the place for Tenochtitlan the capital city of the Aztec civilization, consisting of the Mexica  people, founded in 1325.
The state religion of the Aztec civilization awaited the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy: that the wandering tribes would find the destined site for a great city whose location would be signaled by an eagle eating a snake while perched atop a cactus. The Aztecs saw this vision on what was then a small swampy island in Lake Texcoco, a vision that is now immortalized in Mexico’s coat of arms and on the Mexican flag.
Not deterred by the unfavorable terrain, they set about building their city, using the chinampa system (misnamed as “floating gardens”) for agriculture and to dry and expand the island.A thriving culture developed, and the Aztec civilization came to dominate other tribes all around Mexico. The small natural island was perpetually enlarged as Tenochtitlan grew to become the largest and most powerful city in Mesoamerica.  Commercial routes were developed that brought goods from places as far as the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean,  and perhaps even the Inca Empire.

The serpent that represent the mundane wisdom, or the lower traits of Man, is transformed by the feathers of the Quetzal the most beatiful bird of Mesoamerica.
There is a myriad of analogous symbols throughout the History of Mankind in different lands and at a different time like those of Kundalini, Scorpio-Aquila, and Ophiuchus.

Of lately we have heard a lot about Ophiuchus, some ignorant astronomers in Symbolism, and some other more misguided individuals pretend to change Tropical Astrology which is different from Sidereal Astrology that deals with the Astrological Ages, or the Platonic year that a cycle last 25, 920 years which is the phenomenon of the precession of the Equinoxes a shift of the Earth North axial pole angle that shifts approximately one degree every 72 years. So now some people is talking about adding Ophiuchus as a thirteen sign in the Zodiac, in reality it is well known in Esoteric Astrology the role of the Constellation of the Aquila, that transform the energies of the Constellation of Scorpio a crawling poisonous insect in to a flying Eagle, a symbol no different than the Aztec Eagle devouring a Serpent! In any case Ophiuchus, either Asclepius with the Serpent of Wisdom (Kundalini) or Laocoon,  or even Tiresias, who poking at two serpents copulating,  was transformed in to a woman, and back in to a man later, the Serpent represents Wisdom, and transformation, the shedding of the skin and it is no doubt that fight between the lower instinctive forces in Man to transform like in Alchemy transforming the lower metal of lead in to Spiritual Gold. This Eagle it is also represented by Ganymede the cup bearer of Zeus, Aquarius in the Zodiac.
Other symbol of Transformation and of Sacred Origin is the Chinese Dragon, a Heavenly Creature symbol of the Superior Man, the ruler of the common men, the Emperor, that contrary to the West were it is a Symbol that belong to the lower subconscious forces, as a raw nature, a jealous guardian of a treasure in need to be redeemed by the inner higher powers in Man.

Chinese Dragons and the Pearl

Many pictures of Oriental dragons contain a pearl. Dragons with this dragon pearl, found normally under their chin, would be filled with the power to ascend to heaven [the Eastern dragon ascending in a cloud or in the sky can be taken to be symbolic of “success in life”]. The pearl would multiply whatever it touched and is said to contain the dragon’s immense wisdom. Hence it is also known as the Pearl of Knowledge. Some also believe that it symbolises the dragon as the “keeper of the Tao”, Tao referring to the perfectly balanced Yin and Yang symbol. The pearl is also associated with wealth, good luck, and prosperity.

In the Epistle of Mathew we read in chapter 13

44 “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.45“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. 46When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.In the Hymn of Judas Thomas the Apostle in the country of the Indians we read:
It flew in the form of the Eagle,
Of all the winged tribes the king-bird;It flew and alighted beside me,
And turned into speech altogether.At its voice and the sound of its winging,
I waked and arose from my deep sleep.Unto me I took it and kissed it;
I loosed its seal and I read it.

E’en as it stood in my heart writ,
The words of my Letter were written.


I remembered that I was a King’s son,
And my rank did long for its nature.

I bethought me again of the Pearl,
For which I was sent down to Egypt.

And I began [then] to charm him,
The terrible loud-breathing Serpent.

I lulled him to sleep and to slumber,
Chanting o’er him the Name of my Father,

The Name of our Second, [my Brother],
And [Name] of my Mother, the East-Queen.


And [thereon] I snatched up the Pearl,
And turned to the House of my Father.

Their filthy and unclean garments
I stripped off and left in their country.

To the way that I came I betook me,
To the Light of our Home, to the Dawn-land.

On the road I found [there] before me,
My Letter that had aroused me —

As with its voice it had roused me,
So now with its light it did lead me —


On fabric of silk, in letter of red [?],
With shining appearance before me [?],

Encouraging me with its guidance,
With its love it was drawing me onward.

I went forth; through Sarbãg I passed;
I left B~ bel-land on my left hand;

And I reached unto Maishan the Great,
The meeting-place of the merchants,

That lieth hard by the Sea-shore.


My Glorious Robe that I’d stripped off,
And my Mantle with which it was covered,

Down from the Heights of Hyrcania,
Thither my Parents did send me,

By the hands of their Treasure-dispensers
Who trustworthy were with it trusted.

Without my recalling its fashion, —
In the House of my Father my childhood had left it,–

At once, as soon as I saw it,
The Glory looked like my own self.


I saw it in all of me,
And saw me all in [all of] it, —

That we were twain in distinction,
And yet again one in one likeness.

I saw, too, the Treasurers also,
Who unto me had down-brought it,

Were twain [and yet] of one likeness;
For one Sign of the King was upon them —

Who through them restored me the Glory,
The Pledge of my Kingship [?].

The Redemption by Remembrance it is the Alchemical process the transformation of the lower Instincts of Man in to Spiritual Power, the sublimation of baser metals in to Gold, the Philosopher Stone, it is this knowledge that would bring our True Nature to shine as  inner Light within our Hearts, awakening us in to the Real Life.


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  2. Bobby says:

    Is the dragon the combination of the serpent and the bird? The unification?

    Is that where the sages ride?

    • theburningheart says:

      The Dragon being a Symbol posses many meanings, like a multifaceted jewel it would reflect in each of us a particular meaning(s). For example in the post, mention the Union of Jivatman with Paramatman accomplished by the Kundalini Serpent as in the Yoga system, of course those who obtain Yug (Union) it could be consider as an analogy of the Sages riding the Dragon.

  3. Kurtis says:

    .Many of the specifics of Aztec religion or mythology were borrowed or adopted from other Mesoamerican cultures including the adoption of specific gods and the central significance of solar and lunar cycles..The Aztecs believed that the universe was locked into a 52-year cycle and feared that if they did not please the gods the world would cease to exist when the present cycle came to an end..Famously human sacrifice played a role in Aztec religion and was reported on by Spanish explorers and writers who witnessed some of these ceremonies first-hand. The most clear and recorded viewpoint is that they were conquered by the technologically ….

  4. theburningheart says:

    Yes, the Aztecs were the new poor relatives in the Texcoco lake, Aztec supremacy in the region was meteoric, conquering other older established tribes in the area, and beyond, this same subjugated tribes not too long ago referred them as Chichimecas (Barbarians) not unlike the Greeks to their Macedonian relatives. But all the tribes in the Lake borrowed from more ancient civilizations like the Olmec, and Toltec. The fact we talk about the Aztecs now days (by the way they didn’t call themselves Aztecs, but Mexicas, the Spaniards erroneously called them Aztecs, no more than the new settlers in North America soon no longer called themselves English, or Europeans, but Americans) was to the fact that it was the predominant power at the time of the Spanish conquest, and therefore the ones of who we have today more information from Pre-Hispanic times.

  5. kethuprofumo says:

    Dear Mr. Brigido,
    why does the Western Civilization regard dragons & alike as negative symbols? I read in Furetiére’s Dictionnaire about this negative correlation as well my native mythology sees them as representatives of darkness.

    • theburningheart says:

      For the same reason we bash, and try to oppress women, and the weak, the Dragon represents the Shakti, the feminine force, the raw power from our Mother Earth, who give Us life, but devour Us at the same time, in order to transcend that force instead of sublimate it through Alchemy, and Yoga we wrongly try to suppress it, and kill it, Maria. 😦
      That’s why in the East the Sage rides the Dragon, in our Western cultures the Hero kills it. And therefore the sad state of affairs in the World today. 😦

  6. kethuprofumo says:

    I remembered a quote from Vishna Purana: “Seek God inside of you. Love to God means the beginning of any love.”

    • theburningheart says:

      Just as the new commandment:
      “A new commandment I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”
      John 13: 34.

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