SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY
Close to forty years ago when I first start to study Astrology, I was in shock, and disenchanted at finding out my Natal chart was plagued by squares, and all kind of so named bad aspects, I was shattered, and with a dismal view of my future…
Through the years due to the many calamities, and  sufferings  brought to me by Planets in transit, I become weary, and frightened by the conjunctions of the outer Planets like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto over my Sun or other Planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc.
It was not until some years ago when Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn transited over my Natal Mercury, and Sun, that contrary to the thought my Natal chart was a mess, discovered that in fact my Natal chart is a privileged gift, and that in fact was a great and unique chart.
In reality it is our attitude that makes a good or bad chart, yes, it is true that the transit of such Planets will bring many changes affecting according to the nature of the Transit, and the location of the Astrological Houses were the transit is taking place, and this can be a veritable fountain of disastrous, and pernicious consequences, bringing forth all kinds of problems. But first we have to acknowledge that the Planets are not the cause of this problems, they only signal to our past actions, and doings, that perhaps were not a model of good conduct, or moral behavior, the Planet transit mark only the time when our credit runs out and it is time to pay our debt, and if lacking maturity we are morose, and reluctant to pay.
It is to the degree of honesty, and sincerity within ourselves what allow us to judge impartially how fair were those calamities, troubles and how much we got to do with them, were not this provoked by our own past carelessness, bad behavior. are we not responsible by the events unleashed by this transits?
The apparition of the Planets beyond Saturn in modern Astrology, they are not a product of chance, their presence obey a need for Humanity to bring down old patterns of conduct, and in this way being able for individuals, and Mankind in general to put in practice a real Spiritual Alchemy, that conduct us to new, and better goals, not only in the material plane, but also in the Spiritual as well.
Uranus it is not only the Planet that brings forth Science, Technology, and a social Revolution, but also the Planet that will transform our Consciousness destroying  archaic and, fossilized  mental attitudes responsible of many evils that we as human beings suffer.
Neptune is not only the planet of bohemians, artist, drugs, dreamers, that exteriorize strangest patterns of conduct, but the Planet that brings forth true Mysticism, and high Spirituality.
Pluto affects Teluric movements, and explosive catastrophes and it is a rebel rouser  of creatures with infernal temperaments, but also frees undercurrents of psychic powers that help us to transform, and expand our Consciousness.
Of course this Planets destroy like a Tidal wave everything that obstruct their path, only those structures that as in the parable are built on the solid Rock of the Spirit, and not in the illusory sands of the ego base aspirations.
So, if we take this transits not as personal tragedy, but as an opportunity to get rid of all that impedes the transformation for the good of ourselves, we can see that a chart full of this transits, and “bad aspects” is in reality a Natal chart full of possibilities, it all depend in our ability to embrace change, and use this obstacles not as stumbling stones in our way, but as ascending steps in the ladder of Self-Transformation.
NOUR          =FIRE
ROUAH       =AIR
This well known Alchemical axiom IGNE NATURA RENOVATUR INTEGRA (It is trough fire that Nature is renew) must be understood by the individual  like the opportunity to utilize the energy of this transits in order to feed this fulcrum with our vices, material, and moral attachments.
It is in the Human nature to be afraid of pain, and suffering, symbolize by the fire from Hell were we are condemned by our bad behavior, but in reality this is the process through sentient beings learn to recognize what is good for our Spiritual growth, pain is the great Master of Life. Saturn!
Saturn exalted in Libra, the Justice. In the West , and in Christianity specifically Saturn is the fallen Angel, the Devil, Death, Evil, in the East it is considered a complementary force of God, pretty much as the role of Saturn in Western Astrology, the Master that impart Justice with a hard hand and teach the individual the straight path Lord and Master of Karma, today we enjoy the addition of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto who bring an expansion of the power of Rectitude granting Humanity new gifts, but also mayor responsibility, in this way we all are able to reach greater Realizations in the material, and Spiritual realms.
It is with the discovery of this Planets that the World seems to have set in a Path of accelerated events, that seem to succeed each other in an uninterrupted onslaught that transform Humanity, it is common to hear people complaining about the state of the World, and how we seem to go in to an uncertain future, some predict in to bigger and better things, others foresee doom, Apocalyptic scenarios.
At this point it is my belief that old an inefficient structures need to be tear down, either by our own free will, or regardless of our wishes events will tear them down usually in a violent way, and this of course doesn’t seat well with us on the beginning, but once the debris and rubble is removed we got a clean slate to build something beautiful, and better.
In this way we need to get rid of old mental conditions that slow or impede our development in to better Human beings, attachments, illusions, ego driven desires, etc. We need to empty our cups of old, stale Tea, so new fresh Tea can be pour, as in the well known Zen anecdote.
It is this food for thought, and reflexion for those who lament the influence of this Planets in our Natal charts, we could talk a lot more about it however it is the Realization that we have to change for the better what is the Imperative, and that the Planets are only symbols that are a reflection of that Imperative, and not the Imperative itself.
So lets join with enthusiasm, and optimism to this adventure on our life’s journey, lets take the obstacles of life as a challenge to transform ourselves in to better Human beings. Real Spirituality it is the only business that we gain by losing, but for the Wise man there is no loses, only profits!

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  1. asominla says:

    Very nice Brajido! I sometimes forget the importance of understanding and studying my natal chart and though I have a longing for understanding, I more often than not get lost in the illusion of life.

    I think I’m getting closer to taking another step towards my own understanding and look forward to your guidance and assistance.


  2. I am glad you think you are getting closer to your own understanding, the Chinise say that a Travel of a thousand miles start with the first step, so werever you are in that trip, mindfulness, and good intentions will help you.

  3. Marcy says:

    Nice to see you using this medium with your message. Digital alchemy … always nice to have a little mind bending going on.

  4. Hi. I wished to let you know that some parts of your site are tricky to scan for me, as I’m color blind. I have problems with tritanopia, however there are other types of color blindness that may also have difficulties. I can understand most of the web site Okay, and those parts I have difficulties with I am able to read by using a special browser. Just the same, it would be cool if you could keep in mind us color-blind types when undertaking your next site redesign. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great post. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Big thumbs up – thanks!

  7. Flash Factory says:

    Top info:. have you got further information on this matter ASTROLOGY SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY | Kone, Krusos, Kronos ? Thanks !

    • theburningheart says:

      Yes, I will publish further posts on similar subjects, you can also check , Aquila, Ophiuchus, Quetzalcoatl, Alchemy of Transformation, and The Mother of all Sciences.

  8. dleeper13 says:

    I really like the way you write, not only stylistically, but in substance as well. My friend Patrick Roch, introduced me to your site after one of our spiritual discussions, and I was wondering if you do star/natal charts? If so, please let me know, so I can forward you all my pertinent information. I look forward to hearing from you brother.

    Much peace, love and tranquility to you,


  9. Larisa Peva says:

    Sabes que cada que leo tu blog, encuentro algo nuevo… avanzo y regreso a retomar el principio…

  10. kethuprofumo says:

    Great! As well Astrologists themselves must change their conception of negative future they like to impose just right before serious transits.

    • theburningheart says:

      The Stars are just the flags, that indicate you need to go to a transformation due to your Karma, that is closing on you!

      Thank you Maria! 🙂

  11. Steven Davis says:

    I love your philosophy about how to use and process astrology. Thankyou. Steven

  12. Steven Davis says:

    I love your philosophy on the purpose of studying astrology. I never fail to find something of use there. Thanks for your precious words.

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