In my dreams the town represents sort like the ‘Land of the Father’ Paradise, and arriving at my Father’s and Grandma place, sort of represent the Divine in it’s Masculine attributes, or Heavenly Father, in many dreams my goal is to reach that house through the long road South…
In November of 2006 I did, even if arriving not from the North as in my childhood, but from the South, the old house was locked, and abandoned, in a great state of disrepair, my cousin before he moved my aunts out to another city made a great job of restoring the house, so it was very sad and heartbreaking to see it in such state of abandon…


I was able to stare through an open window, and through a hole in the door, where a crude chain and padlock replaced the keyhole, it is funny the way memory works, details inside the house forgotten already I could recognize with no trouble.
After leaving my luggage at a nearby political party office, that used to be a grocery store just at the corner, as I asked for neighbors, that no longer people new, a glint of hope come through, when the girl in the office told me of an old lady living uphill named Mayo, who was a great friend of my aunts, but as I walked a few steps, a man passing by who over hear me said:


“Mayo, no, the old woman is death, and they just destroyed her house to the ground!”


I wandered around the town, and cooled myself with tejuino, and fresh fruit drinks, after an hour, sweating, loaded again, with my luggage, and memories, left without looking back, trying hard to contain my tears.


The driver of the mini van that took me away, as I described it before, after countless of fields and caserios we went through the small village of Coamiles, the small town looked dusty, poor, and like during siesta, like the Santiago of yesterday, further along the road the driver stop at a crossroad in the middle of nowhere in front of a bean field, and said:
“Here you go out, another cab will pick you up and take you to the Crucero, I am going to Tuxpan”


I immediately protested the place looked desolated, it was a dirt road, the sun was still very high. with not a shade in sight and the temperature close to 90F, but an old lady who was in the minivan and that she was going to the Crucero said to me:
“Don’t worry a cab will pick us shortly!”


Looking at the place wasn’t reassuring, but figured out the lady a local, knew what she was talking about, the idea of walking from there to the Crucero that loomed in the distance, loaded with gear wasn’t to my liking. You can look it in Google Earth at 21 56′ 05″N 105 15′ 08″ W in my Google you can see the shadow of somebody standing waiting for a cab ride!


As we stood in that dirt crossroad with sweat pouring down my forehead, I contemplated to let my luggage sit on the dirt, as I was to do just that, two cabs pulled out of nowhere, and they even fought between each other to be the one to take us, we waited there less than three minutes!


Shortly after a conversation with the same lady in the cab about why farmers are planting beans and not tobacco, the cab let me at the Crucero where of course, sweaty, and thirsty had a refreshing delicious cold coconut, and bought some equally tasty dry bananas to take home!


Thirty minutes later I was on board of a luxury bus heading for Mazatlan, a fifty seat bus with air conditioned, bathroom, and TV screens and what it was better only five passengers on board!
Two of those passengers were American young man backpacking their way back North. The driver put the movie Nanny Mcphee, the sound was kind of loud, but I wasn’t paying attention to the movie since I was so enthralled by the beautiful views of old familiar places so common in my childhood, the thought come to me how in hell I could be bored as a child by looking at this!
One of the young tourist keep going from one side of the aisle to another one in order to look at the different views, so I commented to him I was familiar with the places and start pointing to him the names, and interesting features, when we were in front of the cerro del muerto, (Hill of the Dead Man) a lady who originally was seating at the front keep going back and forth through the aisle, the movie it was kind of noisy with the children in the movie yelling all the time, when to my surprise the lady jumped at me and not two inches away from my face caught her parrot that had escaped from it’s cage and was guilty of some of the noise I attributed to the movie!


But not even this took my eyesight of the road, for more than it took me to realize this lady had been chasing her parrot all over the bus, and soon I went back to admire the beauty of the road even if the forest was gone it is still very beautiful, it was painful to see the light of the evening fade, and with it this old familiar, but distant in time, and yet so unforgettable road scenery, Yes, I was back in Mexico, in the old road to Santiago, as a child I had live in Paradise, I just didn’t knew it then…


Brigido Anaya



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  1. Engela says:

    Loved reading your story Brigido

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