From time, to time, now, and again I dream of being in the road to Santiago, last night I was in a terrace above the jungle canopy in the North side of the river, as I descended to the banks my two brothers where there also, my eldest brother, let loose a boat in the shape of an old Cadillac, and floated down the current, my youngest brother after a moment hesitation dived in to the swell, myself running after them, after descending from the top of the terrace above the canopy of the tall trees, jumped and swim after them, the current was strong but the water was beautifully blue, and clear, I woke up as I climbed in to the boat to join my brothers…

I guess we all have a Sacred place to do our own Soul journey, mine it is always associated with either my Father’s lands, or my Mother’s and of course the crossing of beautiful clear streams of water.

Last time I was in the Crucero at Penitas was in 2006 I arrived there from Tepic 40 miles South, as a child my trips there were usually from North to South, the local farm communities had exploded all around, leaving no forest to talk about, but countless fields of beans, cane sugar, and Tobacco, at the time of my trip you couldn’t see anything but beans which surprised me. Having left the town of Santiago that is a few miles off the Panamericana road, still a little sad after seeing the old house of Grandmother abandoned, it was around 3:00 P.M. and in order for me to proceed on my way North I needed to board a bus at the Crucero in Penitas, so I shared a ride in a taxi minivan, in Mexico a very common way of transportation that link many small caserios, (little farm villages) ranches, and small towns, sharing the ride make it very cheap a dollar, or two, but as the minivan proceeded North through a new road a little bit of anxiety took hold of me, at not following the old road, but since I could see in the distance Coamiles Hill and our general direction was towards it decided not to make any comment, realizing just by the view of the fields, and the caserios many things have changed since 1984 the last time I passed briefly through the region.

At the time in 1984 the old town of Santiago was just as I remembered it since the last time I was there at the funeral of my Grandmother in 1971. Surprised of seeing the same sleepy town of yesterday as I sat at the old shoe shine shop I asked somebody why the town looked the same as then, he replied:
“There is no money to be made here that is why!”
In 1971, I was a handsome young man of eighteen years of age, the town was so isolated and backwards that when I walked through the cobbled streets small children would go ahead of me knocking at people’s windows to alert the young women in the houses that a young stranger was in town, every girl in the house would go to the window, or Porch of the house to take a look at me, whistling, and cat calling me, as I went by!
Sort of embarrassing, but that is how unaccustomed they were at looking at a new young man in town!
Amapa Amarilla Santiago
Amapa Amarilla Santiago
In 2006 hardly a soul paid any attention to me, everybody in the town seemed busy and with a purpose, doing their business, the town had suffered some changes due to ‘progress’ there is a bustle of activity, and all the old familiar business like the drugstore, or the restaurant Teresa are gone, and many new other ones are all over the place, despite no special conservation effort, and obvious growth in size it was still easy to recognize landmarks, and features of the old town, like it’s church, the small plaza and kiosk, the Mayor Palace, the surrounding arches with their small business, the river boardwalk just two small blocks from it’s plaza, the old Mercado, and numerous old houses, but the 1984 impression of a sleepy town it is gone.
La Plaza y el Palacio Santiago
Santiago Ixcuintla Plaza and Mayor  palace

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